Marvel's Avengers – All Bosses

Walkthrough Marvel’s Avengers – All Bosses


The storyline campaign of the Marvel’s Avengers action game is quite linear, but there are some complications in it. The main ones are associated with a number of bosses, the tactics of the battle with which are far from obvious. Here’s how to defeat them!

How to Kill the Abomination in Marvel’s Avenger

This is the first serious opponent you will face in the game. You will fight against the Abomination in the role of the Hulk. The first stage takes place in a room filled with generators. The Abomination’s attacks are similar to those of the Hulk, so you need to dodge regular attacks in a timely manner and stay as far as possible from more sweeping attacks. Each hit of the boss will knock out a solid portion of HP from you. If you see a red icon above the Abomination’s head, be sure to dodge the attack and then do a quick counter-attack. You can also lure the Abomination to sparking generators, and then throw a stone at such a generator to hit the boss with an explosion.

After a while, the second phase of the battle will begin. You will find yourself in a large room, and the Abomination will change its behavior. The boss will now emit poisonous green gas that damages you over time, so you need to avoid these clumps and wait for them to dissipate. The abomination will also try to jump at you. If you see him bouncing, move away from the red area highlighted on the ground. Then you will have some time to counterattack. Keep dodging and counterattacking until you gain the upper hand.

How to beat Monica?

You are fighting in the arena from containers, and you need to keep on top, since the ground level is filled with poison. However, falling down, you will not die instantly. So occasionally you can use this as an opportunity to avoid more serious damage from Monica’s attacks.

In the first stage, Monica uses both melee and ranged attacks. If you approach her, then force the woman to attack you with two attacks at close range. Here you need to maintain the correct distance, because if you move away, Monica will try to close the distance with a jerk. After a while Monica will disappear, drones will appear in the arena. Once you kill everyone, Monica will return.

The second phase of the battle will begin. If you continue to keep your distance, then Monica will dash closer to you. It may be tempting to shoot at her while moving (attack with an outstretched hand), this action is quite dangerous, since the woman can get close and powerfully attack Kamala. Dodge to either side to avoid her attacking dash. When you’ve dealt enough damage, Monica will summon the Proto-Synthoids. The third phase differs from the second only in that instead of ice (cryo) attacks, Monica will use fire attacks.

How to Defeat Warbot

This will already be a more complex battle. The first thing to do is smash all the glowing panels at the bottom of the opponent’s paws. Once this happens, it will be possible to do real damage by hitting the monster on the head. In the second step, glowing panels will appear at the top of the monster, on both sides. After breaking them, hit on the head again. Finally, at the last stage, in addition to side panels, panels will also appear at the very top of the enemy. Once everyone is destroyed, you can attack his head one last time.

How to Destroy the Warship

It is difficult and controversial battle. Especially if you are controlling a character who cannot fly. Like Captain America. Please note that there are platforms on the sides of the Warship that you can jump onto from the second tier of containers. Perhaps it will be possible to find springboards on the ground. Once you do this, you will see two ventilation systems on each side. They are now protected by shields. There is a wall with white paint on the side (left or right), and along it you can climb to the top of the Warship. Do this and find a generator. Destroy it, then go down to any platform and smash two vents. Repeat the steps as the generator will reappear on the roof of the Warship.

Having done this with four ventilation systems on both sides, go up to the roof of the Warship. Destroy one or two generators and attack the vents located on the left and right (two on each side). Generators will respawn between every two being destroyed.

And the third stage is the most difficult. First you need to jump onto the roof and destroy two generators. After – jump down and look at the head of the Warship. A third generator will appear under it. As soon as you break it, you can attack the very heads of the Warship. It has no shield on now! If you manage to destroy the boss, good, otherwise the shields will be restored, and you will have to re-destroy the generators.

How to defeat M.O.D.O.K

At the beginning of the battle, you control Iron Man. Attack the two engines located under the M.O.D.O.K capsule. Then deal with two of the same behind the capsule. Then, as Captain America, hit the turbine under the capsule. After destroying it, attack the huge fuse hidden behind the M.O.D.O.K. Repeat the steps before changing the character.

Use Thor to kill enemies until you can activate the ultimate. By doing this, you will overcome the barrier. Spawn directly under the M.O.D.O.K to summon a powerful lightning strike on him.

Hulk kill drones to rescue hostages. When you play as the Black Widow, then use pistols to shoot at the purple crystal on MODOK’s forehead. And at the end of the battle, you will have to attack the statue of MODOK with Kamala. Follow in the direction of Bruce, and then destroy the large statue.

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