Walkthrough Darksiders: Genesis and Guides

Walkthrough Darksiders: Genesis


Read the detailed walkthrough of the isometric role-playing slasher Darksiders: Genesis.

Walkthrough Tips

Before you begin the walkthrough, we recommend that you read the tips for walkthrough Darksiders Genesis.

Chapter 1. Dethroned

Defeat the fleamags shirking their duty in Dethroned (0/10)

They are not marked on the map. In the first part of the map there are 3 fleamags (the first — up in front of the bridge, where you will see the first enemies), on the Outpost — two (one on the island above, in front of the locked gates), on the Fortress Path — three (one on the island on the right), on the Black Stone Wall — one. And another fleamag is hiding below (you will find it when you go down the elevator after defeating the boss). All fleamags sit at the edge of the cliff.

Reward: 1 Creature Core (purple).

Defeat demons besieging Samael’s fortress (0/75)

Just kill all the enemies you meet on your way.

Reward: 400 souls.

Destroy the Ballistas int Blackstone Keep (0/2)

Ballista are not marked on the map. One ballista is located at the Outpost, the second — on the island on the right of the location Fortress Path.

Reward: 3 Boatman’s Coins.

When the dialogue of Strife and War is over, run along the edge of the cliff and inspect the location. Reach the bridge, watch a cut scene. From this moment, all sorts of opponents will meet on your way. We recommend destroy small mobs with Strife, or rather with shots from afar. When you encounter heavier opponents, switch to War and destroy them.

Find a place to climb a rock. Between the rocks you will see a luminous ball — jump on it and once again press the jump key to rise higher. Search the altar on the right and draw a map of all locations. On this map, you can track all the chests, health stones, and Boatman’s Coins. Go a little further to start the first fight with the mini-boss. Destroy the enemy and open the purple chest. Now you have access to the new skill of the war Earthsplitter. Deal with a few more demons, go to the gate and lower the two levers. Go over the bridge and cross the cliff.


Once again, you find yourself face to face with several strong opponents. Eliminate them, and then attack Gate Souls to destroy them and open the passage. Run forward and destroy a small group of enemies. Use the ball between the rocks on the left to rise. Here you need to destroy the siege weapon and several demons. Do this, go back down and follow the instructions further.

Go to the cliff, behind which there is a small hook. This is the Ghost Hook with which you can overcome obstacles. To use it, it is enough to press RMB on it in a jump and jump again. On the right, pick up the Boatman’s Coin and lower the lever on the wall. Use the hook to climb the rock.

You again enter the arena, but this time there will be a little more opponents. Switch between Strife and War to save health and destroy enemies. When all the enemies are eliminated, open the purple chest and get the skill of Strife Charge Shot. When the spears disappear, kill the last demon and get to the other side using hooks. Go down, collecting Boatman’s Coins along the way. Find a cliff that has a luminous ball and use it. Here you will find the second siege weapon that needs to be destroyed. Go back and walk a little more around the location. You will see a destroyed wooden structure, at the end of which a purple object is spinning. This is the Trickster Key. Go through the wooden beams and pick it up, after which you can continue the journey around the location.

You need to go back and find a safe descent. A guide will be a few Boatmen’s Coins. Destroy the demons and search the location. When you collect all the coins and open all the chests, you can move to the walls of the tower with the help of hooks. Kill all demons and get to the Gate Souls. A serious battle awaits you here, so do not lose your grip and restore your health on time. Deal with another group of enemies and interact with the Smog Door. We recommend that you complete the collection of collectibles in the location, because after passing through this door you will not be able to return back.

Reach the end of the wall to fight the boss. He uses only three types of attacks: just dodge his attacks and attack with ranged weapons (Strife). Go down the elevator, search the right side of the location to find the Boatman’s Coin, then find the door to the castle and interact with it.

The Void

Follow the only path until you reach a small arena. Destroy the creature in chains and pick up the skill Vorpal Blade. Go back a bit and find the blue stone on the wall. Select the skill you just learned, press Ctrl and E to open the passage. In the same way, activate the ball to get to the next island. There is a bowl of fire in front of you and two racks that need to be lit. Hold Ctrl + Shift at the same time, then select these objects and press the E key to fire. Climb into the arena and press the F button. After a short dialogue, hold down the M key to end the chapter.

