Walkthrough Dave the Diver (2023)
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Walkthrough Dave the Diver (2023)



The game will start with a cinematic showing Dave getting a call from Cobra. After that, you will find yourself in the boat. You will spend a lot of your time here, since is the place you need to go to start diving. Speaking of diving, get into the water. Approach the end of the boat and hold SPACEBAR to jump.

Once in the water, you will be introduced to the basic controllers for the game. Swim towards the marker right in front of you using the WASD keys.

To swim faster, hold down the LSHIFT key. Keep in mind that swimming at a faster pace significantly increases your oxygen consumption. While swimming faster can be useful for evading aggressive fishes, it’s crucial to manage your oxygen level carefully to ensure your survival.

Once you’ve reached the marker, it’s time to utilize your Dive Knife. To use the Dive Knife, simply left-click, and Dave will perform an auto-attack with it. Although Cobra suggests using it on a fish, it is not necessary for this particular task. Instead, perform the auto-attack three times, and you’ll jump to the next task.

Time to use the Harpoon. To aim, press the right click and move the cursor to your desired target. Once you have aimed, press the left click to release the Harpoon.” Get 3 fish using the harpoon and you’ll be sent back to the boat.

When using the harpoon, you can catch fish with just one hit. However, as you advance in the game, you’ll encounter fish with higher hit points. If the fish’s HP exceeds the damage output of your harpoon, you may need to hit them multiple times. In some cases, you might even encounter a Quick Time Event (QTE). During a QTE, you’ll need to press the space bar multiple times to reach the green part and maintain it there until the event is over.

Cobra will tell you about your role in the Sushi bar and give you the chance to accept or decline. Your choice here won’t really matter, you will be working whether you accept or decline. Approach the left side of the boat and choose the Sushi option to go to the bar.

Once in the bar, you will meet Bancho, the chef. An earthquake will take place and you will be back on the boat.

Repair Bancho Sushi

You need to make 100 Gold. This quest it’s linked to the quest below, where you will need to catch fish in order to prepare dishes to sell in the bar.

Prepare Sushi Ingredients

You need to catch 7 fish. Get into the water and look for 7 fish. You shouldn’t have any problem with that since the Blue Hole is filled with them. It is important to say that every time that you get into the water, a time slot is consumed, so you should make the best out of every dive. That means gathering as many fish, ingredients, and materials as you can, keeping in mind that oxygen and weight are limited. In addition to catching the 7 fish, try to fill up your weight capacity before heading out. You can roam around freely and explore your surroundings, however, if you go deeper than 40 meters your oxygen will start to deplete faster. You monitor your current depth and weight on the display right next to the oxygen. You can discard items in your inventory by pressing the ESCAPE button and selecting items to discard.

Once you’ve reviewed the Dive Log, the next step is to transfer the fish to your Fish Tank. This action allows the fish to become accessible at the Bar, where they can be used as ingredients to create sushi. Once you are done with that, head towards the Sushi Bar.

For now, you can only dive once in the morning and once in the afternoon, the rest of the day will be spent in the Sushi Bar.

At this point, Bancho will tell you that you will need to work in the Bar and give you instructions. Click on the Ingredients icon on the bottom part of the screen or press 4 to access the ingredients screen. This screen is a summary of the ingredients you have available at the moment.

Click on the Menu Icon or press 1 to access the Menu. To register a new recipe, select any empty slot and press SPACEBAR to add a recipe. You will be directed to a new screen, where you will find all of the available recipes that you can prepare with your current ingredients. Add as many recipes as you can and ingredients as you can and close the window.

Every recipe has different characteristics and different princes. You can increase these by Enhancing the recipes. Enhancing will consume ingredients, so make sure to have enough to sell before you start enhancing.

Next, you’ll have to pour Cobra some Green Tea. You will notice a cup of tea on top of him. This will be the indicator that your customers want Green Tea. Approach them, press SPACEBAR and a mini-game will pop up. You need to press S to start pouring. Fill the with just the right amount, indicated by the green triangle on the right side of the cup. You can go a little over or under the line but don’t overdo it. If you do it correctly, the customer will pay more for a dish.

Right after, Bancho will start cooking a dish. You can check the progress and the dish that Bancho is cooking on top of his head. When the yellow bar is completed, the dish will be ready. You need to go to Bancho, press SPACEBAR to pick up the dish and go to your customer to deliver it pressing SPACEBAR again. You will see what recipe each customer wants on top of their heads.

Sometimes, customers will grow tired of waiting and leave before you can get the dish to them. If you already have a dish in your hand and there are no customers who want it, discard it by holding Q. When a customer is getting tired of waiting, a red bar will start showing on top of their heads. Try to prioritize customers who have been waiting longer.

Press and hold E to open the bar. Customers will start to go in and you’ll need to implement what you have learned. As a personal recommendation, if you are waiting for Bancho to finish cooking something, you should be right next to him in order to grab the dish as fast as possible. This will save you some precious time and may avoid some customers from leaving without eating and paying. This advice is key especially when you are working on the bar by yourself.

You can dash through the restaurant if you press and hold LSHIFT. Make sure to not deplete your stamina or you will move slower for a couple of seconds.

When every customer leaves, you will get a balance on how much money you make at the Bar and what dishes you sell the most. After a brief conversation with Bancho and a cutscene, the day will end.

Side Mission: Red Ecological Data

  • Requirements: 2 Agar(0-50m) / 2 Red Starfish(0-130m)
  • Rewards: 70 Gold / x5 Olive Oil / x5 Soy Sauce

You will be on the boat again, where you will receive a call from Ellie. She will ask you to gather 2 pieces of Agar and 2 Red Starfish. At this point, you will also unlock the Smartphone, which is basically the game Menu. The smartphone has multiple functions and they will all be explained in our specific Smartphone Guide. For now, you can check your missions in the To-Do app.

Time to dive. Your only specific goal is to make 100 gold if you haven’t on your previous day at the bar. You can spend your time looking for fish to sell and exploring the Blue Hole. However, we highly recommend gathering the things that Ellie asked for. Get back to the boat whenever you are ready. You should make the most out of every dive, so try not to come back to the surface before you have explored as much as possible and caught as many fish as you can with your limited weight capacity.

Whenever there is a quest-related item on your screen, it will be shown with a marker on top of them, so don’t worry too much about identifying them beforehand.

Once you get to the surface, and if you gathered what Ellie wanted. You will collect your reward and complete the side mission and the main mission if you haven’t before. Cobra will introduce you to Duff, the Weaponsmith. Weapon crafting and upgrading will be described on our specific Weapons Guide page.

Weaponsmith Duff

Time to get into the water again. This time you need to look for 1 Rope and 1 Scrap Iron. If you took your time to explore the Blue Hole in past dives, these items shouldn’t present any problem. They are scattered throughout the entire sea, so go and find them, pick them up, and go back to the surface once you are done with your dive session.

Once on the boat, Duff will teach you to create a Basic Underwater Rifle, your first weapon. You will also get the Duff’s Weapon Shop app on your Smartphone. Here you can craft and upgrade weapons. Press CRAFT on the Basic Underwater Rifle.

Go back to the bar and start the process all over again. Put recipes on the menu and serve your customers their food. Make sure to enhance your recipes while leaving some ingredients to serve on that day.

At the beginning of the next day, Dr. Bacon will come to meet you. He will tell you a story about the Sea People. He will also give you the first gear upgrade for free. Check your Smartphone and click on the iDiver app. Upgrade your Diving Suit and the Prologue will end.

The iDiver app is where you will find the upgrades to your gear. You can upgrade your Air Tank, Diving suit, Cargo Box, and Harpoon Gun for now. More upgrades will come as you advance in the game. The first upgrade on your Diving Suit will be free, allowing you to go as far as 80m deep without having extra oxygen consumption. All the Gear upgrades and their cost will be listed on our Gear Upgrades page.

Chapter 1

Tracking the Sea People

You will start the chapter by having to find the Sea People Artifact. As the mission says, it should be somewhere around 70 meters deep. It is important to note that the map will change a lot on your dives, so it’s impossible for us to tell you the exact point where you will find it. But knowing that it is at 70m deep is a start.

Get into the water and start looking for it while exploring and gathering ingredients and fish. The artifact is marked with a yellow exclamation point, so it should be easy to distinguish it from other items on the map. Once you have found it, a brief cutscene will show you a giant eye behind you. Finish your diving session and go back to the boat whenever you are ready.

Dr. Bacon will be there and he will grant you some rewards for completing the mission.

