Walkthrough Death Park 2 - Game Guide

Walkthrough Death Park 2 – Game Guide


Fight monsters, solve puzzles and uncover Farland’s secret and the clown’s origins in this sci-fi horror game!

At the beginning of the passage, the main character wakes up in his room due to terrible screams from his sister’s bedroom. You should find out if everything is okay with the girl. Go out into the corridor, but we cannot go into Lily’s room, because it is locked from the inside.

Go forward along the corridor and go into the parental bedroom. Find a note from the mother on the bed, which says that she was called to work. Also learn from the note that our hero’s name is Charlie.

There is a safe in the room, on which there is a photograph of the children with the date. 11/12/89 – This date is the combination from the safe. Open it and take out the revolver from the safe. At this moment, a red ball will fly into the room. Touch it to go into the world of dreams.

You will see that the house, in the world of dreams, has almost completely changed. Weapons are inaccessible to us, in this world, but now another passage to Lily’s room has opened. Go there and see a clown. He tells us that he has stolen her mind, and she won’t last long without medicine. And most importantly, the clown tells us that the less strength Lily has, the sooner he can get into this world.

Open the latch, return to our room and touch the ball again to return to reality. Now we can enter our sister’s room, but we still cannot wake her up. We are trying to find the door leading to the street. Find a note from the father on the door. From it, we learn that the city is invaded by some creatures.

Go down to the hall, try to open the door and again see a red ball. But first go to the kitchen and pick up a flashlight on the table in the corner. And after that we are transferred to the world of dreams. Now can go to the room opposite the kitchen. This is the basement into which go down and light our way with a flashlight.

In the basement, find several cartridges, a first aid kit and a hex key. Go upstairs and rest against the ventilation grill. Using the found key, open the ventilation grill. Also, in the world of dreams, you see a picture with a “broken” image. You need to restore it to get a digital combination.

Walkthrough Death Park 2 - Game Guide
Walkthrough Death Park 2 – Game Guide

After that, we return to reality. There is a safe in the lobby. The password is 9156. Open the safe and take from it the key from the front door. After that, go down to the basement again and exit through its second exit. At this moment, a clown comes out from behind one of the doors and lets in a bunch of simple red balls into the hall.

You need to find the ball that will bring us back to reality. In parallel with this, we must not fall into the hands of the clown. In our walkthrough, the desired ball was in the kitchen, near the wall, opposite the refrigerator. Now we can go outside, for we have the key to the front door.

We are writing continuation to the game right now…

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