Walkthrough Oddworld: Soulstorm - Guide 100%

Walkthrough Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to Save All Mudokons


Detailed walkthrough for all levels of Oddworld: Soulstorm

Skirmish at Monsaic

Move to the right and use the jump to climb the ledges. Roll so that Abe can get through the narrow passages. The same somersault is necessary in the event that Abe catches fire. Take the water bottles from the nearby jug, select them in the weapon wheel, and throw them at the burning grass. When you jump over the abyss, use a double jump, but take your time: metal shells will fall from above. Abe must not touch them. There is also a glowing object on one of the upper platforms. Be sure to pick it up!


Climb higher, use double jumps and grab the crossbars. In the next area, after a few rungs, you will see a fire ahead that needs to be extinguished. But if you go downstairs, you can pick up another royal jelly. Climb up, put out the fire (the bottles are in the jugs) and climb onto the ledge with the checkpoint.

Do not delay too much, as the platforms burning below will collapse over time, and you will not be able to jump over the pit. After that, the bridge in front will explode. Go down to the very bottom to see a luminous point, which activates a secret zone with royal jelly. Follow left and down. Pick up an explosive cocktail, select it in the weapon wheel and throw it next to the fire to burn the obstacle. Go down below and burn another obstacle.

This will take you to your first lift. Move up on it. Climb even higher to collect royal jelly from the top ledge. Run further, be sure to go down, behind the fire to find royal jelly. Climb up the ledges on the right to find a glowing object. This is another secret area with royal jelly. And to the left of it there is a lift. Ride it up.

Run to the right and go down the next lift. The next area will have an enemy standing in the background shooting at Abe. You can jump down to pick up two royal jelly. Jump up twice from the ledge on the right side of the location – to the ledge to the left. There will be a hint according to which you need to break the boxes to collect the bottles of tonic. And if you jump to the boxes, and from there – even higher to the jugs, you will find the third secret zone with royal jelly.

Blow up the passage using a cocktail. Run forward as the bridge collapses and you will soon reach the exit. Watch the video.


To be continued…

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