Walkthrough Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris

Walkthrough Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris


Kings of Lorn: The Fall of Ebris – a hardcore role-playing action game with a first-person view. Below you will find the full walkthrough of the game.


Unknown Realm

Look around the room. Here you can pick up the torch and read the scroll. Be careful not to hit the torch on the walls, otherwise put it out, and it will be more difficult to move in the dark. However, even so we managed. The torch can be used as a weapon. There are four holes in the walls. Bend down to C and get out. Move around the central room, killing enemies. It is necessary to inflict two blows to a spider or four blows to a corpse without a head in order to finish off the enemy. Various objects will drop out of the killed enemies, including small crystals that restore HP. Go through a green bottle to restore HP.

Walk in a circle and find two locked doors. You can also find a dagger that does more damage, and two King’s urn. Do it. Return to the central room. There is a torso with a seal. Interact with it to save the game.

From this room, get out through the hole next to which lies a scroll. Follow forward and to the right. Kill the enemy, behind the bars on the left you will find a table with the key to the lower level.

Stand facing the aisle with a scroll on the floor and walk through the hole on the right. There will be a door ahead that opens with a lower level key. Unlock it, kill the enemies and you will find the first luminous stone opposite the door – the core. Return to the central room and interact with the luminous points in the hands of four statues. The found core will fit one of them. Three more to be found!

Go to the large hall, where there are wooden beams that you can walk on. To the left of the beam is a staircase leading down. Go down it and find a corpse with a second core (red).

Go back to the lower level door, which was opened with the corresponding key. Tere are turns left and right. A path to the left leads to a place with a missing bridge, but there is a wooden staircase nearby. Go down to pick up the third King’s urn. Here you can also break jugs and boxes to find several HP recovery bottles and arrows.

Go up and go to the right of the lower level door. Open the grate and get to the very end to get the key to the middle level. Return to the central room, save and get out of here through the hole next to the save point. Follow forward, left, and unlock the mid-level door.

Kill all enemies. On the left, you can find the third core. There is another King’s urn next to it on the stone. You find the key to the upper level on the right side of this cave. Return to the central room, install all the assembled cores and save. Stand facing the aisle with a scroll and move through the hole on the left. Run forward and open the top level door.

Kill all enemies. At the very bottom, you will find a table under the torch with the King’s urn. However, you are interested in the middle of the location. From the hill where there was a corpse without a head, go down to the adit to the right, where the blue, fourth core is lying. Return to the central room and install the last core to complete the quest.

A way back home

Just enter the glowing portal


The Kingdom of Ebris

Pick up a long sword in the center of the location and get ready for a difficult battle. We recommend that you run up to one of the places where the Ebris guards appear, and inflict as much fashion as possible on the enemy from behind. Try to separate the enemies. Use the block to take minimum damage. After the block reflect the blow of the enemy, counterattack. Break jugs scattered around the location to find healing potions. On the side, you can also find the King’s Urn.

Then go through the large gate and save. Follow forward and to the right. Kill all enemies and find a scroll in the chest. Return to the corridor and go even deeper. You can save in advance. Get over the blockage using the jump. In the room on the right will be another King’s Urn.

Go back and turn right. Kill all opponents and in the far corner find the lever. And in the beginning, there is a wounded soldier on the left. You can take his soul. Pull it, go a little back and on the left you will find an opened passage (the grill has risen). Deal with three enemies, and then search the room. Here is the bow and the King’s Urn in the corner.

Again, go along the long corridor forward, without turning anywhere, and soon you will be outside. By the way, to kill enemies with weapons, use one cunning tactic. Stand still and wait for the enemy to come closer. At any time, be ready to move backward while holding S. Run off when he starts to swing, then go back and hit his front leg (in the knee area). Repeat. With a long sword, four such blows must be inflicted. But keep in mind that sometimes the enemy instead of one deals two blows at once.

Follow forward and get ready for the battle. This is the first boss. We do not recommend using a bow against him and try to stay as close to the boss as possible so that he does not jerk. Otherwise, fight the same way: lure his blows and at least block with a sword. In fact, you do not need to make so many accurate hits. There are three jugs of potions, but you need to break them carefully so that the enemy does not hit you in the back. After victory you will receive his soul.

Go through the door, save. Follow forward and to the right. Inside the building, there is the King’s Urn (in the far right corner). There is a chest with a scroll on the first floor and on the second. Follow on and find the purple portal on the right. Do not rush to go to him, but move forward. Kill everyone, take another urn of the king, then make your way to the portal and interact with it.

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