Walkthrough Desperados 3

Walkthrough Desperados 3

Read full walkthrough of the tactical western Desperados 3 in real time. Here you will learn how to get all the medals and complete each side quest!

Chapter 1. The Doctor and the Bride

Once Upon A Time

Follow your father. In the first missions you will be given tips. Look for rotating pages with a “question” right on the gaming locations. To pick up or interact with an item, hold down the CTRL key. The H key allows you to highlight all significant objects. Bend down. Right click on the enemy and see where he is looking. The area will be highlighted in green. If you find yourself in it, it will begin to fill with yellow. And if this color reaches you, then an alarm will be raised. Go around the enemy through the gate on the right or on the roof of the building on the left (there is a ladder). Remember to save on F5.

Distract the next enemy by dropping a coin (selection via the D key). Father will kill him, and you can move on. Press Shift to activate a pause. Throw a coin into the horse and exit the mode through Shift. Once the enemy is behind the horse, press Enter to complete the planned action. Father will kill the second.

Climb the vines and lower the ladder. Get to three enemies. Throw a coin to the right and follow to the left of them, to the stairs to climb the building. After doing this, jump onto the building on the right and wait for the father. Enemies just have to leave. Distract the distant enemy so that the father can deal with both. Link one of them via CTRL and follow the father. Climb the thickets on the left, throw a coin and pass the enemy. Climb to the roof of the building, get to the holding mechanism and drop the barrels on three enemies. Father will deal with the fourth. Go to the designated location to complete the mission.

Pay delay

If you want to collect all the badges, there are two options – familiarize yourself with the list below, or go through the mission and see what goals you need to complete to get them. Here are your tasks:

  • Save all the hostages. There are 5 groups (from one to three people). It is necessary to save everyone. Indicated in the passage below.
  • Kill three gangsters. When McCoy joins you, shoot two enemies at once from John’s revolvers, and kill the third with McCoy’s pistol.
  • Kill 10 enemies with explosives. At the end of the quest you will reach explosives. Throw it at opponents.

In addition to medals, you can get extra points for mini-goals. In this mission you need:

  • Throw a coin to distract 3 enemies.
  • Never saved.
  • Complete the mission without a firearm.
  • Quickly complete the mission in no more than five and a half minutes.
  • Complete the mission on high difficulty.

Kill or stun an enemy. In the first case, you need to use the knife on A, and in the second, select bare hands on Y (the same key is valid for all characters in the game). Any stunned enemy still needs to be tied (via CTRL). Next, finish off another enemy by throwing the knife through S. Then you need to pick up the knife (just stand next to the dead enemy, in which the knife is stuck). You can not deal with the rest of the enemies.

Go down to the hostages (1/5). Kill one enemy with a pistol, and then the second, who will come to the rescue. An alarm is only valid within this area. The rest of the enemies will not know about you. After that, move on and kill two enemies with a double shot. This is done through slow motion. A new hero will join you. Apparently, he belongs to the hostages. Learn his skills.

Kill the first enemies with your bag. Throw it in sight. The enemy will look inside and go blind, and you can quickly deal with him with a syringe or through Y in close combat (stun). Next will be the sentinel on top of the cliff. You can kill him from afar from the Colt McCoy or rise to him and stun John. Like Cooper’s father, McCoy does not like to climb the thickets, so he will have to throw off the stairs (where the shooter was). Deal with four opponents, choose the right moments.

Next will be the enemy in the poncho. Such opponents do not leave their seats during distraction, but only turn around. Go around him, throwing a coin, and kill him. Eliminate the second goal. Do you see a cave with a red bell? Enemies will run out of such places in case of raising an alarm.

Take the train further. Go down the screen to the cliff, and kill the seated enemy, and then the one that approaches him. Free the hostages on the left by killing another enemy. You will also have to deal with the enemy who carries the boxes. Then go up the screen from the train and kill the other enemy with hostage. Rise higher and throw down stones at enemies. Deal with the guard in the poncho when he comes to the horse (throw a coin).

Go even higher and John go around the location to find the enemy who is looking at the guard with a poncho. Kill him while attacking the second with McCoy. Get to Ann and deal with her before she can kill the hostage. You may have to shoot. Then drop dynamite, and then hide. Follow to the designated location to complete the mission.

Flagstone riots

Hector will now be with John. Deal with two enemies using a trap and a whistle. Defuse a healthy man. Only Hector can deal with him in close combat! The rest – only with the help of firearms. Then go out into the yard. You can eavesdrop on people talking on the streets (highlighted by a “question”). At the entrance to any “red” location for the purpose of demo will stop. We will write a sequel after the full version of the game comes out!

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