Walkthrough Relicta

Walkthrough Relicta


Relicta is an interesting puzzle game inspired by the Valve Portal series. Below you will find a complete walkthrough of all levels.

October 2120, Chandra Base, Luna

After the introductory video, go downstairs and interact with the panel near Relics.

2118, two years ago

Go through the barrier; place the box on the left on the button on the right. You cannot carry the box through the purple barrier. Therefore, go through it, take another box and put it on the button on the right. After removing the purple barrier, bring the second crate. Put both on the far buttons.

Follow along. Do not take the box, but with its help jump up to the second one. Set both to buttons. Insert the box into the teleport, go through the barrier and take the box from another teleport. Place the yellow box on the button on the left. Walk left. A teleport with a yellow symbol allows you to instantly return a yellow box. Do so, go forward with him and install yellow instead of the usual box to remove the purple barrier. Move the regular box to the teleport button. Call the yellow box with the teleport and place it on the left button at the yellow barrier. Take a regular box from the teleport button and place it on the button to the right of the yellow barrier.

Insert the box into the teleport in the center. Summon it with the teleport on the right. Use the box, jump onto the ledge to the second box. Insert it into the teleport on the left, with a green symbol. Insert the first box into the teleport with the blue symbol. Go to the far barrier, summon both boxes with different teleports and set them on the buttons. Take the elevator down to the bunker.

Base “Chandra”

Talk to Kira and other characters.

2120, Crater De Gerlache

Go through the complex the only way until you find yourself in the disinfection room. When the process is complete, interact with the column in front to get the equipment. Go through the door on the left and get to the elevator.

With the RMB you can pull boxes. Do this with the first box and put it on the button. LMB allows you to use negative magnetism, that is, push the boxes away. Use LMB on the top right box to set opposite magnetic poles. The boxes will pull in and fall down. Set to two buttons.

Get to the next cube. Clip it to the red plate on the left. Step on the button to remove the barrier. Change the pole of the cube so that it flies back the slab and flies through the open barrier. Follow it. Place the cube on the slab below, under a high rock. Stand on the cube and change its pole to climb up.

You will learn about gravity. Move the cursor over the cube and click on the mouse wheel. The cube will fall down. Insert it into the teleport, and then pull it out of the other teleport from above. Place on the magnetic plate nearby. Look at the cube and click on the mouse wheel. When you hover over the cube, the “yellow strip” should glow. If so, then the cube will float in the air. You just have to jump on it and change the pole so that it flies off in the opposite direction. So you will get over the ravine.

There are two cubes in the niche on the left. Make them red and blue. Stand on the button next to it to remove the barrier. Make the cubes the same color. They will fly apart. One of them should fly out of the niche. Put it on the button and take the second cube. Leave one cube on the button by the niche. Walk forward and secure the second cube to the red plate on the left. Step on the second button. The barrier on the right will disappear. Change the color of the cube on the red slab on the left so that it will fly into the niche on the right, right on the button. It is important to give the cube gravity (yellow)! Having done this, go to the cube and lower it to the button.

Go to the cave. There are two cubes here and a blue panel on the wall to the right. Insert the cube into the panel on the right. Give it gravity (yellow). Make the cube on a wooden post red. Then make the cube attached to the panel blue. It will fly off to the post. The cubes will be of different colors, so they will be attracted to each other. Let me remind you that the cube that will fly from the blue panel must be without gravity (activate the yellow color). Now place both cubes on two buttons. Take the elevator down.

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