Walkthrough Dreamscaper

Walkthrough Dreamscaper


Dreamscaper is a three-dimensional role-playing action in the spirit of Darksiders Genesis, in which the main character explores the world of dreams, fights monsters, upgrades weapons and armor, solves puzzles and kills huge bosses.

Dreamscaper Prologue

Currently, only a prologue with two chapters is available. The first chapter is divided into two parts, and to get the second one will have to pay out money. In this case, you unlock Supporter’s Edition. Our article will be updated as soon as the full version of the game is released.

Note. You can leave the apartment and visit several additional locations. Chat with characters, strengthen the heroine and so on.

Hometown – Part 1

Interact with the TV and perform the actions that the game speaks of. All the necessary keys will appear in the prompts on the screen. You can restart training at any time in the game: click on the pause and select the corresponding function.

So, briefly about management:

  • Movement – W, S, A, D.
  • Put the shield – RMB.
  • Activate both skills (look at the two round slots under the “watch” in the upper left corner of the screen) – Q and E.
  • Activate the main skill (time dilation) – TAB. Consumes a scale under a health bar.
  • Archery – SHIFT.

Some tips:

  1. The heroine attacks in the direction in which your cursor is (taking the form of a ring).
  2. Attacking almost all opponents, you stun them, that is, you do not allow hitting back.
  3. Do not forget to use all the skills. But the slowdown is desirable to postpone to the boss. That is, come to him with an already completed scale.

Let’s get started. You navigate through locations that are designated as rooms. At any time, you can open the map (key M) and move to where you have already been. There are several rooms of different types. One room may have an hourglass. Interact with them to get sand. Sand is an in-game currency that you can spend in one of the rooms of the level marked with a “trade tent”. It is recommended to visit the “tent” after you have studied all the other rooms in order to collect maximum sand.

There are also locations with a chest. Open it and you will see an improvement. If you already have such an item, then when interacting with it, a screen will open. There will be a new thing above, below – the old one. You have the right to decide whether to change the old to the new (F) or leave everything unchanged (ESC).

Enemies are divided into several types. Small opponents try to attack you. Just run up and hit them, not allowing it to be done. There are also turrets. Light balls appear above the turret – this is the number of shots. Dodge shots or put a shield. When all the shells are over, attack the turrets.

Also on the locations can be crystals. Blue crystals can be destroyed with conventional weapons, but brown ones have to be destroyed by bombs. To set the bomb, press the Z key. Also, some passages can be covered with brown crystals or locks. Or both. Detonate crystals, search the remaining locations and find the key. The key can be used to unlock any lock. Moreover, often such locks are hidden behind brown crystals of other locations. Less commonly, they drop out of enemies.

Finally, there are puzzle locations. So far, the game features a puzzle of one type – rotating plates. Your task is simple: make all the plates glow with a bright orange color. In this case, you are given the launch plates with orange. Connect them with neighboring ones so that they also begin to glow. The task is quite simple. For example, if there is a L-shaped plate in the corner, then it is clear that both sides should be directed to adjacent plates. There can be no plate that looks beyond the location. All lines in the puzzle are connected! The same goes for T-shaped tiles: if they are on the edge, then rotate it so that all three parts look at the puzzle field, and not beyond.

When you study all the locations, upgrade your character, you can go to the boss. I forgot to say: unnecessary healing potions can be dismantled on the sand. To do this, hold the F key.

How to kill a huge fish

At the beginning of the battle, a fish and several bombs will appear. Shoot the bombs near which the fish are swimming. Or run up to them so that they start to blink, and then go away. After the explosion, if the fish was nearby, it will be stunned. And this is the right moment to use time dilation (TAB key). Stop the time, attack the fish until it disappears. You will need to repeat the action until victory.

However, between the appearances of bombs, the fish can carry out special attacks:

  1. If you see a shadow before you, just run and dodge at the very last moment, when it will be small. Otherwise, the fish will catch the heroine in the mouth.
  2. If you see a fish jumping out of the water, wait and then dodge as it starts spinning, try to hit you with a blade.
  3. If the fish is somewhere in the corner, use a shield to block the beam or shells.

Hometown – Part 2

This is the complicated first level in which new enemies will appear. Small opponents will rotate and make jerks over long distances, magicians will appear, and turrets will start shooting with a large laser or several shells at once. Use the shield to put the block. At the end of the level you will find the same huge fish. Killing her will be a little harder.

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