Walkthrough Fear the Dark Unknown
Walkthrough 1

Walkthrough Fear the Dark Unknown


A detailed walkthrough of the survival Fear the Dark Unknown horror inspired by Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark.

Enter the Mansion

Inspect the gate and door. Go left and pick up a stick from the box. Use it to unlock the gate (use the prompts on the screen). Go to the main door. She is closed. The path to the left leads to another locked door, to the right – to the third. There is instruction on the bench.

Go down the porch and go up the stairs to the room on the second floor. Take a look around. There is an empty spot on the wall for the painting. In the room, you can find three paintings.

Walkthrough Fear the Dark Unknown
Walkthrough Fear the Dark Unknown

You should hang a picture on an empty place where a black fish is at the top and is fully visible.

If you hang the wrong picture, then the trap will work. Press E to select the desired picture, and “Space” to study each. When select the one you need, click on it by LMB. Go to the cabinet on the left and get the key to the mansion from the opened casket.

Inside the Mansion

Enter through the main door and get a Chloe note from the cabinet on the left. A little further, there is a coffee table in the corner. You find a coin of 1796 and a green apple. There is a fireplace on the other side of the stairs and a poker nearby. Take it. There is a red apple here. Go through the door on the side, follow the end of the dining room and find the clock. You cannot open them. Go through the door near the clock and find yourself in the pantry. If you can, then take the lamp standing on the shelf on the right.

How to Increase Inventory (Backpack)?

Go forward along the corridor. There is a bag of potatoes on the right. A little further, there is a turn right. Turn and you will see a bowl with apples on the table. Place a green apple on it to open the cache. There will be a chest with useful items and a small bag that will increase the size of the inventory.

Where to Store Items?

Return to the hall and rise to the second floor. Both doors are closed, but there is a cabinet with a cardboard box. You can put unnecessary items into it.

How to Save the Game?

To save the game, sit on the sofa, opposite the storage box (the one on the second floor in the lobby). You will move to the main character’s apartment. Go to the next room (on yourself) and find a table with a laptop. Interact with your laptop and select a slot to save progress.

Go to the same corridor. At the very end, there is a fireplace, and next to it is a bucket of sand. To remove the bucket from your inventory, go to the hall and pour sand onto a burning fireplace in the right corner. Return to the place where the bucket was. There is a table on the right. You cannot move it until you examine the jug. Use a poker on the jug to break the object.

Walkthrough Fear the Dark Unknown
Walkthrough Fear the Dark Unknown

Move the table, bend down, hold CTRL, and make your way behind the wall.

Move forward until you see a girl. Pick up a note, bend down and select the room on the left. Kill the first enemy using RMB and LMB. There are a diary, a note, a bronze key and a dress in the room.

Leave the room and find a cardboard box for storing items in the depths of the screen. All such boxes are interconnected! Two doors on the right and left are closed. Go a little further and open the door on the left side. Inside the room there are Teresa’s stories and some strange slime. DO NOT TOUCH IT!

Walkthrough Fear the Dark Unknown
Walkthrough Fear the Dark Unknown

Otherwise, you will fall into the trap and be killed.

Instead, go to the corridor, left and right. There are a box of matches and a note by Teresa on the table.

Turn around and walk along the corridor forward. You will see the man again. Follow back and left (there is a passage, in front of the table on the left). Go straight and open the door that leads back to the pantry. Walk a little further along the corridor and again hear the bell. Go back and go through the door on the right, which is now open. A fire will begin. Do not worry, this is a scripted. Kill one or two opponents. Then go through the open door on the left, near the table where the matches were. You find a cut off ear in the sink. Also you find a laundry key in a basin in the bathroom. Take the key and watch the cut scene.

Go outside, run to the door that leads back to the pantry. From it, follow down and open the nearest door to the laundry room. In doing so, look around and move the cabinet (you will need to do this twice). You will fall into the trap. Need to leave the laundry room. Examine the table with a note. There is a scarf on it. There is an iron nearby. Take it and apply it on a scarf. Take the scarf, rotate it through the device nearby (you will need to kill the dog). Then go to the first room and apply the scarf to the device on the left. All the doors will open, and you will get a dirty scarf.

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