Walkthrough Mundaun - Game Guide

Walkthrough Mundaun – Game Guide


This guide covers all the main and side tasks that you will encounter while playing Mundaun

The First Day

Read the note from Father in Mundown Parish and then place it in the journal. You can open the journal at any time by pressing the J key.

All radio frequencies

  • The first radio frequency can be found in the grandfather’s house.
  • The second can be obtained by listening to the radio in the grandfather’s forklift, standing in the shed near the house.
  • You will find the third radio frequency inside the church of Jeremiah.

Examine the burned-out barn

After the bus stops, go to the burnt shed. There is an easel with a painting to his right. Come closer to be drawn into the memory. Get to the burning barn and chat with the old man.

When you wake up, examine the pipes of the grandfather and take the smoking pipe. Look into the two compartments of the oven to find a drawing in one of them. Open the magazine and see this image. Flip it over to see some clue on the back.

Go to Grandpa’s Grave

Go through the gate a little further and go forward. Take a look at Grandpa’s old house. Go through all the rooms on the first floor. There is also a photograph of the protagonist on the front door. Inside the first room, you can find a log, in the next room look into the closet and take the matches with a pencil. You can save your progress with the help of an old clock. Also, the game is automatically saved at key moments. In the back room, you can find a frying pan on the stove. Take coffee and a cup from the table. Put the cup on the bottom shelf, coffee on top, and hang the pan to the left. You can also throw the log you found earlier into the box below.

Exit the house and move right to the barn. Walk around it and go upstairs. There is a key on wheels and a piece of wood. You can look into your grandfather’s loader, examine it from the inside, including the ignition switch. This activates the new task “Find the ignition key”.

With the found key, unlock the side door of the grandfather’s house. You will find a note and a log in the room. You can leave both logs in a box inside the house. Walk up the road and right. Find the cemetery, which will be locked. Go to the church and knock on the door. Nobody will open. Turn around and see a girl and goats at the top of the mountain. Interact with her from afar to communicate. She will launch a paper airplane. Watch airplane until it falls into the niche to the right of the church. Take a look there, study the drawing in the magazine and you will see a clue about the shadow from the church. Go down to the cemetery and examine the stone to the left of the locked grate. The shadow of the church falls on him. Remove all the leaves to reveal the graveyard key. Open the grate and examine the empty grave of the grandfather.

Chat with Jeremiah

Return to the church and go inside. After the next hallucinations, talk to Jeremiah on all topics. Take the grandfather’s baptismal candle from the box.

Spend the night at grandfather’s house

Exit the church and move downward along the burning candles. All tall haystacks will come to life. On your way down, you will notice a pitchfork above the table. Pick them up and attack enemies. Please note that the forks may break. At any time, you can go to the game settings and lower the difficulty of the enemies. If you are interested in the plot and puzzles, I recommend that you do this immediately.

Put a candle on the windowsill

In the process.

Find pipe tobacco (optional)

In the process.

Make coffee (optional)

In the process.

To be continued …

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