Chapter 2. The Slug Pit

Defeat all 5 Bats in the The Slag Pit

During the passage of the level you will find bats. They will start to fly away whenever you are too close. Therefore, they should be killed instantly. If the bat flies away, the task will fail. Have to restart the level. The first mouse will be in front of the boss’s arena, two more will be in the upper corners of the arena, the fourth will be on the left, on the far ledge, and the fifth will be on the ledge on the right.

Reward: 1 Creature Core (purple).

“Borrow” Souls from each of the Soul Caches (0/4)

You need to destroy the fireballs with chains that are scattered throughout the location. Detecting them is easy enough. The first is located behind the Trickster Gate at the beginning of the chapter, and the third is on the ledge on the right when you move down the steps from the beginning of the location. Look for the third ball in front of the door with a growth that is destroyed by an explosive bomb, and the fourth — to the left of the main arena of the battle with the boss.

Reward: 700 Souls.

Defeat the Slug Demon with an Execution

When you fight with the final boss, watch his health bar. At the end, a hint with the F key should appear. However, a hint may not appear so if the enemy has little health, approach him and press F without waiting for any advice.

Reward: 500 Souls.

You find yourself in the Abyss. Climb the stairs to the left to find the Vulgrim and start a dialogue with him. Listen to him and return to the place where you came from. Interact with the portal using the F key and begin the passage of the second chapter. By the way, as in previous games of the series, Vulgrim is a merchant from whom you can purchase Upgrades, Soul cores, and Consumables.

Ruined Keep

After a short dialogue between the Riders, go forward and find the locked door. Use Trickster Key to open it and pick up useful items and upgrades from this room. Go back and go to the column on the left. Here you will see a lava formation. There is a bomb. Use these bombs to destroy Bomb outgrowths — just one of them is on the wall on the left. Interact with the bomb and drop it in the right place to open the passage.

Go down the cave and destroy demons. You will see a cluster of souls in a red shell to the left of the stairs — shoot and collect souls. Go a little further ahead and pick up another Trickster key. Return to the stairs and go down to the arena. Go forward and find the locked gate. Use the bomb to get rid of the Bomb outgrowth, then switch to War, select the skill Vorpal Blade, and then hold Shift and LCtrl to select two crystals on the gate.

The Pillars

Go forward, activate the Riders dialogue and go down to the Slug Pit. Here you need to activate three glyphs, with which you can activate the locking mechanism and open the cell. You can start on the left side, because it is the easiest to pass. Go to the edge of the platform and jump to the island on the left to get to the Pillars. Climb the stairs, jump to the next island and climb the ledges on the cliff. Once you get to print, powerful demons will appear. We advise you to step back to a small island and destroy the enemies from here by Strife. When the area is cleaned up, go to the press and interact with it. Return to the platform.

The Grind

Approach the central seal and use the hook to move to the opposite side. Overcome several obstacles, and then find yourself on a destroyed column. There is an island before you. There are several demons: deal with all enemies directly from the column. Collect trophies from the dead, open the chest in the center of the location and go around the columns on the left. You can see a lava formation on the right side of the wall from which you can take a bomb. Select the Ghost Hook from the available skills and use it to grab the bomb. Throw a bomb at the Bomb outgrowth. Go though the passage, climb the hill and interact with the seal.

Lava Flows

It remains to visit the last location — Lava Flows. To do this, return to the platform and run to the right. Jump to the island, eliminate all the demons, and then go to the center of the location. When you jump to the central island, demons will attack from all sides. Deal with them and find a way to get rid of the Bomb outgrowth on the right side of the hero. To do this, take a lava bomb and drop it into a growth. Now you need to set the bomb on fire: select War and use the skill Vorpal Blade. When the growth disappears, activate the third seal. Return to the platform and interact with the latest seal.

Slug Demon

This boss is not too heavy, but he has one very unpleasant attack: the enemy puts his club on the ground and accelerates to the hero. If you miss such a blow, then the demon will next produce another blow. In this case, the rider will have very little health. Try not to allow this and dodge the attacks of the demon in time. When the trophy is received, return to the Void to the Vulgrim.

