Walkthrough Hellpoint

Walkthrough Hellpoint


Hellpoint is a budget Souls-like game set on a space station. Below we talk about how to complete the game.

There are many forks and secondary locations in Hellpoint, so I will not focus on them. Instead, I’ll tell you where to follow, what to look for in order to complete the game’s plot.


Follow the only route and kill enemies. The rifts you sync are used as bonfires in Dark Souls. With their help, you save progress, improve your character by spending the received axions, and so on. You will also receive special items, Rift Synchronizers. Rifts on large bosses sync automatically, but otherwise you’ll have to spend those synchromes.

Synchronizers are lying around right in the locations, but they can also be obtained by activating the Hellstone (purple plate) and exploring the limited, mirrored world. Either way, these items are few, so try not to sync more than one rift per level.

So, you get to the fork. The path to the right leads to the Dominion of the Ascended, but you cannot open it. Walk left and find the first boss, the Archon Slaver. After winning, use the terminal and talk to the Author. He will say that he needs information. Whether you noticed it or not, when you kill a boss or study some plot inscription, a data icon and a percentage value appear in the upper right corner.

Your task for getting the usual ending is to collect 100% of the data and return here, to this terminal at the first boss. The elevator upstairs is activated. But more on that later.


Follow to a new location, activate a rift on the long bridge and examine various objects. Then turn around and see the opening. Follow there.


Move through Arcology, kill enemies, take the elevator and activate the remote control. Go outside and defeat the Heavenly Thing on the bridge. After that, go to the console and apply the Arcology passport (you should have found it earlier). Once you’ve done this, choose where to go first – Sohn District or Ikari Road. Either way, you will visit both locations.

District Sohn

We chose this location first. Move through the opened door down, go to the end of the hall with the broken floor and jump down to the floor below. Turn around and go to the fish, turn left and get to the entry point to the Sohn district.

Get to the circular hall and move along any corridor until you find the boss. These will be two enemies. For defeating them, you will receive a pass.

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