Walkthrough Röki

Walkthrough Röki


Read the walkthrough of all chapters of the adventure game Roki.

Chapter 1

Run to the right after Lars. Examine the monster statue, go to the right and pick up one of the snowballs. Open inventory on I, select the snowball, hold down Enter and drag it onto the statue. Click on J to open the diary. There is a map, notes, a section with finds and icons, which are analogous to in-game achievements. For example, a snowdrop grows slightly to the right. You can add it to your finds collection.

Get home, pick up the spoiled toy and chat with Lars. He will say that he will not go into the house until the toy is repaired. Go under the carport and examine the drawers on the right. After finding the glue, combine it with the toy in your inventory, and then give the item to Lars. Interact with the window to the left of the front door to find an unusual butterfly (find).

Walkthrough Röki
Walkthrough Roki

Enter the house. We need to make dinner. Remove the frying pan from the wall, and then take the bowl lying to the left of the stove. Remove the egg tray from the refrigerator. Pick up the toy that is lying behind Lars. Place the pan on the stove, combine the bowl and eggs in inventory, and then pour everything into the pan. Then toss the wood into the stove. Go up the stairs, close the curtains and take the book from the left bed. Apply the toy and the book on Lars.

Go downstairs, throw firewood and go outside. Disperse the crows in the snow, pick up the pebbles at the well and throw them at the crows in the toilet stall. Once in the house, pick up the shard and hit the monster’s hand. Pick up three different rags, combine them in your inventory and tie them to the piece of railing in the foreground.

Once at the bottom, pick up the paper wolf from the floor (find). Pick up a rag and a bottle. Combine them in inventory, apply on the fireplace, and then throw them into the monster’s hand.

Walkthrough Röki
Walkthrough Roki

Once in the basement, take a look around first. Go right, turn on the floor lamp. Tove will understand that the monster is attacking where the light is on. Pick up the flashlight and head left. Examine the box behind Lars with the robot on the left wall to get a chisel. Walk right and examine the box by the stairs (left) to find the report card (find). Walk to the right; examine the drawers. There is a battery in one of them. The other will have to be opened with a chisel. By doing this, you will receive a screwdriver. Run to the left and use the screwdriver on the robot. Having received the second battery, insert both into the flashlight and shine a light on the sled. The heroes will get out of the house.

Move left until Lars is gone. Go back, after the cut-scene, look for hidden balls in the lower left part of the location with the statue. Walk between the branches. Look for the next balls at the upper right passage, then at the upper left. At the fourth location, you need to follow the tracks to the right and find the balls from above. Go there and watch the video ending the first chapter.

Walkthrough Röki
Walkthrough Roki

Chapter 2

And if the first chapter consisted of four separate episodes, then open the map (J) and you will see that there will be many more levels in the deep forest. However, you can explore them in a different order.

To be continued…

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