Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning The Teeth of Naros

Walkthrough Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning The Teeth of Naros


So, after you copied the DLC to the game folder, this task becomes available in the Main quest section. Begin to establish contacts with the expedition. Head south to Dalentarth and near the ruins in the south of Ettinmere find and go to Helic’s Camp.

Communicate with Elik, take the task and together with it, pass into the Southern Passage. Make our way deep into the cave, helping the expedition in the battle with spiders and rats. After the expedition finds a motionless body, and you talk with Elik, continue to move on. After meeting with new monsters, Elik will be injured. You can give him a healing potion, but he will still limp. Run forward, open the door in the form of a semicircle by pressing the large blue button to the right of it. You are looking for a way out, kill rats along the way, go through three consecutive semicircular doors and climb up a long staircase. Take the ancient artifact from the pedestal, communicate with a strange voice, then leave the cave.

Rites of passage

Run forward, jump down, watch a video and talk with a giant. Kill the three enemies, talk again with Secandra and run to the Remes camp, where you talk with our new friend. Next, go inside the Kahrunk tower, make our way through it and climb to the top. Kill Verlord Kakhrunk, deal with other enemies and jump down the ledges. Or you can immediately go to the Remes camp on the map and talk with Secandra. We communicate with the giantess, follow her to the portal to Idilla. Speak again with Secandra, then activate the portal and move to Idilla.

Shapen in Iniquity

Upon arrival, talk with Secandra and follow her. A conversation will begin twice on the way. After the second time, you pass through the gate on your own, go up and talk with Primos, so to speak, the King of Giants. Having taken the task, go downstairs, communicate with Secandra and through the hatch nearby you go down to the catacombs. Make our way deep into the desired door, and pass through it. Together with Secandra, kill the looters, open the sarcophagus and get the ring. Return to Primos and give him the ring. At the end of the dialogue with Anokatos, who is the Primos of Idilla, run to a new control point and activate the portal to go down from Idilla.

Move to the indicated point where Anokatos is waiting for us, kill several Pterixes with him, search Alpha Pterix and pick up the red feathers. After a conversation with Anokatos, we follow further, kill another group of enemies and pick up another feathers. Pass to the cave and follow through it to the top of the mountain. It is important to be there with Anokatos. If you are there alone and kill the Pterix, take the feathers and go down, then Anokatos will not speak to you (such a mistake). So, at the top of Airy, kill the Pterix, pick up the feathers and talk to Anokatos. Immediately take a new task from him.

Into temptation

Follow to the fortress of Hyperion (something like a later day) and talk with Anokatos standing on the stairs. Follow with Anokatos, when he stops, jump down two ledges, run up to the magic ball and click on it. The ball will activate and create a bridge for the further movement of Anokatos. Move further, again jump down three ledges, run down the stairs and activate the ball. Approach the door, which opens automatically. Follow Anokatos to the place of the ritual, get into a small round pool and wait. After the cut-scene you deal with enemies.

The Perpetual Desolations

You get out of the fortress, along the way kill enemies and, in the end, communicate with Secandra. Move further, deal with opponents, once again you talk automatically, and then leave the fortress. On the map, you move to the underground fortress of Nyxaros, go inside and talk with Secandra. Move down, kill the enemies, approach the stone head and listen to a strange voice. Move forward, at the end of the cave we kill all enemies. We talk with Secandra, choose one of two ways. One will be with more enemies (the active point is closer), the other will be with less (the active point is farther, behind the turn). One way or another, in the end you talk with Arkes, then with Secandra, after which we leave the fortress.


Move to the portal to Idilla, communicate with Secandra about everything and move to a place called Earth Shrine. Activate the stone head, pass into the caves through the hole that has appeared. Follow the blue ball, which shows the path, kill the enemies along the path, then activate some strange crystal. After talking with Secandra, follow the ball further, kill the enemies, the ball will open us the way forward, where it will be necessary to defeat the looter and wolves. Get out of the cave, follow the new location – Air Shrine.

Activate the statue, go into the cave and see two active points. Make our way to them and become in the center of small vortices to scatter them. Run to the beginning of the cave, go straight from it, because now the bridge over the cliff is formed by winds. Kill the golem, approach the edge and press F to activate the crystal. Now go to the fortress and kill the villain. Run away from the fortress until everything is destroyed.

Short campaign DLC The Teeth of Naros is complited.

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