Walkthrough Everreach: Project Eden

Walkthrough Everreach: Project Eden


Read the walkthrough of the sci-fi shooter Everreach: Project Eden.


Start a new game, we recommend that you open the settings and lower the sensitivity of the mouse. Take the only route. Soon you will have to battle the first three flying drones. Destroy them. You can inspect the locked door, then turn right and find a box with experience points and ammo (or something else). Go to the other side of the door and follow the bridge. Talk with Jay. Choose how to talk to him – as a friend or soldier.

There will be a new box on that side of the bridge. You shouldn’t kill animals. Move on and deal with the new enemy group. Among them will be soldiers. Kill them, search the bodies. Go down and go right to find a box behind the tree at the end of the path. Go back and climb the stairs to meet Abigail. Talk with her on all topics. Using LMB, you can rewind dialogs.

Follow the blue marker and chat with the 73-Q drone. Press ESC and select the Upgrade menu. For this, you should search the boxes to unlock new improvements. Discover the ones you can. Now go up to the third floor by the nearest staircase. Julian will stop you. Talk with him. You will receive the side quest Collect enemy dogtags for Julian. At the top, there will be a holographic map on which you can choose story missions.

Josh Randall is marked a yellow marker at the base. Talk to him about different topics to get the side quest Retrieve the power core. If you want to complete this task, you must complete it before launching the first story mission!

Collect enemy dogtags for Julian (side quest)

After completing the first mission, you will have the necessary tokens. You can decide whether to give them to Julian or agree with Abigail.

Mission 1. Supply Run

Drive to your destination. You will find a very long trip on transport from the first marker. Red zones and falling rocks should be avoided. Destroy robots periodically. Markers will appear one after another. As soon as you get to the desired cave, the video starts.

Go left immediately to find the box. Follow to the first build. Outside and inside there are tablets with notes. Find such tablets and you will receive experience points. Also, be sure to follow the map and visit any branches leading to dead ends. There will certainly be containers with resources. In addition, you can even be distracted from the main route and explore individual areas.

When you reach the marker, you clear out the base while the 73-Q distracts all enemies. The most dangerous thing here is a stationary turret in the center. Follow further and in a new place you will need to clean the base with many robots. Hide in cover to restore health and armor points. All this is replenished automatically if you do not receive damage! Get to the new marker to move to another area.

The path is blocked the energy barrier. To disable it, you need to deactivate two generators. After deactivating each generator, flying drones will appear. And there are a lot of them! Bend down and hide behind the container near the generator. Try to shoot the nearest drones and look for pauses to restore HP and armor. A lot of ammo boxes are scattered around. Do not forget about the existence of a pistol, which also destroys enemies well. When you turn off the barrier, you clear out the base from opponents. Once everyone is dead, the video starts. To climb to the enemies on the structure in front, use the elevator inside the column. And then you will need to go back in transport. The path is not long, but very winding. Go around any obstacles. You can only shoot at flying drones, but not at soldiers.

Mission 2. Communications

To be continued…

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