Walkthrough Death Stranding

Walkthrough Death Stranding


Death Stranding is a third-person open-world action game. The protagonist of the game is Sam. He is the last hope of mankind for rallying and survival.


Order 1

Watch the video, in which Sam loses his bike. The game will start learning. Take the package and follow the marker. Learn to balance and move.

Collect the cargo, go to the cave and wait out the deadly rain. After the video, follow the marker. You can go down the mountain and go to the other side of the river. Keep your balance so as don’t injure the protagonist or the load. Reach the desired place, climb over the wall and complete the prologue.

Episode 1 – Walkthrough Death Stranding

Order 2

This quest is taken in the eastern part of the map. So begins the first episode of the game. You need to deliver morphine to another department, to Madame President. The path will be short, but beware of walls that block the path. It is better to move along the main road through the city. There are no dangers.

Order 3

It is necessary to deliver the corpse of the president to the incinerator. It is not far from you. Unfortunately, the direct route is blocked by mountains. The corpse is the main problem when moving. You will have to constantly balance, trying to maintain balance. Go around the rivers and high mountains. Use ladders and ropes to climb high hills.

Walkthrough Death Stranding
Such mucus should be left as soon as possible.

When you overcome the mountain, and then move forward until you find the incinerator. After cremation, take the load and go back to the office. You will meet enemies on your way, but you cannot fight them. Move slowly, go around the radar. If you find opponents, then just run away from them. From this moment you can climb mountains, jump, which will reduce travel time. After completing the task, you will finish the first episode of the game. Now you have access to Bridge Baby.

Episode 2 – Walkthrough Death Stranding

Order 4

A direct route to the destination runs through the mountains. Therefore, you need to bring along a ladder and anchors. You can also get in the rain. Ideally, you should wait in a safe place. For example, you can hide in a small cave. When the weather improves, get to your destination.

Order 5

In this case, you will move through the enemy zone. Watch your breath, move slowly so that you are not noticed. If detected, run. Deliver the goods and take on a new task.

Order 6

Reward: boots.

It is a simple mission. Follow the marker and build the structure. From this moment you can use this building whenever you want.

Order 7

And again you need to move through the enemy zone. Open the mailbox upon arrival and return to the station. To find the device, hide from enemies or distract them with something.

Order 8

Reward: chiral crystals.

In this task, you will learn about the extraction of resources important for passing the game. Move to the marked place and collect the crystal. Go to the headquarters and dispose of the resource to complete the quest.

Order 9

Reward: new member of the team.

Go to the wind farm, where you need to launch the probe. During the trip, you will walk through the mountains, where opponents are hiding. Take a minimum of objects with you, hide from enemies. When you reach a new place, take the next order.

Order 10

It is the simple and short task. Take two packages and deliver the goods to the device. Start the construction of the bridge so that you can get to the other side of the river. It is better to complete this task until the ninth order.

Order 11

Move to the base you visited earlier. Back to where you came from. The only problem is maintaining balance. There is a heavy load on Sam’s back. Therefore, avoid moving through the hills. Do not rush, move smoothly.

Order 12

You need to go to the enemy camp and steal documents from there. There will be many enemies on the way. Use grenades to defeat them. So you get to a safe place.

Order 13

Reward: cap.

The next task related to the delivery of goods to the next base. However, there are two conditions:

  • you have 30 minutes to complete the task;
  • paper cannot be wet.

However, do not worry too much about the time limit. If you do not stop to enjoy the scenery, the task can be completed in 10 minutes.

Walkthrough Death Stranding
Cap for Sam

Order 14

And again, you need to deliver the package to a new place, which is much further than the rest. The path will be long. Take stairs and anchors with you. Before you go to the specified location for this order, complete all tasks in the current territory.

Order 15

Reward: grenades.

In this mission, you need to move through enemy territory by throwing grenades at ghosts. So you will receive new resources. Another plus is that you learn to fight the dead.

Order 16

This task will begin immediately after you leave the port where you took order No. 14. Your task is to defeat the enemy. Move on various ledges and throw grenades at the opponent. Here you can find new grenades. By the way, they are your only weapon.

Episode 3 – Walkthrough Death Stranding

Order 17

After the beginning of the third chapter, you will automatically receive order No. 18. Thus, this mission is your way to the ship.

Order 18

Reward: ceramics.

You need to transfer the load from the boat. The task is short; there will be no enemies or obstacles.

