Walkthrough Liberated

Walkthrough Liberated


Read a detailed and full walkthrough of the cyberpunk platformer Liberated.

Chapter 1

Watch the opening scenes until you reach the subway station. Run to the right, jump over the carts and push the passers-by. Climb up the escalator. Jump over the turnstile and get on the train. Then leave the metro station. Study management, the ability to hide in niches in the depths of the screen and behind different objects. Also, the game will tell you how to sneak. Jump over the fence and stealthily follow the cop. Hide on the side of the truck and wait for the cop to pass by. Use the attack key to stun the target.

Walkthrough Liberated
Walkthrough Liberated

Climb over the next fence, follow another cop. He will go far, and you will need to hide at the entrance. Eliminate the target and jump over the next fence. During interrogation, choose one of two options. Successfully complete the cop escape scene.

In the country

Now you can use the gun. Learn about the control keys to understand how to aim and attack. Deal with the first drones. You have unlimited ammunition. Remember that you can also hide from drones. Kill a few pieces and wait near the car when your partner returns.


At the beginning of the level, you will again be reminded of the possibility of using a gun. Kill the gangster and jump over the fence in front. Run through the forest, climb the stones and kill a few more enemies. The hero’s health reserve is restored over time (the screen just stops blinking in red). Cross the road as soon as the car passes through it.

Jump from the bridge, follow the right and destroy the drones. Make your way to the enclosed area on the right side, hiding behind a truck that will stop at the barrier. Run past the containers and hide behind the wall. Kill a passing guard. Do the same with a couple more enemies and enter the building.


Eliminate a couple of enemies on the bridge. Kill another one on the other side. Remember that your weapon shoots farther than it takes out a white beam of a laser sight, so do not be afraid to attack enemies from afar. Kill the target from below and jump there. Run left and pull the lever on the remote control. Dive into the water and swim to the right to get out to the right of the wall that blocked the path.

In the new part of the complex, kill the enemies and open the far door. Finish off the enemy at computers and interact with them. Enter any four-digit code combination. The terminal will show you if you guessed at least one correct digit. Please note that the terminal can also show a “two-way arrow”. This means that such a figure is in the code, but it should be in another place. In our case, the code was 9483.

Go through the door to the right and continue to kill the enemies. Get to the elevator and enter it. Take the only route. All you need to do is eliminate the goals. Follow the top and jump down onto the container. Go down even lower from container and activate the remote control on the left side, at the top of the stairs. Return to the room on the left, go up and go right again. Since the container is now raised, you can continue to move along the upper tier. Leave the complex.


Get out of the water to the pier on the right and get through the barrier. Kill the cops and get to the sawmill. Continue through the forest until you find yourself at a gas station where a van is waiting for you.


Go forward, hide behind the wall and eliminate the enemy. Keep killing the targets. When you are ambushed, you will need to double-click on the two correct keys. Then kill two more enemies and go to another part of the city. Sneak up on the enemy and stun him. Get to the fence and use the trash can to jump over it. Get rid of the cop and go through the arch on the right. During a comic scene, press the indicated keys.

Chapter 2

Walkthrough Liberated
Walkthrough Liberated

Now you will control another character. Go to the complex and pull the lever on the last column. Climb the stairs and jump to the right. When you go into the room, and then interact with the monitor to lower the military down on the elevator. Jump down on the right side and use the next lever. When you jump down, and this is inevitable, you will need to quickly finish the two goals. Go to the locker room on the right and pick up Disk 1 from the corpse in the mask.

Move to the right, climb the stairs and lower the lever. Go back and enter the elevator. Kill the enemy, go down and go left. Lower the lever on the wall. Run to the right, kill the enemies and soon you will reach the wall with a lever. Jump to it and lower it down. Go back to the left and jump below into the hole that has formed. Disk 2 will be on the corpse at the bottom left. Get to the room on the right, kill the enemy and push the tall box to the left. You must install it under the remote control hanging at the top with a blinking light (in the same room). Climb onto the drawer and interact with the remote control. Go right.

Kill two enemies and interact with the luminous monitor on the right side. You need to hack the system. The answer is in the screenshot below.

Walkthrough Liberated
Walkthrough Liberated

Run to the left and jump down through the opened hatch. Soldiers will fall into the trap. Go right and in the next room you will find the corpse in a mask with a Disk 3. Clean the dining room. Stand right next to the stairs to the right. Move until you go to the lift with the remote control. Go upstairs. Kill the enemy and jump into the water on the right side. Plunge to the bottom, follow to the right and get to the surface. Lower the lever on the wall to the right, and then run back to the left side along the formed bridge.

Return to the lift and go down. Push the box onto it and go upstairs. Move the box to the left and jump to a hill on the upper tier to lower the lever on the wall. So you will open the first of two doors. Now push the box to the right and climb the hill from the recently activated bridge (above the water). Lower one more lever. You will open the second door. Go down the elevator and run right through the two open doors.

Press against the wall and move to the right along a thin ledge. Next you will control the drone. Place explosives near opponents to partially clear the room. Go through it, finish off the remaining opponents.

Walkthrough Liberated
Walkthrough Liberated

Follow further, climb up with the help of a high box and climb the rope even higher. Pick up moments so as not to fall under the stream of steam. Jump into the water, swim to the bottom to the right and get out onto the platform. Turn the valve on the pipe to raise the water level. Swim under water in the opposite direction and get out using the stairs to the platform on the right. Eliminate the target, go up, and kill the enemies on the right and left. Jump to the left and activate the remote control to open the grate and hatch. Be sure to turn the valve to raise the water level even more. Jump into the water, get out on the stairs to the left and go back. Jump into the opened hatch.

First, stealthily eliminate the enemy on the left. Then hack the terminal.

Walkthrough Liberated
Walkthrough Liberated

Kill the remaining enemies and climb the stairs at the right end of the hall. Go through the door to the right, kill the opponents. Swim to the right under water, kill the distant enemy and lower the lever to a dead end. Climb up on the elevator, and then climb even higher by cable. Follow the right and you will find a corpse with Disk 5 in a large mine. Jump here down into the water. Swim a little lower and through the hatch in the wall to the left. Climb the stairs and turn the valve to raise the water level.

Swim to the main hall. You cannot hold on, otherwise there is not enough oxygen supply. Climb up the stairs to the right and get out into the technical tunnel. Kill the enemy at the screw, press against the wall and follow to the right, avoid a stream of steam. Move in the opposite direction, jump on top of the platforms. You will need to quickly kill three drones. This is difficult, so be patient. There is a remote control at the top left. Lower the lever to stop the rotation of the screw. Go through it to the right and get to the computers in the back room. Click on these buttons to get out of the trap.

Go to the right, kill enemies, climb the cable, jump down and climb left on the other cable. Go through the doorway to the left and kill the enemy. Jump down and open the door. Keep going down until you find yourself in a subway tunnel with a train. Run to the right, simultaneously destroying opponents and avoiding the blast wave.

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