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Walkthrough Resident Evil 4 (2023)

Walkthrough Resident Evil 4 - game guide (2023)

Game Guide Resident Evil 4 (2023)

Watch the intro video with the sacrifice and Leon’s story. Soon the main character will reach a European village located in the wilderness.

Chapter 1

Move the only route avoiding obstacles. Soon you will get a hint about the sprint and the keys/buttons associated with Remake it. Go through the big gate and examine the carcass of the deer. Make your way under the obstacles and go inside the hut. Enter the corridor on the left and open the door on the right hand. There is a ritual figurine made of branches on the bed on the right. If you unfold it, you will see the inscription “Judgment is near.”

Exit the room and continue down the corridor to the right. The door ahead will be locked, you need a key. Move to the right and open the next door. Watch the cut-scene with the crazy man. Pick up the Hunter’s Lodge Key from his corpse. You can look at the cooking in the pot by the fireplace and the disembowelled animal on the table to the right. Also on the floor is an Officer’s Badge belonging to Mario Fernandez Castaño. This is the first file in the game – one of the varieties of collectibles.

Go back and use the found key to open the door on the right. Move the curtain in the back of the room and watch the cut-scene. You can examine the corpse again, after which you will learn how to shoot a pistol. Go back and be ready to shoot at the revived grandfather that you encountered earlier.

Climb out of the basement and enter the room on the right, where the enemy came from. There is green grass in the chest of drawers opposite. Climb up and open the door. Watch the cut-scene at the end of which Leon will leave the hunter’s hut.

Get to the lake (Head for the lake)

Go to the lake. Move forward across the bridge, near the destroyed hut you will see a barrel with yellow paint. Such wooden objects, barrels and crates, can be smashed in melee to get supplies. In this case, handgun ammo. Open the door on the right, break the barrel and save on the typewriter. Exit the house and examine the nearby ruined hut. There are supplies in the drawer.

Make your way under the tree branch and kill the two enemies. Be sure to run up to opponents when a knockdown option appears above their head. Search the corpses, many will have pesos on them – the coins used in the game to buy equipment and supplies. Keep going forward, but be careful – there is an enemy hiding behind the door in the hut on the left. After destroying it, find the red herb, combine it with the green one and, if necessary, take the medicine. Here you will also find a flashbang grenade. You’ll need it later!

Village square and a man with a chainsaw

Continue on the only path and open the gate leading to the village. Stand in the area marked with binoculars and look around for the locals burning the cop. Follow the path to the left, collecting resources. Sneak up behind the grandmother with a pitchfork and kill her stealthily. Go even further along the fence until you can look into the barn on the left. Gather supplies from a destructible crate (I had a grenade inside). Sooner or later the enemies will notice you. The main task is to hold out for about 4-5 minutes after the appearance of a big guy with a chainsaw. Thus, it is not necessary to try to kill all opponents. Run away from them, shoot back only when it is really necessary. Use different buildings. When entering some of them, Leon will temporarily close the door behind him, but this is not for long. You can take a breather, collect additional resources. In one of the houses on the left, on the third floor, there is a wall case with a shotgun. Jump out of here through the side window, don’t go down! And also the stairs that the enemies are trying to climb can be pushed. There is a cow in the barn on the right. If you shoot at the lamp hanging above it, it will fall down, set fire to the barn, and the enraged cow will knock down several local residents.

As soon as the bell rings, everyone will calm down and go to church. Listen to your partner, linger and search all the houses to collect useful loot. You can examine the burnt cop. There is a locked chest of drawers in one of the houses. Don’t worry, you won’t be able to find the key now. How to get into a large barn on the left, with a double door. The situation is similar with the doors of the church, where the locals went. Looking at the church, go along the path to the left. In the last building on the left there will be a crate with a ruby. Open the big gate to leave the village.


In the hut on the right side there is a typewriter that will allow you to save. Walk a little further and turn right. There the first blue medallion (1/5) on the building on the right hand. But don’t break it yet – kill the old woman with the pitchfork in front first. Then turn around, go through the barn with the cow and turn left to finish off the grandfather stealthily. Inside the barn with the cow, behind one of the wooden supports hangs the second blue medallion (2/5).

Exit back through the barn and look to the left. Ahead will be a passage with a large grate. To the right of it is a blue note. These notes contain additional tasks. Learn and get the first task:

Additional task. Destroy all the blue medallions

Two of the five medallions we have already found earlier. It remains to find three more, and as a reward for this you will receive Spinel x3 – valuables for sale to a merchant. Step back and look at the building on the left if you stand with your back to the locked grate. Near the same building stood a woman with villas. At the top there is an open opening with a third blue medallion (3/5).

Come close to the grate and open the door on the right. Crouch down and sneak up on the trip wire to disable it. Pick up the yellow grass and go up the stairs. There is a mechanism with gears on the wall, but you do not need it now. Exit the mill on the top floor and look to the left. The fourth blue medallion (4/5) hangs at the altar with the locked box. When you get to the top door of the shed, the window will be knocked out by an old woman. Kill her and get ready for a long fight. In addition to the usual enemies, a big man with a big hammer will break in here. Use a shotgun and grenades against him (if any). Remember to press the indicated key when you need to duck. Collect loot, including blue velvet (purchased by merchant).

Go downstairs, pick up a wooden gear and a kitchen knife. Return to the mill building, install the gear and pull the lever to raise the grate. Exit through the other door of the mill, jump down, behind the fence with the altar and the locked box, and open the red chest. Inside it is a jug. This is another value. A hint will appear that some treasures can be combined with others to sell them for more. For example, a red ruby, blue sapphire or other precious stones can be inserted into a jug.

