Walkthrough Nobodies Murder Cleaner

Walkthrough Nobodies Murder Cleaner


The Intelligence Agency develops and implements an illegal program to experiments on people. The news is leaking to the press, and the government forced to remove from their work the most leading scientists. Took many dismissed scientists under the wing the fundamentalist organization Q-100, to work on its project “Ethical bio-weapon ”aimed at the targeted destruction of targets.

The government orders the covert destruction of the Q-100 group. You are a Сleaner. Your task is to get rid of the bodies and sweep all traces behind you and the killer.

Operation I: Quick Dry

Double-click on the corpse to get a bunch of keys and hide the body itself. Pick up a bag of cement lying to the right of the concrete mixer. Pick up a bucket near the tap, take some sand from the cart. There is a red tool box on the left. You find a trowel to the left of it. Take it and look at the inventory and apply a bunch of keys on the tool box. Then look in the tool box to get a wrench.

Use a wrench on the crane to design it. Then apply the same bucket there. You will receive a bucket of water. Load a bag of cement, sand and a bucket of water into the concrete mixer. You will get a ready-made solution. In the inventory, combine the trowel with the solution. Then place the corpse in the open pillar on the left, next to the tool box.

Use a wrench on protruding legs. Then apply the same trowel with the solution to concrete the column. The last stage – cover up the traces of your presence. Put the trowel to the left of the column, place the wrench in the tool box and close it. Leave a bucket near the tap.

Operation II: Antwoord

Take off your robe from the hanger at the door to look like a real scientist. Pick up from the table Pipette, pick up the corpse of a scientist. Inspect the aquarium in the background. Lampreys swim in it. These are predatory fish that instantly gobble up a corpse if you place it there. You need get admission to the aquarium.

Leave the office through the door (IMPORTANT: the corpse must be left in office!). Chat with the guard. Only he has a pass to the aquarium. He will tell you that he loves coffee. However, the coffee that is in the laboratory, he does not like. Interact with a coffee machine to get coffee.

Go back to the lab look into the cabinet to the right of the door and apply a dropper to a jar of scopolamine. Apply scopolamine dropper on a rat in the aquarium on the left. The rat will fall asleep. Pick up another dropper scopolamine and add this ingredient to coffee. Pass the coffee to the guard and return to the lab. Go out into the corridor again and you will see that the guard is sleeping. Take the pass lying on the floor, open the door on the left to get to the aquarium.

To get into the aquarium, you need to drain the water. Try to turn the valve. Find a pipe in the hallway and then return to the aquarium. Apply the pipe to the valve, rotate it and dispose of the water. Open the door of the aquarium and place the body of the scientist there (return to the laboratory and pick it up). Close the door and refill the aquarium with water.

Return to the lab. The lampreys did not eat the corpse. Need to raise their appetite. Open the wall cabinet and fill the pipette with deoxymethyltestosterone. Apply this dropper with the substance to the rat in the aquarium on the left. The rat is activated. Refill the pipette with the same substance. Go to the aquarium and apply a dropper to the opening of the feeder. Return to the lab. The lampreys ate a corpse.

Now you need to cover the tracks. Return to the corridor, apply a pass on the door to the room with the aquarium to block it. Throw the pass on the floor, return the robe to the hanger, put the pipe in place (in the corridor). Return the dropper.

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