Rewards: Gold 300 / x5 Olive Oil / x5 Turmeric

Immediately after, Cobra will take you to the bar. He will teach you how to change the bar interiors and after a brief conversation, you will unlock the Cooksta App.

The Cooksta App works as a social media account for your restaurant. You will increase your ratings by getting likes from customers. Increasing ratings will unlock more Menu slots and give you different rewards. Always check your conditions to rank up. A more detailed guide on the Cooksta App will be available on our Smartphone Guide Page.

You could skip the rest of the day, but if you go back to diving, a new side mission will be available, so we highly recommend you do it.

Side Mission: A Dolphin’s Request

As soon as you get back into the water, a dolphin will approach you. Follow him for a while and you will find a pink dolphin trapped inside a fisherman’s net. Don’t worry if the dolphin swims faster than you, once he gets out of your screen, a marker will appear telling you the direction the dolphin went.

Once you have found the trapped pink dolphin, get close to the net and press and hold SPACEBAR to cut the net. As the two dolphins go away, they will leave behind a pink gem for you to pick up. This gem can be sold later, so make sure to get it.

After finishing the mission, finish your dive session and go back to the boat.

Not Enough Workers

As soon as you get to the boat, a new side mission will be activated. Go to the bar and you will meet Yoshie, your first Special Customer. After your interaction with her, you will have a new mechanic unlocked. Research will allow you to learn new recipes consuming Artisan’s Flame. Artisan’s flame can be obtained after every night at the Sushi Bar. The better the night is, the more Artisan’s flame you will collect. There is a maximum of 5 Artisan’s flame per night. Press 2 or click the Research button on the bottom of the screen and learn the Whole-Roasted Shark Head recipe.

You might not be able to fulfill Yoshie’s requirement on your first night since you might don’t have the ingredients. But don’t worry too much about it, she will be there the next day. Prepare your dishes on the menu and go on your night as usual.

Special Customers will ask for special dishes. In most cases, you will have to gather specific ingredients and learn specific dishes in order to give them what they want. Once you have done that, they will play a useful role in the game. We will list Special Customers in our walkthrough as they appear.

Side Mission: A Scolding from Yoshie

Your goal is to serve a Whole-Roasted Shark Head to Yoshie. In order to do that, you’ll have to find a shark’s head and Olive Oil. Previous missions gave you Olive Oil, so you should have that already, if not, look for it in the Blue Hole. As for the shark’s head. You need to go into the Blue Hole and kill a shark.

The first shark you may encounter is a Whitetip Reefshark(0-50m)Killing the shark may be a challenge, so we highly recommend upgrading your harpoon or using a weapon. Upgrading your Oxygen Tank may be useful too since aggressive fish will decrease your oxygen level whenever they hit you. The picture below will show you a shark that we found at the far right part of the Blue Hole. Since the shark is a bigger type of fish, you will need to approach its body once you killed it and press and hold SPACEBAR to gather the meat.

Once you gathered the ingredients, wait for the time to open the bar and add the Whole-Roasted Shark Head to the menu. Yoshie will come into the bar and eat it. Since it is a normal night at the bar, don’t forget to also add other recipes for the rest of the customers.


Once Yoshie eats, she will unlock a new mechanic for the bar, the possibility to hire Employees. You first need to put in a Hiring Notice to find new employees. Press 3 or click the Staff icon at the bottom of your screen. Press LCONTROL to post a Hiring Notice. There are 3 different types of hiring notices, but use the Flyer Ad for now. Recruiting takes time, so check on the results the next day. Once the day has passed, the Employee will be available to put to work in the bar,

Employees will make your life easier at the bar. You might not feel the need for them right now, but as the bar grows and more customers come, you will most definitely need them in order to keep things running smoothly. Employees can help you cook faster or serve food faster. Employees will be further explained in our Employees Guide.

Signal from the Sea People

As the day begins in your boat, Dr. Bacon will appear and give you a radar. The radar will point you a direction that you will need to follow. Once you get near the place, a brief cutscene will show Dr. Bacon telling you to go back to the boat. The place is most likely below 80m deep. If you haven’t upgraded your diving suit that might be too deep for you to keep exploring. However, you will only need to spend a few seconds there and there is an oxygen capsule to the left if you need it.

Where the Currents Flow

As soon as you get back to the boat your mission will update. You will also meet Sato, who will tell you about a new app for your Smartphone, MarinCa.

MarinCa works as a log for all the fish that you have caught already. Every time you find a new type of fish, it will add a card to the app. This way you can check how many fishes you have left to discover in certain areas. Sato will sometimes give you missions to go and find certain special fishes around the Blue Hole.

Your goal now is to collect 3 pieces of equipment for Cobra. Start diving and look for an area where you can see strong currents. We found it at 64m and around the middle area of the map. The items that you need to pick up are marked with an exclamation point. You will be able to distinguish the currents by watching at the bubbles. If you are diving next to a current. You will be propelled in the way that the current flows. This may take you far from the items, so your goal here is to use the timing where the current stops flowing to collect the items. More than often, currents will lead you to spikes, if you hit those spikes you will lose some oxygen, so be careful.

All 3 items should be pretty much nearby, the current will lead you to them. Once you pick them up, go back to the boat. There is nothing left to do on this day, so go back to the bar and work there.

Rewards: Gold 500 / x5 Soy Sauce / x5 Salt.

Beyond the Rock Pile

Dr. Bacon will come and have a conversation with you and Cobra. Cobra will also tell you about the Cobra Shop.

The Cobra Shop will be available only during the day. You can buy certain auxiliary items to give you a boost on your diving sessions. You can also sell some items that you find in the Blue Hole to get more money for upgrades. Items in the Cobra Shop will be displayed in our Cobra Shop guide.

You have to go into the Blue Hole and head back to the place where the radar is leading you to. Once you have found the place. You’ll need to set the explosive charge on the rocks blocking the entrance and move away.

Once the charge detonates. Go inside the new area. You need to inspect 3 different places, they will be marked with a magnifying glass. Get close and press SPACEBAR to interact with them. After that, Dr. Bacon will ask you to take a photo of the mural in the background.

Taking photos is a simple mechanic, every time you CAN take a photo, a camera icon will appear. Approach and press SPACEBAR to begin. You can adjust the zoom by pressing Z or X and check the goals for the picture on the top left side of the screen. Press and hold SPACEBAR to start taking the photo, release it when the cross in the middle turns green, and you’ll be all done.

After taking the picture, go to the bottom right part of the room and pick up the artifact there. Leave the place and go back to the boat when you are ready. Dr. Bacon will take the artifact and you will meet John Watson and the Sea Blue group.

If you finished all the side missions on the same dive, there will be nothing else for you to do the rest of the day except diving again and gathering more ingredients for the bar. You can check missions on the Ecowatcher(explained below) to complete while you are there.

Side Mission: Assisting Ellie

Requirements: x3 Blue Shell(0-50m) / x3 Browm Shell(0-50m).

Simple enough, Ellie will ask you to gather 3 blue shells and 3 brown shells. When you go back to the boat with the things that Ellie asked for, she will unlock the Ecowatcher app.

Ecowatcher will give you several different ecological missions. These missions mostly consist of gathering different things from the Blue Hole or killing certain types of fish. Each time you complete a mission you will be rewarded with Research Points. Accumulate Research Points to unlock different rewards. Missions and Rewards will be listed on our Ecowatcher Guide page.

Side Mission: What Happened to the Dolphins?

As soon as you head into the water, a dolphin will approach you and signal you to follow him. Do it and you’ll find the pink dolphin trapped in a net again, but this time you’ll need to work fast to free it. You need to approach the rope and start using your knife to cut it. It will take several hits so be fast and pirates will be shooting at you from the boat.

A little trick that you can try here: Pirates will shoot from the left and from the right, first in turns and then at the same time. If you can put the rope in between you and the pirate shooting, the bullets that are meant for you will hit the rope and help you cut it.

Once you have managed to free the dolphin, they will give you a Large Gold Bar as a reward. You can sell it in the Cobra Shop.

VIP Mission: Gourmet Vincent’s Challenge

Requirements: ALIVE White Spotted Jellyfish(50-130m) / Seagrape /x1 Salt

When you head back to the bar. You will get your first VIP mission. You’ll need to collect the ingredients Bancho asked you for in the next 2 days. You need to take the White Spotted Jellyfish ALIVE. So having a net gun or a tranquilizer gun will come in very handy.