Chapter 3. Inferno Vault

Gather all the ingots (0/4) in the Inferno Vault and take them to Hell’s Forge

Ingots are scattered throughout the map. From the beginning of the location, move down the stairs and find the first ingot. The second can be found after the appearance of the first flying mage. Jump down to the left and jump on separate ledges. To get the third ingot, get to the fragment of the Wrath Core. Nearby there is an air stream, which is needed to go further. But you move to the left and climb up the hill at the top of the screen. The fourth ingot are at the beginning of the dungeon, which you must go through the plot of the game. Jump on the islands among the lava and look for an object on the right side.

Collect all ingots, exit the dungeon and run up the screen to the Trickster Gate. Inside is a Forge. Go there and interact with the furnace to get the orange Creature Core.

Reward: 1 Creature Core (orange).

After turning on the factory in the Inferno Vault, navigate through it without dying

Everything is clear here. You need to go through the Dungeon without dying.

Reward: 1 Core of creatures (purple).

Once at the location, run the only way down, pick up the ingot (1/4), and also open the chest with souls. Reach the cliff, destroy several demons and overcome the lava waterfall. There are two pillars in front of you — jump to the first to catch on. Climb higher and turn to the second column, then press the Shift key to avoid and jump onto the ledge.

Here you will find a new type of flying enemies, who also know how to control the elements. Try to deal with them as quickly as possible, since such opponents can cause serious damage. There is a small mystery on the right. Here you will also find a few Boatman’s Coins and ingot (2/4) if you go down the ruined staircase to the cliff. Return to the place where the flying demon attacked you and run up the stairs.

Open another chest with souls, then rise even higher. Here, there are several demons led by flying opponents. Kill them all and inspect the right side of the location to find an improvement for Strife (Spikes) in the purple chest. Caution: as soon as the chest is opened, the hero is attacked by a horde of demons!

Run to the left side of the location, and at the end, turn left again. Interact with the ghosts of the Riders to listen to the dialogue and pick up the Boatman’s coin. Now go back but do not rush to climb the hill. Now it’s better to inspect the top of the location. You will have to fight, but here you will find ingot (3/4) and a destructible chest with a Core. When you are ready, go to the center of the location and go upstairs using the blue ball.

Open the soul chest and grab the Trickster Key at the cliff. Now, to get into the Furnace, you first need to climb onto the pole, then jump off it and grab the Ghost Hook. Run forward, destroy all life in your path. At some point, you will find yourself at the gate of Hell’s Forge. You can pick up the map Inferno Vault on the right side of the chest. Do not rush to open the doors to the Forge, because if you follow the passage to the left, you will find a door. You need Trickster key.

Explore the room: collect useful items and improvements, and then return to the gate Forge. To open them, pick up the bomb in the lower left corner of the location and throw it at one of the levers. While this lever is active — interact with the second. When the gate is open, go to the next location.

The Kiln

Go to the central part of the map, where the hero is attacked by a group of demons. Since you already have a map, you can easily find the last ingot (4/4), as well as several Boatman’s coins and the Trickster Key. Run around the location and interact with a single lever. Now you need to climb as high as possible. Interact with various beams and crossbars. When you do this, activate the two levers. Overcome a small obstacle course to be in the next location.

Legion Boltspitter

Go forward and climb a small platform. Go down, interact with the lever and again go up. Behind the opened passage, inspect the chest and prepare for the battle with the final boss.

This enemy uses a rapid-fire machine gun as a weapon, and use fireballs at a certain interval. On the map, you can observe the columns: use them to hide from the demon’s shots, and when he switches to fireballs, you attack by Strife. When you destroy the demon, go to the end of the map and activate the last lever. Take the Heart and return to the Void.

Chapter 4. Icebind Cavern

Feed the idol’s Soul Orb in Icebind Cavern

Go up the location (from the very beginning) and find a tall statue worshiped by Flea. Kill everyone so that the ball in the chains turns orange, and then destroy it.

Reward: 3 Boatman’s Coins.

Break out every frozen Flea in Icebind Cave (0/60)

Just carefully examine the top location and go down (when you activate all four seals). You are interested in frozen opponents. Get close to them and then kill.

Reward: 600 Souls.

