Walkthrough Prey

Walkthrough Prey

The action of the game Prey (2017) takes place on a space station, attacked by aliens. In this game, the plot is built non-linearly, as it progresses, the player gains access to all new station compartments.


Interact with the suit on the door, go down the corridor and use the elevator. Take a helicopter to a new workplace. Chat with Alex Yu, go to the test rooms. Do everything that scientists say. At the end, sit on a chair and answer a few questions.

Once back in the apartment, break the glass leading to the balcony to understand that you are in a simulation.

Walkthrough Prey
Walkthrough Prey

Move through the training area until you reach the simulation lab. Read emails on computers, follow Dr. Bellamy’s office to your right and pick up a pass from the table to open the door further.

Walk along the corridor and pick up the gun lying around the corpse.

Walkthrough Prey
Walkthrough Prey

Shoot opponents and attack with a wrench. Select the Neuromod located on the window, and then select the desired ability from all available. After that, you can move through the door a little to the right, leading to the new Talos-I Lobby, to the main hall.

An Office with a View

Once in the main hall, you chat with January, who will report the presence of a certain video. Follow the right stairs to the third floor and enter the office of Morgan Yu. Enter the code on panel 0451 to get inside, go to the table and pick up the key card from the conference room and Neuromod.

Use a computer to watch the video.

The video will be interrupted before you know the most important thing. January will offer you to find Dr. Lorenzo Calvino, who is in the equipment laboratory, which initiates the start of the corresponding task.

Through a Glass Darkly

Go to the top of the main hall and open the door to the hardware laboratory using a card found in Morgan Yu’s office. Search Sean Larsen’s corpse in an armchair to get another key card and continue game Prey 2017.

Go down below and open the access panel. Use the GLOO Cannon to cement the pipe from which the flame blows, then jump and search the corpse to get grenades. Use the GLOO Cannon again and you can rise higher. Go through the next service area to enter the atrium, where Calvino’s office is located.

Go through the door of the demonstration hall a little further than Calvino’s office and go down to kill the enemy and get the Huntress Crossbow. Go through the doorway with fire and search the body of Schmidt. So you get a key card from the ballistics laboratory and a utilizer. Enter the ballistics laboratory if you wish, but this is not necessary. Move to Calvino’s workshop, after which January will direct you to the security station to find a doctor in space.

Move there and unlock the safety locker, then find the weapon upgrade kit behind you. Use your computer to find out that Calvino is in the hardware lab. Go there; use the elevator in the center of the room to get to the second tier. Find Calvino at the entrance to the next laboratory.

While here, head to an unsigned room and go to the Tadeus York computer to find out the access code from Dr. Thorstein’s office is 2532. Move into the cement aperture to find the upgrade kit for the weapon. Go back to the door a little further than the Torstein table and use the access code to open it. Search the corpse for the key to Torstein’s office. There is a note in the safe with a hint to get the code – 9954.

When you prepare the system, then open the gateway to the right in the engine room and go through it. Find Calvino’s body in space and take his key card from the workshop, as well as several Neuromod. Listen to audio recordings to get the code for the door in the engine room.

Return to the workshop and enter the code 7540 from the pantry to gain access to the loot. Go to the hardware lab where enemy attacks you. Having killed him and searched, you will receive a transmitter. Open Calvino’s office and interact with the terminal to turn on the power. Tap the console and use the first utility to check the network status. Then return to Morgan Yu’s office and watch the video.

So you learn that “Talos-I” must be destroyed. Talk to January and take away his shared key-card, which will provide a path to the main elevator and other locations, including the psychotronic laboratory. Also take Neuromod from the table.

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