Walkthrough Labyrinth City Pierre the Maze Detective
Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Labyrinth City Pierre the Maze Detective


The protagonist of the game is detective Pierre, who is challenged by the mysterious Mister X. He stole a magic stone that turns everything into labyrinths.

There are three types of collectibles in the game:

  • Pages from the diary of Mr. X
  • Memories– some of them you will find inside the chests, and you will receive one more memory for each side quest from the polar bear (there is only one quest for each level)
  • Stars – three stars are hidden right in the locations

The Museum

There are many hidden secrets at each level. We’ll tell you about everyone. Talk to Carmen and the guards, after which you will be ordered to find the director. Walk left, listen to the ninja and pick up the star (1/3) located on the left at the top of the steps. Having done this, go down and go up from the ninja. Turn left towards the polar bear. Prompt with him. He will ask you to hang exactly all the pictures. There are five paintings in total. Number them from left to right from “1” to “5” and interact in the following order:

  • Fourth (align her and fifth pictures)
  • Third
  • The first
  • The second

For this you will receive a gold cup (the main memory). The only one on the level. Walk left and up from the polar bear. Use the nearest stairs, turn right and down to the second star (2/3). Go back down and go up the stairs on the left to the man who is training the dinosaur. Walk up and look for a green chest in the upper left. Open it to find a memory (1/4). Walk to the right and climb the stairs up, on which the man is standing, with an arm extended to the left. There is a jug above the stairs with a page from Mr. X’s diary (1/4). Walk right and take the last star (3/3).

Go downstairs and go to the director of the museum. The next target is Mister X. Climb the stairs higher and to the right. Do you see the postman waving his hand? Interact with him to get a page from Mr. X’s diary (2/4). You are told that the purple arrows will certainly come in handy. They lead according to plot goals.

Go down the same large staircase, but so as to go to the right of the painting with a dancing monkey. Walk right. Climbing up the stairs, you can find a carriage. Inside it is a page from Mr. X’s diary (3/4). Go down the stairs and go right to the green chest with memory (2/4). Return to the large staircase and head downstairs past the huge statue of Zeus. Go down the stairs and interact with the dinosaur skeleton to get a page from Mr. X’s diary (4/4). Continue past the mammoth. Climb the steps and open the chest under the stairs on the right. Move on and find Mister X. The level will end.

Street Party

Talk to the police officer who will indicate where you need to go next. Go down to the road and look for ninja in its far-right side and the first star (1/3). Climb the building and get to the police, who will point to a man in a Mister X suit. In the car on the right in the street, there is the first page from the diary of Mr. X (1/4) – in a green pickup next to a pink PIZZA van. Walk just above the cops and enter the bank. There will be a chest with memory (1/4) on the roof.

Return to the cops and bandits at the purple limousine and go right and up the street, where the purple arrows point. When the street leaves to the left, look a little higher, on its right side, for the postman, who is waving his hand. Take a page from Mr. X’s diary (2/4) from him. Walk left and see a polar bear. He will ask for help from the mariarchi. Musicians in green suits and hats stand to the left. Talk to them. Memorize the sequence and repeat. Number from left to right and interact with the following musicians:

  • Fourth
  • The third
  • Fourth
  • Second
  • The third
  • First

As a reward, you will receive a gold guitar (the main memory). There is a staircase to the right of the musicians. Run through the building and climb up to another roof with a chest. Take the memory (2/4). Walk past the musicians and down and slightly to the right to find the second star (2/3) by the yellow van. Go up to the house just below and to the left of the musicians. There will be a chest with memory (3/4). Get to the man in the purple suit. He will point to another man in a purple tuxedo.

Climb the building on the left, go left and go downstairs. Climb up to the bus with a parcel locker. Inside the box, there is a page from Mr. X’s diary (3/4). Return to the same building, run along the roof and find the last star (3/3). On the same roof, there is a wooden bridge leading to a neighboring building, across the street with elephants. And move there.

Run along the roof and up (not over the wooden bridge to the right). Go down to the huge bear and go a little lower to your goal – a man in a purple suit. He will point to the real Mr. X. But first, go to the left of the elephants and by this route get to the green chest with a memory (4/4). Walk up the street. This path is simple and will lead to Mr. X.


To be continued…

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