Order 19

Reward: smoke grenades and exoskeleton.

This quest will begin after you reach the lake. Need to deliver a large load to a building nearby. Complete the task to get the first exoskeleton. For its operation, batteries are needed that can be charged using generators. The exoskeleton itself increases the carrying capacity. It will also make it easier to maintain balance.

Order 20

You will receive the task after completion of order No. 18. Deliver the goods to a new location.

Order 21

To complete this task, you need to go through the territory of the enemy. Move quietly, but if you find, then just run. Otherwise, you can lose the load.

Order 22

Reward: weapons.

The task is issued after the previous one. Need to return, and then deliver the parcel. Go to a new place, pick up the cargo and return to the client. For this you get gun like a stun gun.

Walkthrough Death Stranding
Weapons for Sam

Order 23

Reward: motorcycle.

After completing the previous quest, you will receive the current task. It is necessary to transport cargo from another location. Since these will be heavy shipments, try to go around mountains and rivers, which can complicate the movement and lead to damage to goods or loss of time.

As a reward for completing the quest, you will receive a motorcycle. It can be used to travel around the game world, but there are two problems:

  • The motorcycle has a discharged battery that requires recharging;
  • The motorcycle may become stuck on an uneven surface.

Order 24

Reward: new shoes.

This task is connected with the delivery of goods to a new location. You can use a motorcycle to speed up the movement. However, at some point you will have to leave the motorcycle, because the road is not suitable for such movement. After delivery, a new location will be available. You will be able to relax, check equipment and restore strength.

Order 25

In this quest you need to reconstruct the roads. To do this, bring the materials. Do not forget about the motorcycle. Load the raw materials onto the back of the hero and move to the right place. Stop next to the mechanism and load materials. Build a road, after which you will be able to move freely on it. This will simplify the following tasks.

Order 26

You have to deliver pizza. There’s 30 minutes for everything, and you can only transfer pizza in a horizontal position.

Order 27

You need to deliver the goods to a new place. As a reward you will receive a special flying board on which you can move around or carry packages.

Order 28

Reward: scanner.

In this task, you need to transfer wheat. It’s best to use a floating board. You will have to move through enemy territory along the way. Leave the load nearby, defeat the enemies and continue driving. You can fight with bandits using weapons or hand-to-hand combat.

Order 29

Now you need to move the materials to the specified location. Here you will learn how to create shelter. Install the shelter using a special gadget.

Order 30

You have 45 minutes to complete the mission. The easiest delivery method is to go on a motorcycle. There are two routes leading to the dealer – safe and long, short and terribly difficult. If you choose a short path, you will have to jump through the canyon. This can only be done on a motorcycle. After this quest you will receive order No. 32.

Order 31

Reward: sunglasses.

During this quest you need to get to a new place. Since the terrain here is uneven, it is best to walk. The motorcycle will periodically stop and get stuck on uneven sections of the track.

Order 32

Reward: new exoskeleton.

Your task is to deliver several components to another location. The route will not be too long, but extends through enemy territory. Go around the opponents so as not to lose the package. As a reward, you will be given an exoskeleton focused on Sam’s acceleration.

Order 33

Reward: new weapon.

You need to transport the hourglass to the next place. The area has many potholes, so go there on foot, without a motorcycle. After completing the mission, you will receive a new weapon that will allow you to fight ghosts.

Order 34

Reward: bomb.

Pay special attention to the load, as you will carry on the back of a living person. The most suitable way to complete the quest is to focus on the woman and safely transport her to any man. No one should attack you!

Walkthrough Death Stranding
Transporting a woman

Order 35

Reward: car.

In this mission you need to return to the center in the south of the city. Jump over the gorge or go around the abyss along a long route. As a reward you will get car.

Order 36

Reward: new weapons and improved motorcycle.

Get to enemy territory and steal weapons (six pieces). To do this, kill the enemies and raise their own weapons. Go to the center in the south of the city to surrender your weapons. As a reward you will be given a new motorcycle. It has an improved battery that will last much longer. The speed of movement itself is also higher.

Order 37

This task is to transport the package to a new location. This quest is not required to complete the game. You can skip and continue the plot.

Order 38

Reward: new weapons and grenades.

This quest completes the third episode. If you have not completed previous missions, then complete them before proceeding to order 38. You have 30 minutes to deliver the goods. Go to the lake, get the bomb and drop it down. After completing the task, return to the city, which will lead to the end of the third episode.

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