Walkthrough Edna & Harvey: The Breakout - Anniversary Edition

Walkthrough Edna & Harvey: The Breakout – Anniversary Edition


Read the walkthrough of the game “Edna and Harvey: Brain Explosion.” The article is released for the recent release of the extended edition.


You appear in the hospital. Go to the only chair and carefully examine it. Find a weak leg and disconnect it. Now go to the table and hit it with the leg of the chair. Then look at the upholstery, go up to it and cut out a small piece with the help of a leg. During a conversation with the guard, ask him to turn on the air conditioner. After several unsuccessful attempts, tell him that his work is very important and start a conversation about mini-golf. Choose the answer option that talking about mini-golf made you sweat, after which the guard will turn on the air conditioner. As soon as this happens, come and examine it. You will see a small gap to which you can apply a leg from a chair. Now inspect the grate to see the fan. You need a screwdriver. Use Harvey on the screws to take you back to the past.

Past № 1. Basement

You appear in the basement of your hut. After the dialogue Harvey and Edna, you have to mark all the items that are in the basement. To do this, hover over an item and drag it to Edna. Take control of Edna again and equip the rake. Interact with the window with this item in your hands to open it. Now you need to manage Harvey. Ask Edna to plant Harvey so that he can get out.

Run to the back of the house, interact with the newspaper and take article № 2 from the issue. Return to Edna and tell about the find. To do this, drag the article onto Edna. Take control of Edna again and go to the locked door. Select a nail from your inventory and apply it to the screw. Edna easily unscrews the screws, after which you will be transported back to the present.


Now you know how to unscrew the screws without the help of a screwdriver. Go to the grate and repeat the trick to unscrew all the screws. It is not possible to get into the ventilation, because the fan is still working there. Return to the guard and ask him to turn off the air conditioner. If he refuses, then start talking about mini-golf again and try to bring him to emotions. When the air conditioner is turned off, return to ventilation, apply a chair leg to the fan and climb into the shaft. You need to get to Dr. Marcel’s office and listen to the dialogue, from which you will learn a lot. Through the slots in the grate, you can track the movements of the doctor and his assistant. As soon as they leave the room, apply a fingernail on the screws and leave the shaft.


Inspect the office for useful items. Here you can find a club, ballpoint pen and a dictionary on the fireplace. When the last one is in your inventory, do not rush to move away from the fireplace. Look at the records that say that Edna’s father is a murderer. Now go to the door for the guard to notice you. As soon as he tries to take Edna back to the ward, put a club on him. The guard falls dead. Get rid of the body: you need to hide it in a closet. Before you leave the office, do not forget to close the cabinet door!

Find a flower pot and smash it, then enter the door opposite the doctor’s office. In the room, find a window that you can interact with and open it. Return to the corridor again and go forward a little. Here, another guard will notice you again. Return to the room opposite the doctor’s office and climb into the already open window. Climb to the roof, find and break the antenna. Now inspect the roof to find the ventilation grate. Apply a nail to the grate and climb into the shaft. Leave the mine in the doctor’s office, return to the corridor and interact with the column on which the flower pot stood. Move the column to the pantry door and put the dictionary on it.

Find the stairs and go down to the lower floor. Now you need to find a guard who tells you that he drank too much water and really wants to use the toilet. This information is still useful to you. Follow the corridor forward and enter the unlocked room next to the toilet. Open one of the lockers, take a pack of cereal and search it to find a police badge. Leave the room, find the stairs and go down even lower. As soon as you are on the lower floor, Edna will be caught by a security guard and taken to the room where the insane are located.

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