Walkthrough Mortal Shell

Walkthrough Mortal Shell


Here you will find a detailed walkthrough of the game with all of the side quests, boss battle tactics, and so on.

Move forward until you reach the first enemy. You will learn about the ability to dodge and block attacks. First, dodge by clicking on the Space bar in time. Then repel the attack using CTRL (you need to hold down the key). This key allows your body to harden. Remove the sword from the statue.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

Attack the enemy with regular and heavy blows using LMB and RMB. Then simultaneously press CTRL and LMB. Continue hold CTRL. This will allow you to wave and harden. Then, when you release CTRL, the character will launch an attack.

Go ahead and pick up the Mortal Token. Click on Q to apply it and raise the Familiarity scale. Turn the mouse wheel and click on I. The first allows you to switch between fast objects that you activate on Q, and the second key – open the inventory. Next, use the sprint on Shift, and while running, click on RMB to execute a punch. Next you will find a battle with the enemy. The training will end.

Follow forward and look left at the fork. A corpse will lie in a small nook. This is the first Shell that you can inhabit. As you progress through the game, you will find similar shells. Each of them differs in characteristics. Before continuing the walkthrough, I would like to highlight the main points and give some advice on the game.


  • All opponents recover over time. If you follow the task, then it is absolutely not necessary to kill them all, since upon your return the enemies will again appear in their former places.
  • Health can be restored in several ways. The easiest one is to find and use Amanita. They will respawn in the same places, but you need to wait a while to recover. If you have accumulated a decent amount of game currency, you can purchase infected rats from a local merchant in the Tower (read more about him in the walkthrough below).
  • Remember to use Harden. It helps a lot in battles with a large number of enemies (although it is better not to allow this), and also allows you to restore the reserve of strength for further attacks.
  • Game currency can be obtained after killing any enemy. The stronger the enemy, the more coins the hero will receive.
  • Glimpses are needed to improve the skins. The resulting glimpses can only be used for the shell with which you earned them.
  • You can track the location of all shells and available weapons in the Tower on the second floor. To do this, go to the missing object and click “View Vision“.
  • Upon returning from each temple, try not to linger on the outskirts of the central location, but follow to the Tower and return the item found on the assignment to the prisoner as soon as possible.

Fallgrim Tower

You need find and return items to the Prisoner of the Tower. First you need to get to this building. Exit the cave and after the flashback run forward, go around the hill and find the wooden door on the left (opposite the cave). Talk to the character on the first floor, to the right of the entrance. Here you can improve the found Shells, as well as reveal their true names.

Go up to the second floor, then up the spiral staircase and take the Tarnished Seal. The prisoner will talk to you and ask you to bring him three more items. Go down, find the stairs even higher and visit the merchant. You can buy upgrades, tools, bolts for Ballistoozuka and Infected Rats from this character. Collect the required amount of currency to buy tools from the merchant, and then use the workbench to repair the Ballistoozuka. This device will help you a lot during the passage, as it can kill ordinary and strong enemies with one shot.

You can find the item merchant only in the Tower. Therefore, before you will go to explore other locations, we advise you to purchase as many bolts and items to restore health as possible.

Nearest Shells

  • The second Shell “Solomon, the Scholar” can be picked up near the Tower, in a cave with a boss named Grisha. You don’t have to kill the boss to get the shell – keep to the left wall and crawl under the rubble. By the way, in the same cave you can find an improvement for the sword (it is worth opening the chest in the middle of the cave).
  • The third Shell “Eredrim, the Venerable” is located before the transition to the first Temple (the first in our walkthrough, you can choose the sequence yourself). Leave the Tower and turn right. Follow all the time down, and at the fork to the left to the fire. Run forward until you see a large frog in the cave. You will find yourself in the location “Fallgrim Outskirts” From it follow even more to the left between the rocks, then go upstairs and go down to the long stone bridge. You will find this Shell to the left of the bridge. It is a heavy soldier with a lot of health and good armor, but not enough stamina.
  • The next shell is in a cave in the graveyard, on the other side of the Fallgrim neighborhood. “Tiel, the Acolyte” is a very agile character, but vulnerable to enemy attacks.

Knotted Gland

From the place where you found the “Eredrim, the Venerable” Shell, kill the guard on the bridge and follow forward until you find yourself on another location. On the left, you will see a character with which you can improve the shell, as well as a book with a challenge. Books like these take you to the boss battlefield. If you defeat the enemy, you will gain access to new weapons.

