Walkthrough Prison Simulator – Game Guide

Walkthrough Prison Simulator - Game Guide

At the beginning of the Prison Simulator, choose a name for your prison, prisoners and gang. There is absolutely no need to waste time on this. You can use general randomization.

Day 1


1. Talk to the guard standing nearby. I recommend asking for the reputation. You will receive valuable advice – you need to prevent serious violations, but overlook some minor ones in order to earn the respect of guards and prisoners. If there is a low reputation among the guards, your salary will be cut, or even fired. With a low reputation among the prisoners, sooner or later they will revolt.

2. After asking all the questions, follow him to the boss’s office and chat with the man at the table. Choose different options. Severe injuries are recovered in the infirmary, and minor injuries with drinks and snacks. They can be purchased from vending machines. In addition, the better you complete the daily tasks, the higher your salary will be, which is calculated at the end of each day.


  • Follow the marker to the detention cells, enter the room on the left and lower the lever.
  • The prisoners will come out of their cells. Click on “2” to take the counter, go to each and click LMB.
  • Some prisoners will remain in their cells. Chat with them. Try to find options that will avoid fights, or even better – increase your respect.
  • Also, one of the prisoners attacks the other. Beat him with a baton (key “3”), select the radio on the key “4” and click LMB to select the punishment for the violation.
  • The task will end as soon as you complete the roll call of all prisoners.

Free time:

You can sit on the bench to skip your free time, or complete side quests. For example, you can go to the shooting range and shoot. There is also a reward for this.

Parcel check:

  • Go to the observation room. Take a box of paintwork materials and put it on the table opposite. Open it with LMB, then pick up each item, be sure to open it with RMB and rotate it to find prohibited items.
  • For example, needles. When you complete your search, close the box and place it on the rack with a green sign.


  1. Follow to the prison cells. Select 5 prisoners by marking them with the counter (“2” and LMB). I recommend taking neutral or harmless prisoners for such assignments.
  2. When you select five pieces, stand in front of them, hold TAB and select the “Follow me!” Follow the marker to the workshop.
  3. Arriving at the place, enter the room on the right and remove the tools from the board. Chat with each prisoner and hand him any tool.
  4. They will go to work. One of the prisoners will be injured. If you see a “red cross” over his head, immediately report him on the radio, otherwise he may die. If you see “stars”, then the prisoner simply lost consciousness. Try to bring him to life.
  5. If you see that the prisoner is not working, hit him with a truncheon or talk to him. In the second case, you can make concessions to him, earning respect.
  6. When half of the time has passed, the minimum task will be completed. However, you can stay longer to earn extra money. It’s even better.
  7. After that, declare the general collection via TAB and collect all the tools. Replace them.
  8. Search all prisoners. Remember that not all items found are contraband. Many of them are allowed. Read the description carefully. The contraband can be left, taken for itself or confiscated in favor of the prison (Secure). Make a decision at your own discretion.
  9. Order them to follow you and return to the prison cells.

Go to the briefing room and complete the mission by talking to the jailer.

Day 2

Prison walk:

To be continued…

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