Head to the Limestone Cave, its normally in the middle part of the Blue Hole, at around 100m deep. You’ll find the Jellyfish and the Seagrape in there. As for the salt, you should already have it from previous missions, if you don’t, look for it in the sea or complete The Leahs-chan Rescue mission before going back to the bar.

Duff’s Pink Delivery

Dr. Bacon will visit you at the beginning of the day and give you the Sea People Bracelet. The bracelet allows you to survive for a little while after running out of oxygen. After your conversation with him, you’ll need to use the Smartphone to call Duff.

Duff will ask you to retrieve a package for him. You need to reach the Delivery Shipwreck. You’ll find it to the left side of the map, at approximately 100m. Once you approach, a big tentacle will take the package before you can grab it. You’ll need to get back to the boat, but make sure to finish your diving session before. It will probably be a good idea to grab the ingredients for the VIP mission now.

The Leahs-chan Rescue

Duff will give you a tool to get into the ship, so go back down there and interact with it. A big fight will take place, so come prepared with a weapon. Once you get in there and complete your mission, you will be automatically sent back to the boat, so you should go ahead and explore beforehand.

To get inside the ship, you’ll need to interact with the top part of it and start cutting with the tool that Duff gave you. To successfully cut your way in, you’ll need to power up the tool and follow the green circle moving along the cutting surface while holding your click. The circle may change its speed during the process. Once you are done, get into the new area.

Go down and right. You’ll notice some oxygen capsules, ammo, and weapons along the way. You might need them in the fight to come so keep them in mind. There is a Giant Squid really close to the box that you need to pick up. It will awaken once you get near.

Defeat the Giant Squid

The Giant Squid is your first Boss Fight. We will show you the attack mechanics of the bosses and tell you exactly how to defeat them with detailed images.

The Giant Squid will first use his ink to send you back, similar to the currents. As you try to get back close to him, tentacles will start popping out of the rocks. You can tell where a tentacle will come from if you pay close attention, some dirt will move on the edges and a tentacle will appear a second later, as shown on the first image. All the places where a tentacle can come from and their length are shown in the second image.

You need to get close enough to the Giant Squid to be able to shoot him in the eye. Don’t waste ammo after your first shot, the squid will squint and you won’t be able to hit him. He will send you back with his ink. Get close avoiding the tentacles and shoot him again.

After you hit for a second time. The squid will start to protect his eye with a tentacle. He will use that same tentacle to hit you if you are close enough. Doing this will leave the eye exposed for a few seconds, you need to hit him in that little window.

Repeat the process until you successfully defeat the Squid. If you run low on ammo or oxygen, go back and make use of the boxes behind you. A tentacle will hit for approximately 15 oxygen.Once you are done with the Giant Squid, you’ll need to harvest his tentacle and retrieve the box. You will be sent back to the boat automatically.

Rewards: 500 Gold / x5 Black Vinegar / x5 Salt.

Giant Squid Dish

Once back on the boat, you need to use the Smartphone to call Bancho. You’ll be sent to the bar immediately after and after a brief cutscene, you will need to speak once with everyone in there and grab the beer after. The day and the chapter will both end here.

Chapter 2

Going Deeper

As a new day starts, Dr. Bacon will appear and give you the necessary equipment to go even deeper in your diving sessions. This is a good time to upgrade your diving suit as well, just to be safe. As soon as you hit the water, a fight will take place. Make sure to bring a weapon with you.

Immediately after you jump in the water, John Watson will confront you and you’ll be forced to fight him. His main weapon is a grenade launcher. You can evade his attacks if you move while he aims, other than that, he has a short-range charge that should be easily avoidable as well. Both of his attacks will hit for around 20 oxygen.

Once you defeat him, he will open up a passage on the floor. You need to use that passage to go down that way and follow the radar signal. The place you are looking for is at approximately 170m and all the way to the right. You’ll know you’re in the right direction once you enter the Blue Hole Depths.

The exact spot may be a little bit tricky to find. Once you entered the Blue Hole Depths, keep going down and you should spot a yellow box next to an Escape Pod. You will find a UV Light in the box. Go a little bit left and then down. There will be some Tubeworms. Use your UV light to move them out of the way and go down there.

While you are in the area, go right from the Escape Pod. You’ll find another yellow box there. This one contains a Pickaxe. Pickaxes are needed to farm higher-level minerals. You’ll see an Amethyst Crystal as well. Get at least one ore, you will need it soon.

After crossing the Tubeworms, you will reach your objective and find 2 Sea People in that small area. You won’t be able to communicate with them. Return to the boat when ready.

  • Rewards: Gold 500 / x5 Olive Oil / x5 Black Pepper.

Sea People Language Translator

Once you go back to the boat, you will brief Dr. Bacon about the situation and he will give you new instructions. You will also meet Udo. He will unlock Photo Spots.

From now on, you will find several Photo Spots on the Blue Hole. They will be marked with a camera icon. Taking pictures on these spots will grant you rewards in gold. We will show you all the camera spots in our walkthrough pages as they appear in the game.

It’s time to gather the items that Dr. Bacon needs. You might already have the Amethyst. If not, go back close to where you found the Sea people, before crossing the Tubeworms, all the way to the right. You’ll find the microphone in the ship wreckage area where you fought against the Giant Squid and the Sea People Stone Tablet inside the chamber that you opened up using explosives. Once you have found all the items needed, go back to the boat. Dr. Bacon will be there, he will ask you to wait until the next day. Go and work on the bar to finish your day.

There is one side mission that you can complete and it will be explained below. We highly recommend you get it done on this dive. It is a short and simple mission so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Side Mission: Investigate the Strange Coral

We recommend you start your dive on the left. Go down at approximately 65m and you’ll find yourself in an area similar to the one shown in the image below. Approach the strange coral and an Octopus will appear.

Follow the Octopus all the way to the left. You’ll need to use the Gas cutter to keep following the Octopus inside a new area. You won’t be able to catch him, but inside that new area, you will find an artifact. Pick it up and the mission will be over.

Speak with the Sea People

At the beginning of the next day, Dr. Bacon will give you the item needed to communicate with the Sea People. Duff will call you and introduce you to Weapons Enhancement.

You can enhance weapons to have a higher damage output or even get different effects. Every possible enhancement will be explained in our Weapons Guide.

Time to go down and meet the Sea People in the same spot where you found them before. As soon as you start diving, a new mission involving the dolphins will appear. You only need to defeat the pirates trying to catch them. Your reward will be a new bracelet.

Follow the radar signal and talk to Suwan, from the Sea People. He will ask you to gather 2 different ingredients and prepare a dish to help Ramo. An easy way to find both Feather Coral and Lily Coral is to go up and exit the little area where both Sea People are and go left. Cross the Tubeworms in that tunnel and go left again. You’ll find the Feather Coral first and the Lily Coral after. There is a photo opportunity nearby, read about it below. Once you found both ingredients, go back to the boat and then to the bar. You need to ask Bancho to prepare a dish for Ramo.

Photo Opportunity

Right next to where you’ll find the Lily Coral you will find a Camera Icon, telling you that there’s an opportunity for a photo there. Your goal is to photograph at least one Opah, but ideally, you want to photograph two of them. Zoom out as much as you can and wait for the right moment to shoot.

  • Rewards: Gold 150 / Bonus gold 50

Treat Ramo

Go to the bar, talk to Bancho and he will prepare the dish for you. Go back once again to where Suwan and Ramo are. For this next part, you’ll go as deep as 240m, so it’s a good idea to prepare your diving suit accordingly. She will eat the dish and regain some strength. You now need to carry her and follow Suwan. For this next part, you won’t need to use the UV Light to move Tubeworms away, although carrying Ramo will come with some risks. If you get attacked by anything on your way, Ramo will take damage, if her HP bar depletes, the mission will fail and you will start from this exact point.

Follow Suwan marker and he will take you through the Tubeworm tunnel. Once you cross that part, you might lose the marker. You need to go straight down. You will know you’re in the right direction if a brief cutscene shows everything trembling around you. Be extremely careful now, right below you there is a big aggressive Megamouth Shark. Make sure to leave Ramo away from the fight while you kill it. The spot marked with a diamond in the image below should be safe enough. Make sure to fight the shark moving away from Ramo.

Continue following Suwon to the right. Once you start going down again you’ll find jellyfish in your way. This particular type of jellyfish follows you and explodes when it’s close enough. Make sure to leave Ramo out of harm’s way while dealing with them. After killing the jellyfish, you will encounter a new and rare type of fish, Rhinochimaeridae. The fish won’t attack you if you leave it alone, but if you want to kill it, it will charge toward you, so be careful.

