Walkthrough Metamorphosis

Walkthrough Metamorphosis


After waking up in the room get out of bed and read the note on the table – the key is in the drawer. Open the drawers at the top of the table and take the key from one of them. Open the door.

Go to the new room behind the corridor. You will be less furniture this time. Walk forward along the right wall, past the door, to drop the ironing board. On it, climb to the bed, and from it go through the chest to the table. Read the letter and get the key from the same box on the table. Go down, go up the books to the right of the door and open it with the found key.

Get to the ventilation. You will finally turn into a bug. Jump onto the matchbox, from it – onto the drum. Hold LMB and move around to open the blades. Climb out and follow the chair railing forward. Go lower and lower, but don’t rush. You can’t fall from a height! Press TAB to see the next target.

You need to get to the table and read the letter. Get down below on the sticks from the chair; get to the drawer of the table. There is a bottle of yellow liquid here. Walk along it. This sticky consistency will allow you to climb up the book on the other side. Go to it on a pencil, hold RMB and move up the book. At the top, you will find a letter that you can read.

To be continued … Will be added after the full release of the game.

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