Walkthrough JUMANJI: The Video Game

Walkthrough JUMANJI: The Video Game

JUMANJI: The Video Game is a cooperative action game designed for 1-4 players. You can play on one computer through a split screen or online. At the time of release, the game had four maps, and the walkthrough of each of them will be described below.


During training, press the keys that the game points to. Shoot a luminous object above the entrance to the room, and then collect the four figures and take them to the door. Fight enemies using various tricks. When you are asked to give life to a teammate, then pay attention to the icons in the lower left corner of the screen. There are images of comrades, but one of them died (heart shape). Hold “1” and you will see how the dial is filled.

Strange Bazaar

The game takes place on an average level of difficulty. After the start, follow the location. Kill the enemies and collect the four characters of Jumanji. The market area is not too large, so you will not get lost here. The green arrow of the character indicates in which direction the characters are. Also shoot at vessels with liquids that are found on roofs. They will allow you to score points. Collect  four characters and move on.

Walkthrough JUMANJI: The Video Game
Main Heroes of the Game JUMANJI

Activate the obelisk and destroy the enemies. Large thugs will appear. It’s better to kill them before they can approach you. Collect boxes with weapons charges. When the bar is filled in the upper left corner of the screen, you can go further.

Go through the cave by collecting the figures of Jumanji. Just calculate the correct time to overcome the floor with spikes and swinging axes.

Next will be another location with enemies. It is necessary to collect Jumanji figures. To kill the thugs faster, aim at their head. One of the figures is hidden behind a fence near a rhino. You cannot kill him, and it can kill hero.

Next will be a new segment where you need to kill opponents. Blue boxes give ammunition for weapons, purple – grenades.

And again there will be a segment with the collection of figures of Jumanji. Please note that here you will need to climb wooden boards. Go through another cave. Watch for the spikes that appear alternately in a checkerboard pattern. In the end you will find a difficult battle. Stay with the whole team near the obelisk. So the scale fills in the upper left corner of the screen.

Jungle Refuge

During the passage of this episode, new traps will appear in the cave. Flames of fire may be from one wall to another or only from a wall to the middle of a corridor. Use this. And the guns built into the walls will shoot four times in a row. Run after the last shot.

Mountain fortress

In this chapter, instead of a rhino, a bear will disturb you. Faster spikes will appear in trap rooms. Watch out for sparks on the floor to understand the path.

Night chase

This level is no different from the previous ones. Is that a place where there will be two rhinos at once. For the rest, pick up a moment to move along the platforms with spikes that appear alternately.

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