Go full left now, you’ll find more Tubeworms, that’s the way you need to go. At the end of the Tubeworms, you will find yet another red jellyfish. You can leave Ramo standing next to the Tubeworms and they will not re-appear, it will be easier to deal with the jellyfish that way.

Keep going and you’ll find Suwon’s marker again. Follow it until you find your path blocked with rocks. It’s time for you to return to the boat. Make sure to finish your diving session exploring nearby and use the Escape Pod right next to you. We highly recommend getting the following ingredients: White Trevally x3, Kelp x1, and Soy Sauce x1. You will need it when you get back to the bar. The equipment you need to complete this mission will be ready the next Day.

Special Customer Mission: A Noisy Customer

As soon as you get to the boat, Bancho will call you to tell you about a noisy customer at the bar. Go to the bar and talk to the man in the hat. He will ask you to prepare a special dish for him. This recipe will require a special fish only found at night. You can dive at nighttime from now on, but you will consume time that you can otherwise use to work on the bar. You could even go and get the fish at this moment if you want. Once you complete this mission, Otto will unlock the Fish Farm for you. We will explain the Fish Farm in a dedicated page for it

Special Customer Mission: Reticient Girl

A little girl will walk into the bar. Her name is Maki and she will ask you to prepare a special dish for her. White Trevally Kombu Ochazuke. If you gathered the ingredients before, make sure to add it to the menu.

Once you feed Maki the dish she wants. She will give you a Bug Net. Use the Bug Net to catch smaller creatures such as Seahores and Clione. Maki will also give you another quest.

Side Mission: Catch Clione

You’ll need to collect 5 Clione for Maki. Cliones can be found between 130 and 250 meters deep. It might take a few dives to get all 5 of them. When you catch the 5th Clione, a boss fight will take place, so be prepared. You will be moved automatically to the boat once the fight is done, so it might be a good idea to make the best out of your diving session before catching the last Clione.

Defeat the Clione Queen

The Clione Queen mechanics are pretty simple. However, it moves very fast and hits very hard, so be careful. The first thing will be a melee attack, the Clione Queen will move toward you, and whenever she’s close enough, she will pop spikes out of her head. Luckily this attack is slow and easy to avoid if you move away when she is preparing it.

In addition to that, she will spit venom out of her head. This venom ball will explode and leave the area around the explosion filled with venom. Avoid this area at all costs, otherwise, you’ll get poisoned and take damage every second. After taking some damage this attack will change, and instead of being just one, the Clione Queen will spit multiple venom balls.

It is important to note that if you hit the head, the Clione Queen will take extra damage, so try to hit mostly headshots in order to kill her. Once you’re done with the task, you’ll have to gather the meat and a portrait laying on the floor. Doing so will take you back to the boat. After a brief scene, Maki will join your staff in the kitchen.

Maki can best be used for cooking, but if you already have 1 employee in the cooking service, you won’t be able to place Maki there until you unlock the Gold Category in the Cooksta App. Meanwhile, you can use her to help serve dishes.

Destroy the Entryway

When the next day begins, Dr. Bacon will give you a new pair of Diving Gloves. Get into the water to try them out. Pick up the rocks marked and drop it from high up to break the wooden floor.

Go down that way and you’ll be able to hold to the anchor once the current starts flowing. Go to the end of the little area and grab the Stake. While holding the right click move away from the stake and a QTE will pop up, requiring you to press SPACEBAR when the bar hits the red part. Grab the treasure after the rocks move out of the way and you will be sent back to the boat.

Time to go back to Ramo and Suwan. A fight will take place in this dive, so make sure to get a good weapon before heading into the sea. On your way down, you will meet the Octopus again. He will escape through some wood floor. Throw a rock on the wood to destroy it and follow the Octopus. He will escape again, leaving another bracelet and opening a new path for you to get to Ramo and Suwan even faster.

Once you reach the Sea People, it’s time for you to put your new gloves to use. Swim straight up and move the stake for the rocks to drop. One group of rocks won’t be enough. Ramo will point towards another stake that can be removed, get there, and remove the stake. The path will open, go down that way and meet with Ramo and Suwan. Swim right and enter the new region, where a boss fight will take place.

Defeat Wolf Eel

For this boss fight you’ll have to use the environment as well as your weapons. The first thing you’ll have to avoid is the Vacuum-like attack, very similar to what the Megamouth Shark does. You can use your gloves to hang on to the anchors on the top part of the map or simply swim away from the area of effect, as shown in the image below.

The boss will disappear for a few seconds and appear in the background. You’ll have a few seconds to move away and avoid this attack.

When the Wolf Eel comes back, he will advance rocking his body up and down. This attack is very hard to avoid, so it’s probably a good idea to cut your losses and deal some damage while you take some as well. After doing this, the boss will move to go into the background again, leaving his tail exposed. The tail is the weak point. You will deal more damage if you hit the green part.

Once you are done with the boss. You’ll need to check the highlighted part of his body. Approach the Sea People Gate once you’re done. A few conversations with Sea People will take place. You’ll return to the boat and the chapter will be over.

Chapter 3

The Sea People Village’s Trust

It will be nighttime when you get back to the boat. The sushi bar will already be closed. Head there anyways to have a conversation with Yoshie. She will tell you a story about Bancho and you will get to choose some dialogue options. No matter what your choices are, the result will be the same. When the story finishes, so will the day.

At the start of the next day, Dr. Bacon will meet you in the boat and you will debrief him about what happened so far with the Sea People.

From now on, you can use the Sea People Mirror on the boat to teleport to the Sea People Village. It will consume the same time as a diving session every time you go there.

You need to head back to the Sea People Village and start fulfilling missions to gain the people’s trust. There are a lot of missions that you can complete to gain the villager’s trust. You need to collect 100 favor.

As you fulfill missions for the Sea People, you might find the necessity to go back to the boat or the sushi bar, some side missions will appear as you go back to the surface and we will list them below. Once you are done with the needed missions to gain favor, go talk to Tenzhin. He will tell you about your next mission, but it won’t be active yet. You’ll need to wait for the next day.

Duff’s Dream

As the day ends, Duff will have a dream and you’ll need to complete a mini-game. This one is all about rhythm. You’ll have to move the cursor following the green lines and press both left and right clicks when the blue circle reaches the marker. You need to score at least 8.500 points to win. After doing so, the Leah’s Run mini-game will be unlocked on your Smartphone.

Mini-games like Leah’s Run are just another little piece of content that DAVE THE DIVER has to offer. There isn’t anything you can gain from playing the minigame other than fun.

Side Mission: Stormy Night

Sato will come to the boat and tell you about Whirlpools on stormy nights. You can dive at night and check the whirlpool at this moment. A boss fight will take place once you get inside the whirlpool so be prepared.

Whirlpools will typically appear close to the surface. The picture below will show you how they look. It will be easier to find if you turn your sound on. You’ll hear it from far away before seeing it. Approach the whirlpool and head inside.

Once in the new area, get closer to the suspicious truck, and the Truck Hermit Crab will appear. This boss won’t take any damage from weapons. In his first attack, he will bury his pincers on the sand. While he does it, barrels of explosives will appear.

You need to grab those barrels, drag them up with you and drop them on the crab. You should be aiming for the spot between his eyes and the truck. If you drop the barrels on his pincers you won’t do any damage with them.

When you are up there trying to drop a barrel on him, he will attack you with his pincers very quickly, so be extremely careful. He does charge at you too, you will know he is about to charge when he hides behind the truck and starts rocking back and forth.

You will eventually run out of space if you keep backing up while the crab advances, so you’ll have to move to the opposite direction. You need space to evade the attacks and grab the barrels. After taking some damage, the crab will start covering his eyes with his pincers. You now have a small window of time to drop the barrel. Time it correctly and, after a few more barrels he will be defeated. Collect the meat from the pincer he left behind and leave the area.

VIP Mission: Michael Bang’s Inspiration

To prepare the dish for Michael Bang you will need x3 Titan Triggerfish(0-50m), x3 Harlequin Hind(50-130m), x3 Coral Trout(50-130m), and x3 Rice. The fish shouldn’t be a problem at this point, if you don’t have them, you can collect them at any point during your dives helping the Sea People.

As for the rice, Otto will call you the next day and tell you all about a new farm he made for you. We will explain the farm in our dedicated page, but the rice you need will come out of it at the right time, so don’t worry to much about it, just make sure to visit every day to remove weeds. Otto will call you when the rice is ready to be harvested.

