Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Paper Dolls 2

Walkthrough Paper Dolls 2

Read the detailed walkthrough of the horror Paper Dolls 2.

Use the WASD keys to move around. Also, the X key allows you to instantly turn around by looking back. Look in the beds and you will find a piece of page 5 in one of them. The other will be empty, and in the third – a piece of page 2. There is a fragment of a note on the table with a candle. There is a match inside the drawer of the table. With a match you can light a candle. Look in the bed to the left of the table to find a piece of page 7. Look into the beds to the left and take two pieces of page. In one of the beds, you will find two more pieces of the page. Thus, you will collect a complete note.

Go down and on the clock left behind the descent, find the arrow. Set it on the clock on the right and rewind time. Speed ​​up as the game prompts, go upstairs and try to open the door. The hero will turn around and then the door will open. Now you have access to the corridor. The note has colored circles indicating the color of the doors you need to go through. Follow the corridor, go through the door forward, then back and again through it. Follow through the other door in front. This time the corridor will continue, and you will not return to the first room. Take a step back and go through that door again. You will be taken to a new room. That is, you need to go through two doors three times. First, one, and then another.

Pick up a match from the cabinet in front. Go through the screen and see the tables. There is a detail on the left. There is a plate on the other table – on which you need to put something. Go back and go right. Look in the corridor to find the chest. Inside, there is part of the map. Get to the dressing room and pick up a match and a note from the table. In the next room, opposite, there is another detail and a note on the table.

The next door is closed by a green magic seal. You find scales one of the rooms. Opposite, there is a bag of 7.5 grams. In one of the drawers of tall cabinets nearby, find a 4.5 gram bag. Nearby is a cezve. Look in another cabinet and find two more ingredients. Remove the bolt on the left and open the door.

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    Marcelo Falcão
    Feb 13, 2023 1:49 pm

    Where is the rest of the walkthrough? The walkthrough ends after the part: “Remove the bolt on the left and open the door.”

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