Follow forward through the long hall and go outside. Turn left. You will see a place for a teleport on the left near the wall, which will transfer the main character to the other side. So you will find yourself near the stairs, at the top of which you will find a gold plate and a locked gate. To open them, you need to run through this location and put out three torches. You will see the first one from the stairs, in the center of the location. The second and third are on either side of the first torch. Naturally, along the way, you will encounter a lot of enemies, but, as we advised earlier, it is not necessary to kill them.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

When all three torches are extinguished, return to the steps and stand on the gold plate. Run through the opened gate. At the end of the hall on the right, activate the checkpoint at the character who can improve your Shalls. Examine the passageways on the right and left for Glimpses, then return to the center of the hall and climb the spiral staircase to the top. You will find yourself in a similar hall, only one floor higher. To continue on your way, you need to go around the circle in front of you and continue up the stairs.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

Get out; run forward, then along the stone blocks to the left. Follow this until you reach the Archives. Examine it for improvements for new weapons, then go to the bowl and press the activation key. The protagonist will fall one level below, and the boss will appear in front of him.

Crucix The Twiceborn

You will have to kill this enemy twice. We recommend that the first battle be carried out at close range, since the enemy will constantly use fire arrows and shoot down your attacks from afar. Having dealt with him for the first time, the boss will stop shooting and will only attack with a spear and legs. Now you can use Ballistozooka and deal with the enemy at a long distance.

Take the first plot item, return to the exit from the location in the same way that you came. Some paths can be blocked, but in their place others, longer ones, will open. If by this moment you do not have a lot of gold reserves, then you can safely die from any enemy, or jump off the cliff to quickly move to the exit.

Be careful, as you return to Fallgrim you will not encounter the old zombies. These opponents will be faster and stronger, and will also attack in packs. Return to the Prisoner as soon as possible, return the story item to him, and also develop fog on the character on the second floor of the tower.

Inflamed Gland

There is a small passage In the Fallgrim Tower under which the protagonist can crawl. It leads to the other side of the tower, to a cemetery and a bandit camp. You need to get to the last location. Run past the large tree with graves up the hill, and then turn right. In the distance you will see a burning tree – you go there.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

Walk past the burning tree on the left and enter the narrow passage. Climb up to find yourself in the new location “Temple Grounds”. Here you can also open a new weapon – the Smoldering Mace. Follow forward to the first fork. Turn left and activate the seals on the door to open it. Run across the hall to the next fork. Whichever way you go, you will find yourself at the first grave (we advise you to explore all the paths and collect as many reflections as possible for your shell). Bring a sacrifice at the first grave, then at the second, cross the small bridge and activate the third grave. At the end of the path, you will find a goblet that summons a boss.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

Boss Imrod the Unrepentant

This enemy has no special attacks, except that he hits the hero with a mace and sets fire to fire. But most likely, you will not be able to use Ballistozooka on him, since he very quickly approaches the protagonist. Choose your tactics for fighting the enemy and take your time to deal with him twice. In the second phase, the boss will learn to kick if you linger in front of him for a while, and will also set fire to corpses and throw them at the hero.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

Take the Inflamed Gland; return to Fallgrim Tower the same way you came here. As before, on your return you will find a “fog” with jumping and strong zombies. Return the Gland to the prisoner.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

Crystalline Gland

From the Fallgrim Tower you need to get to the graveyard. It is located on the opposite side if you are following to the bandit camp. Once at this location, follow all the time forward until you see a small descent leading to the next temple.

As usual, after moving on to the next temple, you can unlock new weapons. The path to the boss is quite varied: you can explore all locations to find reflections and other improvements for your sword. But first, you will have to fight boss Grisha. When you do this, go to the opened passage, then all the time follow the steps down. Thus, you will find yourself on a frozen lake, where the boss fight will take place.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

Boss Tarsus, The First Martyr

Like the previous main enemy, this enemy quickly approaches the hero and delivers several hard hits. He also knows how to disappear, then suddenly appears and tries to hit the protagonist. If he disappeared, then listen to the sounds that signal his appearance.

During the battle with the first phase of the boss, do not forget to use items for healing, since the enemy will freeze the hero for a while and he will inevitably take damage.

Walkthrough Mortal Shell
Walkthrough Mortal Shell

After winning, take the last story item and travel to Fallgrim Tower. Return all three of these items to the Prisoner will open up the transition to the final battle.

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