Rewards: 1000 Gold / 50 Likes / Robot Samurai Poster

Event: Jellyfish Party

You will receive an email on your Smartphone telling you about a Jellyfish Party. In this particular case, you’ll need to prepare as many jellyfish dishes as you can. Customers looking for these particular dishes will start coming to your restaurant on this particular day and you can a lot of money if you prepare enough dishes.

Events will appear now and then. You’ll have a 3 days’ notice before, to gather as many ingredients to prepare the dishes that the assistants prefer. In this case, is jellyfish, but the following events will require other ingredients. These events are a great opportunity to make money in your restaurant, making it worthwhile taking your time to collect these specific fish.

Chapter 4

To the Abandoned Cave

Time to head back to the village and talk to Tenzhin. Suwan will take you to the cave. Talk to him again whenever you are ready to start.

Find Glacial Passage Key

You first need to find The Mural Painting. Start by going left until you see the cutscene with the Gadon. Then go down, left, and down again, this is the only possible path after watching the cutscene so don’t worry too much about it.

Once you found the Mural, you’ll need to imitate the painting in the background using the altar and the rocks around you. Place the rock with the circle on the left slot, 2 rocks without symbols and top it with the square rock in the middle, and 1 rock without symbols and the X rock on top on the right slot, as shown in the picture below.

Deliver Key to Tenzhin

Once you picked up the key, you’ll need to leave the area. An earthquake took place and the bars holding the Gadons from escaping are broken now, so they are roaming around freely. Gadons can not be killed by any weapon, you need to avoid detection. If they spot you they will get to you and you’ll die. Start going up after the cutscene where Dave avoids the first Gadon, be careful though, there is one right there. You can see in the picture below what is the safe distance that you should put between a Gadon and Dave. The distance can be a little bit shorter if the Gadon is looking the other way.

Continue going up and turn right. There is another Gadon on the way, you will have to hide behind the statues to avoid him.

After that, you’ll have to go down avoiding some wooden spikes, and turn right again. There is another Gadon at this point, and if you go right from the statues you can find a silver bowl. If you want to grab the bowl, you can use the statues to avoid the Gadon. Keep going down after that.

You’ll find several wooden spikes opening and closing preventing you from going right. If you time it correctly, you can go past all of them in a single sprint. It’s okay to tame some damage here, after crossing the spikes you have to go a little bit up and you’ll escape the cave.

Defeat John Watson

Right after you leave the cave you’ll have to face “The wrath of John Watson and his eco-friendly Sea Blue Armor RX-93”. Guns won’t do any damage to him this time. The way to kill him is re-directing the missiles that he shoots at you. The missiles will come out very quickly, but they will lose speed as they advance. When the missile stops and its close to explode you’ll have to hit it with an auto attack using the baseball bat that you’ll find in the yellow box right below.

Other than that, Watson will have a charge attack, similar to any boss before him, but with a longer range. He will also throw some kind of hook out of his hand. After you hit him twice. He will deploy several mines as well, easy to avoid. 5 hits should do the trick and he will be defeated.

Pick up the suit piece that he left behind and you will be sent back to Tenzhin. He will tell you the story about the Gadons(whether you like it or not)and give you a necklace that can open the Tubeworms without using UV light or attacks.

You’ll have to wait for the next day to continue the main mission. Meanwhile, go diving and look for any ingredients you may want. If you have any events or VIP missions active, this is the perfect time to go and gather whatever you need.

Once you get back from your diving sessions at night, a big earthquake will take place, Dave will go to check the Bar and Dr. Bacon will show up as well. Open the bar and go around business as usual.

Enter the Cave

After the night at the bar, you’ll get to play as Dr. Bacon for a little while. He will take his boat to a cave, you need to go in. There are 3 murals for you to inspect in there. Now, to unlock the door far right you’ll need to input the 3 signs that you found painted in red above each mural. The correct signs are shown in the image below.

The door will open and you’ll go inside. There are more murals for you to inspect in there. After taking a closer look to all of them, you’ll have to open the box on the far right and pick up the artifact there.

Escape the Pirates

After a brief cutscene, pirates will be chasing you and your goal will be to avoid their shots and the stones in the sea while navigating away. Before the pirates take a shot you will see a red line aiming at you. You will get a notice shown as a yellow exclamation mark only for the first rock that you’ll have to avoid

Bullets will do equal damage as rocks. The chase will last for approximately 50 seconds. After that, a brief cutscene will show the pirates crashing and Dr. Bacon escaping. This puts an end to the chapter.

Side Mission: Finding the BabyWhale

If you go down diving, you’ll eventually meet a giant whale. Dave will record the sounds that the whale is producing the second time you meet her. Call Ellie on the surface to ask her about it. Ellie will tell you to look for the Baby Whale. There will be multiple fish further on this mission, so we recommend you bring a weapon, a Sniper Rifle specifically. After finishing this quest, you will be sent back immediately to the surface. You can go look for the baby whale anytime you want. You’ll find the baby on the left side of the map, around 70m deep. It will be easier to find it if you turn your sound on.

Remove the stake blocking the way in and enter the new region. The baby whale is inside, you need to approach and pet her a few times for her to start following you. To pet her, approach the PET icon and move your cursor back and forth multiple times.

Once she starts following you, leave the cave and start going up. You’ll need to clear the way from aggressive fish. Once you get close to the surface, the mother whale will come and take the baby with her. You’ll face a lot of Red Lion Fish and a shark on your way up. The sniper rifle comes useful against the Red Lionfish, you can line them up and kill a lot of them in a single shot, as shown in the image below.

Photo Opportunity

This is also a perfect opportunity to go and get another photo for Udo. The spot is near the Seaweed Collector’s house. Once you reached the house, go up avoiding or killing the jellyfish in the way, turn right and go down the first chance you have.

This time you need to capture a picture of the Giant Oarfish. You can capture the picture of the oarfish next to the blue plankton to get a bonus as well.

Chapter 5

Side Mission: Giant Stingray at Night

You will receive a call from Udo. Telling you about a new photo opportunity mission. This time you’ll have to dive at night and prepare a lure. Call Ellie, she will ask you for 5 Kelp. If you already have 5 Kelp. She will immediately call you back and give you the lure. He will call you back when it’s time to go diving.

He will call you at night time. You can go dive at night even if it’s an Event Night, but you’ll lose some time selling dishes. I do think the reward is worth it though.

Go right once you got into the water. The set light setup should be around 20m deep. You first need to approach the first light and fix it by pressing and holding SPACEBAR on top of it. Then grab the plug and drag it to the yellow cart on the right.

Approach the Lure Icon and interact with it to drop the lure, then go right and hide behind the rocks marked in blue. After a few seconds., the Manta Ray will appear. You need to approach carefully to take the picture, if you get too close, the plankton will disperse and the Manta Ray will go away. The picture below shows a good spot to press the camera icon.

Take a picture when the Manta Ray is illuminated to get the bonus. That’s it, go back to the boat to claim your reward.

Rewards: 1000 Gold.

Completing this mission will unlock Weekly Fishing. Sometimes strange creatures will appear in the Blue Hole, they will be called FishMon. Udo will come Saturdays and tell you about them, you’ll have 1 day to get them. You will also get the Fish Tracker .

Open Glacial Passage Door

There is a lot of ammo and fish in this new area, so it will be a good idea to bring a Tranquilizer gun to catch fish quickly. Time to go and talk to Suwam in front of the palace, in the upper part of the village. He will take you to the door of the Glacial Passage. Open it and go inside.

Pass through Glacial Passage

As soon as you enter the Glacial Passage, you’ll need to take a picture of the mural in the background. Head towards the next room on the left once you are done.

In this room, you’ll have to play with the mechanisms to move the stone walls around, opening a path for you to continue. To begin, press the mechanism on top of the entrance once, the stone wall will move, allowing you to touch the mechanism inside that area once. Go back and press the top mechanism once again, as shown in the image below.

Go left until you find the next mechanism, touch it and the stone wall to the right will move. Go down and be careful, there is a Gadon there. You’ll need to hide behind the statues to avoid him.

There is another mural, take another picture and go down. A new obstacle will come in your way, go in the middle of the wheel and use the mechanism there to make it move. You’ll be able to go down now. There is another Gadon there, this one will be harder to avoid, but Dave will teach you to stun them using the Divine Tree Fruit. Move the wheel where you ended up after the brief scene to go up. Then touch that wheel 3 times to go left and down, as shown in the image below.