It remains to find the fifth blue medallion (5/5). Return to the barn with the cow and enter the small master building opposite. Under the ceiling, between the beams hangs the last medallion.

After the farm

Leave the farm and run across the bridge. The gate ahead is locked, instead of them, move the cart to the right side. Follow the path, but be prepared to dodge. Right after that, shoot the enemies on the bridge from above. They will fall down. Deal with opponents from below. In total there will be about four enemies from below and from above.

Soon you will reach another part of the village. Deal with enemies. Do not remove the stretch in the building on the left – instead, let the enemy blow up on it. Some enemies revive “after death”. You will realize that you have finally killed the enemy when the prey falls out of it. In all other cases, he is still alive. Clear the entire location and go to the far-right corner (don’t forget to collect the loot). Enter the building through the porch. There will be another locked cabinet inside. Neither the cabinets nor the boxes on the street altars can be opened now. Look for supplies inside the building, on the table is a photograph of a man with a boy. Move the cabinet, kill the enemy and break the boards on the hatch to go down under the building.


Go through the basement and examine the man in the bag. Watch the cutscene that ends the chapter.

Chapter 2

Abandoned factory

Chat with your partner. You don’t have any equipment. Go through the corridor, break the box, go to the sewer and pick up a knife from the corpse. Climb the steps, sneak up on the enemy and kill him with stealth. You can look through the hole in the wall to find Leon’s gear. Go outside and finish off the enemy, remembering to parry the blows. In the far-right corner, there are two windows through which you can get inside. Continue down the corridor and finish off the man with the pitchfork.

Open another grate and you will see a valve on the right. Turn it all the way and run back to the red door in the courtyard where the second enemy was. Be careful, there are two traps in front of the door! Go around them and make your way into the room before the red door drops. This way you get all your equipment back. The chest of drawers on the right, as usual, does not open.

Exit the room and go through the large door ahead. If you have returned your equipment, a mysterious merchant will open it for you. Go outside and to the right of him look for a blue note with a new additional task.

Additional task. Exterminate all the rats

In total, you need to kill three rats, and as a reward for this you will receive three spinels. Save on the typewriter on the left, and look for instructions on interacting with the merchant there.

Note. You will receive a reward for completing additional tasks only after returning to the merchant. That is, all these goals are his tasks.

Check out the merchant’s menu where you can buy new items, improve existing ones, sell items from your inventory. Pay attention to the last menu. There you can buy a map with the location of all the treasures for 1 spinel. To open the gate opposite, you need an object with the image of a bird.

Go the other way until you find yourself in an abandoned settlement, consisting of several tiers and houses. Jumping down, you will have to destroy about 25-30 opponents. Do not stand still, constantly move, shoot at enemies holding dynamite in their hand. After the victory, enter the house on the right, go up the stairs and remove the hexagonal bird emblem from the stand near the barrel. In one of the houses there is a red box in which a small key is hidden. With the help of such keys, you can open locked chests of drawers that you have previously seen in various houses. But this is not enough. Along the wall on the left there is a path leading up. Climb up it, finish off the enemies and turn the yellow valve on the blue pedestal to raise the gate and return back to the square with the merchant. Insert the emblem and open the big gate. Rotate the emblem so that the head is on top, then rotate the image to face the slot and install. Turn the handle.

Village Head’s Mansion

Move between the shelves and crates, kill the enemies and make your way under the shelf on the left to find loot, including a red chest with a blue sapphire. Go the other way until you find a building on the left. Get inside. There is a note on the table to the left that says you must destroy the dolls. Look in the other direction and find a “soldier” moving his arms. Break the first doll (1/16).

When you go further, be prepared for the appearance of a man with a chainsaw. Destroy him and a couple of local residents, search the corpses. The guy with the chainsaw will have an emerald. Keep moving and clear the stretch. Go around the building and go inside through the back door.

How to open a cabinet with a combination lock

There is an enemy in the closet on the left. In the living room on the table is an old family photograph of a man and a woman (document). In the corner on a low pedestal, to the left of the large double door, look for a small key. There is a large closet with a combination lock on the other side of the ground floor. You need to know the correct sequence of characters. Climb to the second floor and look for a book on the chest of drawers in the corridor, which will contain a clue to solving this puzzle. Go back down and enter the correct code combination on the cabinet: wheat (two spikelets), pig, child. Take the crystal marble from the closet.

Go back to the second floor, there is a typewriter on the dresser to the left. Go ahead and place the sphere in the hole on the door. Rotate until the dots on the marble repeat the image of some insect. Take the notes (document) from the table on the left, inspect the picture of the priest. Take the key from the cabinet on the right. Watch the video.

Chapter 3

After starting the chapter, you will receive a file on Luis Sierra Navarro. The task is the same – to get to the church. Climb down and exit through the double door. You will hear a wolf whine. Turn right, where you went when you tried to get into the mansion, and you will see a wolf in a trap. Help him get out. Use the key of the order to open the gate opposite the mansion.

Search the building on the right and move through the cave. Open the gate to return to the same village from the beginning of the game. Go towards the church where the people went, and the tower on the left will explode. Kill four infected wolves, collect loot. Approach the wreckage. The path to the church is blocked. The building on the left is open, but be aware that there is an insane woman behind the door. It is not necessary to go there, in fact, you are interested in the building to the right of the wreckage. Knock out the lock and go inside, neutralizing the stretch.

Kill the enemies, get to the other side and open the door of the church with the key of the order. Inspect the church, collect supplies and notes. At the very beginning, a snake is hiding in a box or chest on the left (1/3). Below I will indicate why it is needed. After leaving through the door, you will meet a familiar merchant. There is another blue note hanging on the wall opposite him.

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