Walkthrough Hidden Deep - Game Guide

Walkthrough Hidden Deep – Game Guide


Hidden Deep is a 2D horror game with shooter elements in which you explore an underground complex filled with alien monsters.

Day 18

Take the elevator down, move to the right, jump over the hole and find the red handle at the end. Go back a little and install the handle into the hole in the wall. Hold W to open the passage and head downstairs. To do this, go to the edge and hold S. Jump over the cliff with a running start. Bend down on S and crawl into the hole. Click on C to get the hook and shoot at the ceiling. The hook can only be hooked onto stones. Then press S to climb down on the zipline. Jump off the cable by pressing the “Space”.

Shoot the grappling hook at the ceiling slightly to the right and pull up. press the button to close the descent. You need to move towards Mine 2, so head right. Examine the gate. You need a key. Now go downstairs or with a hook. At the bottom, you can only go to the left, to Zone 8, where the required worker with the key to Mine 2 is located.

Walkthrough Hidden Deep - Game Guide
Walkthrough Hidden Deep – Game Guide

Day 26

Move to the right. Go downstairs. You need the right point (the map opens at M). Follow the right and go downstairs into a large dead-end adit. Click on N at different points until you find a place where there will be a thin layer of earth (not below the second top strip of the scanner). Place the explosives in this place by clicking on the X, and run away. Then go down below and continue to move to a dead end, where you will again have to use the scanner and explosives. After making the next hole, continue moving and create a cable across the chasm. To do this, shoot at a point on the other side of the cliff, and then press Enter to secure the cable near you. Jump onto the cable and hold W. Follow the right and jump down.

Walkthrough Hidden Deep - Game Guide
Walkthrough Hidden Deep – Game Guide

Click on B to use the scout ball. With it, you can see what’s ahead. Press O to activate the distance sensor to the first ally. The closer you are to it, the shorter the distance will be. You need to go up twice and follow to the right. Then go downstairs. There is no need to blow up the floor. Move to the lower left passage until you can go to the right. There will be a rope, radiation and two boxes with cartridges in the lower left adit. And near the first ally you will find a machine gun. Now you can switch between heroes using the keys “1” and “2”.

Move both characters to the right and down. Press the first hero at the edge on the key with the letter “y” to make a cable, on which the engineer (second character) can go down. Kill enemies along the way. There will be a worm below! Once you reach the desired location, you will receive a new blue marker on the map. Follow it and swim through the reservoir, keeping an eye on the supply of oxygen. The W key is to swim to where the character’s head is directed in the water. The A and D keys allow you to spin in a circle in the water, setting a new direction. After that, you will need to create a zipline across the chasm, as was done before. The engineer also has a device that allows you to navigate the zipline. Get to the marker and your allies will drill a hole. Run left to complete the mission.

Walkthrough Hidden Deep - Game Guide
Walkthrough Hidden Deep – Game Guide

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