Walkthrough Peace, Death! 2 – Game Guide

Walkthrough Peace, Death! 2 - Game Guide

At the beginning of the game, click on the marked objects to go inside and get a job.

Day 1

The first day is the easiest. You need to read what you are being asked to do and click on Angels and Demons. Angels go to Paradise, Demons to Hell. Be guided exclusively by general signs. Angels are white, Demons are red.

Day 2

On this day, neutrals will appear. So far, you are being asked to send all neutrals to Purgatory. Read the problem carefully. You may be asked to send someone to Hell or Heaven. Send Demons or Angels there, respectively. And in Purgatory – all people, regardless of their signs.

Day 3

On this day, you will learn special signs – good nature and anger. If the character has more “red faces”, then he should be sent to Hell. If you see more yellow smiling emoticons, then send the client to Paradise. If these signs are equally divided (or they are absent altogether), then the client should be sent to Purgatory.

Day 4

At this point, you will learn about the pronounced signs. We are talking about Angels and Demons. You should automatically add one smile to the angel and one angry face to the demon. For example, if you see an angel with two angry faces, he should be sent to Hell, because even with his innate sign, there is more bad in him (2-1). But if you see that the angel has two red faces and one smile, then when you add an innate smile, you get 2: 2 bad to good. This means that he can either be sent to Paradise or to Purgatory. But not to Hell. The same situation with demons. Practice and understand. The path to Heaven and Hell is ALWAYS open for the Angel and the Demon, regardless of the amount of anger or good nature!!!

Day 5

It’s the same with the Minotaurs, the guardians of Purgatory. You can ALWAYS send them to Purgatory, or you can go to Hell or Heaven, depending on the amount of anger or good nature. Practice it!

Day 6

On this day, you will learn about weapons. The weapon is comparable to a hellish sign (face). That is, two smiles, one red face and one weapon mean the equality of good and bad, which means a person, for example, should be sent to purgatory. Also, be careful! The weapon may not be on the side, but in the hands of the character! It also counts!

Day 7

Dangerous killers will appear. Use RMB on suspicious characters with weapons in hand. If the traits indicate that they will attack the reaper a few turns after spawning, then try to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Day 8

Gluttony is a sin. Therefore, food, on the side or in the hands of the characters, is equated with bad (red face). In addition, the pizza delivery man will add pizza to random characters every turn. Because of the pizza, you may not be able to find a character for the next request (that is, everyone will start to approach Hell, and you will need Heaven).

Day 9

Goblins will appear. In general, I recommend ignoring them whenever possible. If you can’t eliminate it on the first turn, leave the goblin alone. Otherwise, when eliminated, he will scatter the collected weapons to everyone. Otherwise, everything is as usual.

Day 10

Clowns go to Hell under any circumstances! Also equate the mask of despondency with bad.

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