There is another Gadon after exiting the last wheel, be patient and avoid him. Go left until you reach the frozen door. Pick up the Divine Tree Fruit and get it close to the door, it will melt the ice away and you’ll be able to continue. Move the pulley on top of the chain to create a passage and go straight up. You can now go back to the village that way.

There’s another mural that you need to take a picture of right there. Do it and go left. More wheels to move around. Move the first one to be able to go up and touch the mechanism there.

Move the wheel again to go left. There’s a mechanism near the Gadon that you need to touch. You will definitely will have to use the Divine Tree Fruit to stun the Gadon. Do it and rush left, into the wheel to that side.

Go up the wheel without moving it. Grab the Divine Tree Fruit up there, drop it down, and go back to move the wheel. The Divine Tree Fruit will fall, but you will be able to grab it going around. Additionally, you can touch the mechanism next to the Divine Tree Fruit that you drop to grab the golden fish statue on top of the first wheel. You need to bring the Fruit there to melt the ice.

Once you grabbed the Fruit, continue left and melt the ice wall to enter a new area. Bring the Fruit to the mechanism to the left, drop it there and a laser will shoot to the room where the mirror was. In the room with the mirror, you will realize you need to move it, but you don’t have a tool to unjam the rock on top of it. Go back to Cobra.

Cobra’s Lost Crowbar

Cobra will send you to find his Crowbar in the shipwreck where you found several items before. The shipwreck is in the same place, to the left, and at around 110m deep. Go inside and left. You’ll need to move the rocks away to be able to grab it. You need to move the rocks into the area glowing in blue or further away.

3 crabs will come out of the spot and attack you. You need to drop rocks on top of them to defeat them. Once you’re done, grab the crowbar and you’re good to go back to the Glacial Passage.

Deep in the Glacial Passage

Before starting this quest, it is important to note that you might need to upgrade your Diving Suit. You will go as deep as 410m so it’s better to be prepared. However, if you don’t have the money to upgrade it at this time, you can still complete the mission since there are lots of oxygen to pick up, but you’ll need to work really fast, as your oxygen consumption will dramatically increase. Make sure to grab the Agar Dumpling or the Lotus Dumpling from Mima’s restaurant. The extra movement speed will come in handy.

Use the crowbar to move the rock on top of the mirror and the light will melt the ice away. Go down that way but be careful, there is an aggressive fish there waiting to attack you. There is a new mural in that area, you’ll have to wipe the ice off your camera and take a picture of it. To wipe the ice, simply move the cursor around while holding click.

Go into the new area to the right. There is a Divine Tree Fruit that you need to pick up and place in the slot right next to the door. Light will start shooting and you’ll need to attack to make the mirrors look different ways to defrost the mechanism on the bottom, as shown in the image below.

You can also move the mirror on the bottom to melt away the ice and grab the Gold Fish Statue. Touch the mechanism and move the mirrors again to melt the ice blocking the way right.

New area, a new mural to take a picture of. Do it and continue going down. Pick up the Fruit and place it on the slot to create a light laser again. This time, you’ll need to drag the mirrors to change their positions in addition to attacking them to face different ways.

Move the wheel ahead so the laser can shoot through and rearrange the mirrors as shown in the image below.

As you enter the next area, everything will be dark, Dave will approach the Divine Tree Fruit and touch it to make some light only to find a giant Gadon, he will immediately run to the left.

This next part is all about dodging. You will be moving right all the time, but you can go faster if you press D and slow down if you don’t. The Giant Gadon will throw his hand at you, if he catches you, you’re dead. In addition, you’ll have ice spikes on the roof and floor that you’ll need to avoid. It’s generally safer to stay in the middle for this part, as it will make ice spikes easier to avoid, but make sure to dodge the Giant Gadon hand as he’s about to throw it. You’ll know when he’s about to throw his hand because of the animation, shown in the images below.

He will also hit the floor with his hand, making ice spikes start dropping from the roof and hitting you, make sure to avoid them. You’ll come to a point where you’ll need to hit a Divine Tree Fruit to stop the Giant Gadon to stun him. You need to wait for the mouse icon to appear before clicking, and when it does appear, click quickly to hit the fruit.

As the chase continues, you’ll see a dead end. The Giant Gadon will charge and Dave will dodge him, creating a path to the bottom. You’ll start running away again, but going down this time. The Giant Gadon will not throw his hand to catch you at this stage, so focus on avoiding the ice on the sides.

After a few seconds, you’ll start running to the right once more. Again, he will not throw his hand at you, but at the end of the chase, you’ll need to quickly complete 2 QTEs to avoid being caught. These QTEs might change, but I personally needed to press Q first and E later.

If you managed to do that, you’ll reach a new area where you need to remove the stake at the top so the rocks will drop and block the way.

Once you succeed in removing the stake, you’ll be safe. A scene will show Suwam saving you. You now need to move to the lever on the right side and interact with it to activate the giant mirror in the background. You now are able to use the mirror to teleport here.

You’ll go back to Tenzhin, he will give you fabric to make a new diving suit to be able to dive in the Glacial Area. Go back to the surface, Dr. Bacon will start working on your suit. Wait until night of the next day to start your next mission.

VIP Mission: Good Ol’ Vegetable Sushi!

As with all VIP missions, you’ll need to find specific ingredients, only this time the ingredients are not fish, but vegetables. Otto will have news for you the next day, so work in the bar and wait for his call. You’ll have to wait for the vegetables to grow. Once you’ve completed the mission. You’ll unlock a new feature in the farm.

Otto will set up a new part of the farm, where you’ll be able to farm vegetables in addition to rice. Everything about farming vegetables will be explained in our specific guide. After finishing the mission, you’ll be able to collect eggs from chickens, also on the farm.

Chapter 6

Side Mission: Stormy Night 2

Sato will come and tell you about a new vortex. I personally chose to dive in the same moment to get it over with. There will be a boss fight once you find the vortex, so be ready for it.

This time, I found the vortex in the middle part of the map, around 35m deep. Go in whenever you’re ready.

Once inside the new area, advance right until the Mantis Shrimp appears. The mantis shrimp has fairly predictable attacks. He will throw a punch out in a straight line to begin with. He will also throw a quick punch with no channeling animation, so it’s better to stay on the move when the mantis is close.

You need to hit the Mantis Shrimp’s eyes in order to kill it. Wait until he lets his guard down and take your shot. Keep in mind that you need a clear shot, his gloves will block any bullets.

The mantis will also move back, creating a strong current, moving you toward the spikes on the left side of the room. Be quick moving out of them to avoid taking any damage. Once the mantis moves back, it will start charging a strong attack that will create an even stronger current. At this point, you should go up, grab the chain on top of the area and move it down, making the yellow obstacle go up. The mantis will hit the obstacle and get stunned for a few seconds.

That is the moment when you should try to deal the most damage possible. Repeat the process until the mantis is dead, harvest the meat from his body, and leave the area.

Infiltrate the Sea Blue base

This mission will only begin after you worked your shift at the sushi bar. Cobra will call you and you’ll go to the boat instead of the day just ending. Cobra will give you some infiltration equipment and you’ll need to jump into the water to find and follow the scouting drone. The drone is right there when you jump, the complicated part about following it is that you have no weapons and there will be a lot of aggressive fish on your way. You need to escape the aggressive fish without getting too close to the drone. If you get too close, the drone will turn back and start scanning. Get out of his field of vision and you’ll be okay.

Getting inside the base should take around 1 minute. Once you get in there, the whole scenery will change. The controllers to move around will be the same as before, only this time you can crouch by pressing and holding S and jump obstacles by pressing SPACEBAR. Crouch behind the first box and wait for the guard to come close, follow him from a distance, and go up the stairs.

To your left, you’ll find a security camera and a pile of boxes. If you get spotted by the security camera you’ll have to restart the mission. Wait until the light is facing left and stand below the boxes. Advance once the camera moves again and hide behind the next box to your left to wait for the next guard. Follow the guard from a distance again and go up the stairs.

This is where it gets tricky. As you advance right, there’s a guard that will block your way. You need to follow him until you can get inside the freezer in the background. You can only stay for a few seconds inside the freezer, otherwise, you’ll freeze to death. Wait for the guard to move the other way and go out. However, once you get out of the freezer, you’ll need to move fast. There’s a camera and another guard to your right. You need to avoid the cam and the guard and get inside the next freezer.

