Walkthrough Kena: Bridge of Spirits - Guide to Story Quests and Collectibles

Walkthrough Kena: Bridge of Spirits – Guide to Story Quests and Collectibles


At the beginning of the game, you will learn the basics of controls. Run forward, stand on the slab and click on E to open the passage.

Fight the first enemies using LMB, RMB and CTRL. Use Pulse (E) on the runes to the left and right of the closed passage, then stand in the circle and press E. In general, Ripple is used for many purposes. Holding the wheel, you can run. Examine the tree, then press E at the small creature and pick up the first Rot. Rots are used as minions in the Overlords. You will order them to drag different objects, attack enemies, and so on. You will unlock new abilities with each new level. But first you will need to find 5 rots, not counting the first one, to get the first level. Then you can give them orders.

Climb higher, go to the place where you saw the children, and pick up the first Rot. Don’t forget about the E and Q keys. Go forward and turn right. Climb the ledge and take the second Rot. Turn around, go to the other side and go through the tree to find the third Rot. Follow the main path, enter the ruins on the left and pick up the fourth Rot. Go back and look for the lake. There will be a round plate next to it. Standing on it, press E. Jump up the columns and take the fifth Rot. Go to the infected area and order Rots (key R) to attack the flower. They will create a blue sphere. Press E to explode the flower. It will disappear.

Follow further up the tree, clear the area from enemies and remove the filth, as you did before. Climb higher and see a block. Give the order to pick up the stone, press Shift to aim and give the order to move the stone (on R). This way you can climb the building. There are barrels of crystals inside. Crystals are the currency for buying hats for your Rots. More on that later. Jump to another building and further. Defeat the mini-boss. Use E to block punches (you need to hold this key). If you press right before an enemy attack, you can parry it. Kill boss and you will receive 3 Rots.


After the victory, you will reach the village. Cleanse the center of the village from the corruption. You will need to destroy the enemies, three flowers (one in the building on the right) and the main flower. You will gain access to the first fast travel point (altar) and the first hat shop. Each shop unlocked gives one hat. Here, in a circle, you can find chests with two hats.

There is Rot on the table, under a plate. If you go back and to the left, you can find a chest. Go straight along the marker (the map opens to M) from the center and turn left. An old man will appear and give you a mask. Return to the children in the center, stand at the barrier and put on the mask. Inspect the houses on the left and right as you wish. Go forward to a new location.

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