Walkthrough Heaven Dust 2
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Walkthrough Heaven Dust 2


Read the full walkthrough and guide Heaven Dust 2.

Start the elevator

After waking up, go to the left and pick up a note from Alexander 1 from the table. Enter the code at the door – 518 (depicted on the back of the protagonist). Read the second note from Alexander and pull out the square drawer. Walk left. Examine the device – you need a Level 3 Keycard. Pick up the casings. You need the Level 1 Keycard to open the door on the left. There will be a secret room with a level 1 key card behind the pulled back drawer. You can save the game in the room to the right. There is also a storage chest and a door locked on the other side. Go through the door on the left using the Level 1 Keycard.

There is a barricade on the right, which is destroyed by a shotgun blast. There is a lock on the door that can be knocked down with a pistol shot. There is a fuel generator in the center. Don’t touch it yet. Return to the room with the movable crate. Look to the right of the passage where you came from (from the first room) for another room. There is ethanol and a level map inside.

Go to the hallway with the button. Click on it several times until the wall comes down. Read Alexander’s Diary 4 and collect the plant spores. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo. In inventory, combine ethanol and spores to get fuel.


  • Gunpowder A + Casings = Pistol Ammo
  • Gunpowder A + Gunpowder A = Gunpowder B
  • Gunpowder B + Casings = Shotgun Ammo

Go to the generator and refuel it. First move to the electronic interface by the door. You will find a guard’s uniform and resources behind the door. Move the generator to the left to open a path up the stairs. Climb up there and take the board on the right. Go through the door to the left of the stairs. Read the document on the table and the beginner’s tips on the wall. Find a rack with a pistol behind the wall. Equip him in any slot and shoot the lock on the door near the generator. To do this, aim at the door and wait until all the arrows converge in the center and a dot appears. The castle is destroyed with one shot! It’s the same with zombies: aim and wait for the crosshair to hover over the head, then shoot.

Read the note about zombies, there will be a zombie in the first room on the right, but there is also a screen there. You can change and equip the costume! Unlock the door on the left – it leads to the first room with a save point.

Take the green herb found in the room up the stairs and then go through the scanner. Previously, he would not let you in, but now the virus will not detect it. The scanner is located near the room with saving. Kill enemies, collect note and green grass. This note will show you how to combine and use gunpowder.

Go to the room opposite the room with the save point. There is a cage with a chain. Shoot her, kill the zombies and go up the stairs. Move forward, use the board to cross the gap. Use two buttons to rotate the paintings. Rotate the left picture once and the right in a circle. So, you will find the right combination. Walk through the room with three statues. One of them will have a hint. In the adjacent room, there is a small pond with a round hole and a locked gate behind which a powerful zombie is.

There is a staircase on the right. Go down it and take the golden circle. watch out for fountains. They give a hint as to which code to enter. I had it 645. After entering the code, kill the enemies, go past the locked door and turn into the office on the left. There will be one zombie scientist here. Read the note, take the gunpowder and belt bag. Use the last one in your inventory to get +2 inventory slots. Move the closet to the side and go into the corridor. A big zombie will rush at you. Let him get close and then run back. This zombie explodes, damaging everyone in the vicinity. You will receive an elevator call button. Return in the same way and set the button on the elevator to go up to the floor above.

Second floor: billiards

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