Walkthrough INMOST
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Walkthrough INMOST


The INMOST platform tells a very confusing story. And after passing the game, we are ready to untangle it for you.

The game Inmost shows the story of parents who lost their daughter. One day, the father helped a little girl and saved her from a fire. The blonde girl reminded him of his own daughter and brought the man back to life. However, his wife did not want to participate in the upbringing of the saved child. The father acts as a knight, and the mother is a guardian monster. The woman could not accept the death of her child. She was constantly visited by suicidal thoughts.

She decided that she and her husband should leave this world as their own daughter. First, she will kill her husband and inform his father about it. After that, she decides to kill the saved child, but she will notice the rabbit of their own daughter. She will take the rabbit, and give the suicide note. And she will commit suicide.

Grandfather went to his son’s house, but it was too late. There he found the corpses of his son and his wife and read the note. He caught up with the blonde girl and jumped after her. They survived.

According to the plot of the story, they are in a cemetery with three graves, where relatives are buried …

Inmost game is a masterpiece in which you will see several stories at once: pain, love, death and life.

INMOST Full Walkthrough

Try to open the door, go to the table and pull out the chair so that you can climb on it. E key – take an object, SPACE – climb the object. Climb onto the table and press SPACE. The hero will say that he will not reach. Go to the right and pull the stool out of the cabinet. Put it on the table (just go to the chair for the hero to put the stool on it), climb onto the bookshelves and climb into the ventilation. Walk right to the front door.

Now you will control the man. The activation of the lamp posts acts as a save point. The path to the right is blocked by plants. Need a scythe. Go left, jump on a wooden pallet by the house and make your way inside through the underground passage. Take the scythe and chat with the character on the second floor. Walk to the right and cut the vines. Chat with the character at the well. He will say that he dropped the key. Use somersault to get under the black clot (CTRL).

There is a lever behind the door on the right. But you need a key. Walk right and go downstairs. There is a tunnel on the left that leads to a stone wall. It takes a pickaxe to destroy it. Make the monster jump down to you and crush it with the cart. Go downstairs and enter the box on the left. You will see a scene. Go down the old man to the first floor of the house.

When you return, turn the lever and jump to the right. Get to the pick that is hidden behind the black slug. Shoot him with a powerful arrow. Climb up the stairs and see a cat. He asks to open the grate, but a lever is needed. There is a handle on the right that you can turn. When you do this, you will see the box fall. Go back down and push the box. It will break, and you can charge the weapon with new arrows. Shoot two more arrows and take the pickaxe.

Follow back to the carriage, go up the first stairs and climb through the hole in the wall on the left. Break other stones with a pickaxe. Do the same with another set of rocks above the black slug pit. The stones will fall down and fill the hole. Go down; try to climb onto the platform from which you could jump to the key. It will break. There is a board lying on the ground (you broke it). Drag it to the platform to fix it and take the key. Go upstairs, open the grate with the key and take the lever. Return to the cat at the grate and open it (the mechanism is to the right of the cat).

Approach the strange creature. Climb up the stairs and hide in the hole on the right, by the lantern. When the monster jumps to the right, run to where he was, climb higher and higher until you find another lantern. And the monster itself will fall on the stakes. Be sure to approach the monster’s hand.

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  • Reply
    Dec 31, 2020 2:27 am

    I have an additional detail you left out that relates to their child’s suicide.
    According to a few cut-scene snippets, we see her in school and outside being
    laughed at and ostracized by other children. The final scene unfolding in a house with
    other children appearing to psychologically torture her further so she kills herself.
    So we can conclude that their daughter was bullied so relentlessly she took her own life
    in desperation though there might have been other factors too. Possibly her mother
    might have had deep-rooted mental health issues that were never addressed then passed
    down to her daughter.

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