The problem is, if you don’t move fast enough the guard to your left will come and catch you. Your timing needs to be perfect for this little bit. However, you’re safe from both guards if you stand below the security camera.

Once inside the freezer, wait for the guard and the camera to be out of your way and go up the stairs once again. This will be the last floor. As you walk left, you’ll find a Ration on the floor, if you pick it up, let us know in the comments if you recognize the reference.

There are no more guards on your way. Enter the small room and pick up the mechanical part. An epic cutscene showing Dave’s superior tactical infiltration skills will follow and you’ll be out of the place and back to the boat.

Dr. Bacon will come the next day and tell you that you can now upgrade your Diving Knife. Upgraded Diving Knife will deal more damage. If you get it to the max level, it will also work to mine ores without using a pickaxe.

Event: Tuna Party

You will also get an email telling you about a tuna party. Gather as much tuna as you can to sell dishes in the bar on the event day. Tuna is a fast and high HP fish and it might prove hard to catch using conventional methods. Cobra will show you how to use Sensor Trap Bomb. He will also unlock the diver drone. You can collect big fish with the drone, preventing you from using too much inventory space. There are also some bigger fish that can’t be retrieved alive. You’ll be able to do it with the drone.

Side Mission: The Sea People’s Workshop

Go to Duwa, the Workshop owner in the Sea People Village. If you completed the previous missions, the workshop will be functional again. You can buy ores and materials to create new weapons in the workshop. You can also sell some stuff to Duwa. You can buy any material and go back to the boat to complete the mission.

Explore the Glacial Area

At the beginning of the day, Dr. Bacon will come and give you the new suit. Time to go back and explore the Glacial Area. There will be a lot of new ores for you to find in this new area, so if you can upgrade your knife to the max level, you can collect all of them.

You will find lots of new fish, weapons, and ingredients in the Glacial Area. We recommend you take your time and explore it as much as you want. Getting new fish to cook in the bar and completing Ecowatcher missions as well as exploring new areas and dangers proved to be very interesting so far. We will continue with the main mission below.

Head right as soon as you get into the Glacial Area. You’ll find a stone slab next to a door. Take a picture of it and bring it back to Dr. Bacon on the surface.

To inspect the slab, you’ll have to move your mouse around it and “erase” the orange marks that you’ll se in the picture to the right. Be methodical while doing this, you might end up decoding 99% and not being able to find that last 1%, so it’s better to go slow and steady.

Ancient Stone Slab

Go back to the Sea People Village and talk to Niamo in the temple. She will send Suwam with you to open the door. Once Suwam cast the spell(and dances a little bit) go inside the new area. You will find a first mechanism that you need to push diving through it.

Wooden spikes will come out of the floor and roof for the next part, go past them and you’ll find some more. Again, go through trying to avoid them. You will eventually reach a bigger room with 2 mechanisms that you can move. Every time that you move any of them, some piece in the background will move. Think of this part as a pinball game, only you need to make the ball fall through the middle in order to break the ice. You can try as many times as you want. To drop the rock, press the button next to the mechanism on the left.

Once the ball falls and breaks the ice you’ll be able to go down. There’s not much to do in this next room for now, later on, a photo opportunity will appear on the bottom right part. Head left and you’ll find a big statue. Again, you need to move the mechanisms in order to imitate the position of the images in the background as the statue. We’ll show you how the position that the statue needs to be in on the picture below.

You can now leave the area going up. Go back to the village and talk to Tenzhin.

The Missing Beluga

As you leave the palace, you’ll witness a cutscene of Ramo talking to the guards trying to find the beluga that went missing. It will be your job to find it. Head to the Glacial Area again.

The beluga is on the left side of the map, inside the structure on that side. You can either get there going from the top and then going down, but we found it easier to start from the bottom and go up. Keep in mind that this part of the map is complicated to explore as it is built like a maze. Going from the bottom and then going up is significantly easier since you’ll find the spot marked in the pictures below faster.

Once you found the beluga, an octopus will start running away. Chase it while avoiding the ice spikes falling. Once you get close to him (inside the room with the strong current) you’ll be able to choose between harvesting or rescuing him. If you rescue him, he will give you a Jade Fish Statue in addition to the items that you need to help the beluga.

Go back to where the beluga is. Dave will heal it and the mission will be done. Finish exploring and wait for the next day to continue the main mission.

Check the Control Room Entrance

You need to head back to the place where you cornered the octopus in the previous mission. Head there, approach the gate where the strong current comes from and the beluga will appear to take you in.

For this next part, you’ll be riding the beluga. You need to avoid the jellyfish and swim ahead. The beluga can only take 3 hits before dying. You will find several shrimps on the way, pick them up to heal 1 HP bar.

You will eventually find ice blocking your way. You need to press LCONTROL next to the ice barrier for the beluga to break it. After crossing the first ice barrier, you’ll also find some plants shooting at you. Avoid the shots and keep going. Remember to pick up shrimp if you’ve lost HP.

Of course, both jellyfish and plants will combine to prevent you from advancing in the next part. There will also be ice spikes forming while you cross, so make sure to avoid those as well.

Continue going, you’ll find some plants throwing jellyfish at you but they should be easy to avoid. You’ll start swimming down and reach a place where a strong current will take you inside a room with a giant Phantom Jellyfish. You won’t be able to use weapons to defeat it. There is a shrimp in the room, try to avoid it if your beluga is full HP, you might need it later.

The Phantom Jellyfish will start by spawning smaller jellyfish that will chase you for a little bit while it moves. Avoid them the best you can, they will explode after a little while. After that, the boss will start throwing green rocks at you, again, you need to avoid those for a little while.

You can only damage the boss when it shows the eyes. Approach the eye and press LCONTROL as you did before to break the ice barriers. Between each attack, the jellyfish will throw you back. 5 attacks should defeat her. Harvest the meat from the tentacle she left and go right to exit the area.

Inside the next room, you’ll find a lever that you need to move. A brief cutscene will follow, exit the area.

Ancient Control Room

Time to find the third and last device. You can now dive deeper, there is new fish to be found near the bottom of the Glacial Area, so feel free to explore before continuing. The place you’re looking for is on the bottom right side of the area. You’ll find Suwam there ready to go in with you. Talk to him and enter when ready.

This next part introduces a new mechanic to the game. You can swap between Dave and Suwam, in fact, you will need to do it to overcome several obstacles. We will guide you through this part step by step, telling you exactly what to do and with which character.

  • Dave: Go right until you find the button on the floor. Step on it and stay there.
  • Suwam: Advance to the right and go down. You’ll reach a place where a strong current will be throwing rocks at you. Avoid them and dash through the current using dash. Go up and left. Use the lever and stay there.
  • Dave: Crouch to advance, make sure to avoid the ice falling. Use the mechanism on the wheel.
  • Suwam: Advance to the right and use the mechanism on the wheel.
  • Dave: Go right and go through the place where the roof collapses. You’ll need to time it and crouch at some places. Use the mechanism on the wheel after going through.
  • Suwam: Go right and use the mechanism on the wheel until you can continue your way. Go down where the ice stakes are falling, there is some space to the left to hide and not get hit. Continue and go up avoiding the closing walls on the sides. Go right and use the lever to create a bridge for Dave to use.
  • Dave: Crouch to get into the smaller area, drop the Divine Tree Fruit down so Suwam can use it, and leave the area. Make sure to stand on the grey platform right outside the smaller area.
  • Suwam: Grab the fruit, place it on the slot to melt the ice, and use the lever there. Dave needs to be on the platform to go up. Stay on the lever.
  • Dave: Go right and stand on the button. The wall behind you will lift and the ice will melt.
  • Suwam: Advance right and pull the pulley down to create a bridge for Dave.

Go right as Dave and a brief cutscene will show him and Suwam each using a lever. The area will start flooding and at this point, you’ll need to use both Suwam and Dave simultaneously to advance. Dave will move with WASD keys and you’ll have to move Suwam with the arrow keys. Using both characters will take a while to get used to, so move around a little bit before going straight ahead. Your first challenge will be to avoid the ice falling from the roof.

Keep advancing. You will find Tubeworms in your way. Suwam has to go in front in order to avoid them. After crossing the Tubeworms. You will find 2 buttons that you need to press at the same time. Place a character in front of each one and press LCONTROL for Dave and RCONTROL for Suwam.

The wall ahead of you will open. Continue and use Dave to hold the lever while Suwam dashes through the current. Press the button on top with Suwam and the bottom one with Dave. The wall between both characters will move.

