Walkthrough Puzzle DEEMO -Reborn-

Walkthrough Puzzle DEEMO Reborn


DEEMO -Reborn- is a classic and reworked adventure with rhythm elements and lots of puzzles. This article is about puzzles.

Let’s go in chronological order:

  1. Room with a piano. Catch 4 falling sheet music in a row in one melody. Find an orange tree and ask Dimo ​​to pick an orange.
  2. Puzzle with runes. Find 5 decorations in music boxes and set them so that they match your shadow.
  3. Room with books. Turn off all lights that illuminate the rune sphere. Turn off the lights according to the floor tiles for one song. Find the four bookmarks hidden in the books to make a big picture. Follow in this order: seed, rain, sun, snow (golden song).
  4. Attic. Table in the middle: 8 icons should point in the direction of the desired object. Clockwise it looks like this: mask, round object, butterfly, speaker, nest, plant, A, painting. Follow the directions in the middle to open the lock and get a golden sheet of music.
  5. Set the metronome to the same beat as the music from the speaker. Move on the left side until the tile flips over. Then follow the arrow until a leaf appears. Open the window to drop the bottle. Use a rag to assemble the sheet of music.
  6. A statue. There are four windows and three statues. This is a rock paper scissors game. The first time you win, the second time there will be a draw.
  7. Underground crossing. Ask Dimo ​​to pick up a doll from the shelf.
  8. Windmills: in progress.
  9. Basement. Test tube puzzle: 2, 5, 3, 0 (this is the number of plates above the test tube from left to right).
  10. Stand in front of the conductor and listen to the music. Then turn on the tools you want. The number of luminous spheres on a sheet of music indicates the number of instruments required. If you do everything correctly, the cut-scene will start (for 3 correct times you will receive golden notes). Last time (six instruments) – a grand piano, organ, long trumpet and all three violins
  11. A rotation puzzle. The following is the order of the three colored spheres.
  12. Second floor. The code for the safe is 135613572.
  13. Shake the tree three times to get the doll.
  14. Move along the edge of the golden four-piece puzzle to make it easier to play. It is not so difficult.
  15. The order of the places that the boat must visit is indicated on the map hidden in the book pile.
  16. Trophy room. There is a terrible mask on the second floor of the room.
  17. The lightbulb lies next to the masked lady.
  18. Ask Dimo ​​to get to the lever and run to the shelter when he pulls it.
  19. Awake is the answer to the riddle with sticks. Use the shadow of the sticks to shape the letters.
  20. Walk slowly towards the fireflies to automatically catch each one. Repeat three times.
  21. A room with shelving. There is a broken wall at the entrance. Mandora is in the bushes.
  22. Word puzzle. LIFT from randomly arranged books, then MISS from a cube. You cannot pick up the cube that opens automatically after you decide to collect the MISS in the verbal charade.
  23. Balcony. The answer to the stone puzzle on the left is on the right. Look for both objects behind a path with bushes.
  24. Puzzle with stars. The balcony logo should be at the bottom. All other three logos are in line with the telescope. If they are in the correct position, they will glow.
  25. The doll is tied to a rope on the floor.
  26. Roof. The left side towards the end is a hidden path behind the bushes.
  27. Wait a little while at the giant hole for the leap of faith.
  28. Upon completion, leave the area and enter it again. Then go up the ladder for the rune sphere.

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