Walkthrough Destroy All Humans!

Walkthrough Destroy All Humans!


A detailed walkthrough of an exciting shooter about alien invaders.

Mission 1

As soon as you first find yourself on earth, go up to the cow and use the Cortex Scan on the animal. Repeat for other cows. After a short video, the task will be updated. Pay attention to side quests, as you can get a good reward for them. Complete the following quests:

Next, a farmer will attack you. Use your device, or go close to the farmer, grab and drop it. After that, extract his brain.

Kill the Farmhands

Continue exploring the farm and kill people. Do not forget to extract the brain. Pay attention to your shield. If it is lit in red, then it is better to wait some time in the shelter, otherwise any hit can be fatal for you.

Kill Cops!

When you deal with farmers, a sheriff will appear on the location. Kill him, and to get an extra reward, look for the chicken and throw it several times at the farmer’s wife, who is standing not far from the sheriff’s car. Press the space bar twice to take off. When all earthlings are eliminated, return to the landing site and board the ship.

Annihilate The Military Threat

Already on board the flying saucer, you need to destroy the incoming forces of earthlings. This time, real soldiers are hunting you, not farmers with a sheriff. Exterminate all the military and complete the mission.


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