Go up. Use any character to pull the pulley down, cross with the other one, and do the same so the previous can cross as well. To go across the rock in the next part, you’ll need to use both characters to move the rock up. Once the rock is up. Use one of them to go below and push it up from there, this way you can release the character still holding it and continue your way down.

There are 4 buttons that need to be pressed quickly. I found it easier to start on the top ones and move to the bottom afterward. You need to be quick, you have about 5 seconds before you need to press the buttons again.

This next part is a little bit tricky. You need to advance through the moving walls. You won’t have time to cross the entire thing, so you’ll need to stop in the gaps. Both characters can fit in the same gap.

Keep going and you will eventually find a rock that you can hold and move. Use any character and use the rock as cover from the ice stakes falling from the top. Press the button on the left and the wall on the right side will move.

As you enter this new area, you’ll need to fight a new boss. You will mainly play as Dave for this boss fight. However, you can still move Suwam and make him hit the Divine Tree Fruits to stun the Helicoprion.

There are no complicated mechanics with this boss. It will only take damage when stunned, so make sure to lure him close to the Divine Tree Fruits, destroy the fruit with Suwam, and then hit the boss.

After a few shots, the boss will be dead and you’ll need to harvest its meat. Leave the area by going right once you’re done. Approach the lever and interact with it. A cutscene will follow. Leave the place whenever you’re ready.

Check the Control Room Entrance

Once you are back in the Glacial Area, go as deep as you can in the middle part of the area(left from where you are right now). You will notice that the doors to the control room are not working as intended. After a few seconds, John Watson will appear navigating on his Dekken-9 submarine.

You don’t really need to defeat Watson, just swim right and the Kronosaurus will take care of him. Of course, you’ll have to take care of the Kronosaurus. This boss is rather slow, but it does hit really hard, so make sure to avoid his charge attack. Grab the missile launcher that the Dekken-9 lost.

You will need to hold the right click to aim. It will take a few seconds, you need to wait until the marker is green and then release to shoot. The missile launcher will fall from your hands and you will need to wait a few seconds before you can use it again.

The Kronosaurus will throw rocks at you after channeling for a few seconds. Make sure to avoid those and the big red pile of fire that he spits. The rocks should be easy to dodge, to avoid the fire swim up as fast as you can. You can still hit the boss without using the missile launcher, regular weapons will do damage. However, the missile launcher hits for 300 each shot, so the damage output may be way higher than any weapon you have at the moment.

After getting rid of the Kronosaurus, a drone will come and start working on the door. Harvest the meat from the dead boss and leave the area. The process of opening the control room door will take 2 full days. Come back after that.

Photo Opportunity

There is a Lion’s Mane Jellyfish if you go below the ice structure on the left side of the map, around 530m deep. Take a picture of it. You can capture it with a Narwhal if you want to get the bonus.

Side Mission: Lost Baby Manatee

Talk to Gumo, he will tell you about a missing baby manatee. You’ll have to defeat some aggressive fish in order to finish this mission, so be prepared. The manatee is on the left side of the map, in the maze-like structure where you found the beluga. This time it might be easier for you to come from the top. As soon as you find the entrance you’ll start earing the manatee crying so make sure to turn your sound on. However, the picture below will show you the location.

You’ll need to drop a few rocks to break the ice and get inside the cave where the manatee is. Get inside the new area and swim left. You’ll need to pet the manatee, similar to what you did in the baby whale mission, only this time you will need to pet a specific spot. The spot will be highlighted in pink. Make sure to only pet him there. It might take a few times, but eventually, the manatee will start following you.

As soon as you leave the first room of the new area, you will find a narwhal. Defeat it to continue. This area is small and the manatee is very close to the danger, so you should try to fight as far away from him as possible. Keep in mind that the narwhal charge has a very long range and the manatee might die in a single charge. so always position yourself away from it.

As soon as you leave the area where you fought the narwhal, you’ll find a shark. Again, position yourself as far away from the manatee as possible and defeat the shark. Once that is done, leave the area and the manatee will go back to the village on its own. Talk to Gumo when you’re back in the village to get your reward.

Chinese Cuisine Contest

Similar to previous VIP missions, this one will have a little twist at the end. You’ll need to find a Stargazer, Wheat Flour, Olive Oil, and 1 Egg. You can get the egg from the farm, you might be able to buy the Wheat flour from Otto too. You might already have the Stargazer and the Olive oil.

Photo Opportunity

Left side of the map once you found the second device. Go as left and deep as you can and you’ll find it on the bottom of the ocean. Take a picture of four Arandaspis at the same time to get the bonus.

Chapter 7

Ancient Control Room

The chapter starts once Dr. Bacon calls you informing you that you can now access the Control Room. Go to the Glacial Area and head towards the entrance diving straight down. The first thing that you need to do in this room is grab the snail and place it on top of the platform. That way you’ll be able to cross to the other side. ‘You will find several snails across this area. They stay put for 5 seconds after you drop them and then start moving.

The next room is filled with Megalopratus or “Sea Scorpions” as Dave (and us) will call them from now on. You can certainly kill them, but they might prove to be a challenge at this moment. You need to grab the Mutated Divine Tree Fruit and drop it on top of the sap right in the middle of the room. The fruit will explode after a few seconds, opening a path to go down.

Pick up the snail in that area and place it on top of the hydrothermal vent and cross to the other side. You’ll find 3 vents and 3 snails inside this room. You need to place each snail on top of a vent to make the crater erupt higher. This part it’s a little bit harder than it seems. The snails won’t stay put long enough for you to place all 3 of them on top of the vents if you go 1 by 1. I managed to do it following the steps listed below. Feel free to share in the comment section if you did it any other way.

  • Get all the snails next to each one of the vents.
  • Place 1 snail in the middle vent.
  • Place 1 snail in the right vent.
  • Quickly grab and release the snail in the middle vent to reset the timer
  • Place 1 snail in the left vent.

This next area is filled with erupting crates. Go across and down, you will find more snails to place upon the erupting crates there, although I was able to get to the other side without using them.

As you enter a new room, a lot of eggs will start hatching and creatures coming out of them. These creatures are easy to kill, but they spawn in number, so be careful. Defeat all of them and place the snail in the platform to continue towards the next room.

Time to grab the Divine Tree fruit and place it on top of the device. It will start working as a laser gun. Creatures will start coming out of the eggs again. Use the gun to kill them. Keep in mind that some creatures are faster than others and you can get swarmed really quickly. Focus on the fast ones first.

Cause of the earthquake

Creatures will be nesting on the Divine Tree Nucleus. Go near and destroy them, they won’t fight back. After defeating all 8 creatures, Yawie will appear. So will the drone that Duff built. You have to use the drone as a weapon to defeat Yawie. Start shooting at Yawie and try your best to avoid his attacks. The first thing this boss is going to do will be to shoot creatures at you. These creatures can be destroyed with the drone weapon or dodged.

The beast can also turn his back and shoot green balls at you. You can also destroy these balls by shooting them. After a few seconds of shooting, Duff will tell you how to use the Stella Laser. You can now use the regular drone’s weapon or the Stella Laser.

Press and hold SPACEBAR to charge it. Release the laser when fully charged to deal 500 damage to Yawie. The laser takes around 3 seconds to fully charge and shoots for 2 seconds, in which time everything that the boss throws at you, and the laser hits, will be destroyed. You will move slower while charging the laser, but you can make everything slower around you if you press the right mouse click.

After hitting the boss enough times, it will be on the run and Dave will chase it. On the first chase, Yawie will start to become more aggressive with the attacks and it may fill the area with debris. Again, everything it throws at you can be destroyed by attacking it except for the laser it throws from its mouth.

After you’ve done enough damage, a cutscene will show the boss starting to chase Dave. Now you only need to avoid his laser attack. Move around until you see it locking down its aim and move to the sides to avoid the laser. After that, you’ll witness a brief cutscene and you will need to complete 2 QTEs to avoid the last attacks.

Tenzhin, Suwam, Ramo, and the guards will appear on the scene. They will move the device, aiming at Yawie. You need to grab the Divine Tree Fruit, place it on the device and the boss will be defeated! You will be sent back to the boat and then to the sushi bar. Speak with everyone in there, grab the beer next to Bancho, and enjoy the Mini-Game while watching the credits!

This is where DAVE THE DIVER Main Mission line comes to an end. However, there is still a lot of content to unlock while playing the Epilogue Chapter. We encourage you to keep exploring the DAVE THE DIVER world and everything it has to offer.

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