Close the rift leaking void creatures in Icebind Cavern

To get to the gap, go up from the starting point (but first you need to advance through the story of the chapter and get the Void Bomb for Strife). The wall will be a little to the right. There are two panels for creating portals on it and behind it. Make them, move over the wall, kill the enemies and jump over the Void on the left. You will see a gap on the wall. Interact with it and kill opponents.

Reward: 3 Boatman’s Coins.

For the main task, you need to light four lighthouses. From the beginning of the location, go up the stairs to the left. Kill enemies and use the throwing weapons by War to set fire to a large bowl (from a small one). Move up the screen and left. There will be a second lighthouse. But you will need to deliver fire to him, alternately setting fire to small bowls on the steps. Follow straight down from the starting point and discover the third lighthouse. To set it on fire, use the huge burning bowl hanging on the left. Finally, from the third lighthouse, move diagonally up and right to find the fourth. It is not difficult to set it on fire!

Go down and move forward until you get a new weapon — the Void Bomb for Strife. With it, you can create two portals, while you can only make them on specially marked tiles (purple characters). Create two portals nearby. To drop a bomb, select it in the wheel of the weapon (hold G), and then hold E, aim at the desired location and click LMB. Go to the portal to be at the top. Create two more portals. One of them is at the top opposite the growth. Throw an explosive bomb through the lower portal to detonate the growth and rise higher. The further path is simple, but before moving to the boss, you can turn left to find a teleport leading to the beginning. So you can go back and, since the location map is hidden in the dungeon, explore the upper level of the Icebind Cavern.

When you are ready, you follow forward to the boss. Kill the Hell’s Hound (not difficult), and then solve a simple riddle. Create a portal at the gate and a portal at the top left. Throw an explosive bomb at a nearby portal so that it flies over the fire cup. An explosion activates a switch that opens the way to the relic.

Chapter 5. The Hoard

Reach the western seal without triggering the trap in the Horde

Reward: 1000 souls.

When you get to the place in the dungeon where you will need to go left and right, go the left clearly follow our instructions, which are described below. That is, you will need to activate the correct characters so as not to fall into the trap.

Collect 10,000 souls before reaching the end of the Horde

Everything is very clear here. You must kill all the enemies you meet. Also remember that souls fall from broken crates.

Reward: 5 coins of the Boatman.

Locate and kill Houndmaster in Mammon’s Vault

To find the Houndmaster, move forward until you hit the gate, due to which Legion Boltspitter comes out. Defeat the boss, follow the opposite direction from lift and turn right. There will be elevations that will lead you to the door of the The Kennel. Follow through the The Kennel. Create two portals: one near the growth that blocked the path, and the other behind the grate on the left. In doing so, you move through the portal at the growth to the room behind grate. Interact with the switch to open the grate, run to the bomb just below, grab it and throw through the portal behind the grate. The bomb will fall into the growth and destroy it, and you can get to Houndmaster. Kill him to complete the task.

Reward: 1 Creatures core (orange).

Defeat less then 5 hounds before killing the Houndmaster in The Horde

This is the complicated task described above. You must get to Houndmaster and kill him so that you finish off no more than 4 hounds. The task is very difficult, so we recommend that you perform it at a low level of complexity. However, at a high level of difficulty, Houndmasters will have a greater supply of health.

Reward: 1 Creatures core (orange).

The main task is to go down to the treasury. You can go straight through the gate where Boltspitter is waiting for you, or you can follow through the The Kennel. There, you will have to kill the Houndmaster. Go down, move forward and find yourself at the locked gate. First go right. The only way you will reach the treasury. Here will be the first statue, activate it. And to the right of it there is a location map. After activation, go back, but in a different way (you will need to create a bridge near the red crystals).

Follow to the left and get to the cavity with six crystals. There are symbols above each crystal. There is a grate with a switch. There are two characters above it. Throw the sword of War into crystals with the same symbols. The grate opens. Jump back to the bomb and throw it at the switch until the grate closes. Go through the opened door and activate the second statue. If you want, after activating it, you can go left to find a descent into the cache (into the hole where the lava flows). And so return to the central room, kill the enemies and activate the pool with the yellow liquid.

Chapter 6

Defeat Mammon without killing any of his artifacts

Reward: 5 Boatman’s Coins.

Defeat Mammon after killing each of his artifacts

Reward: 1,500 souls.

Defeat Mammon without being hit

Reward: 1 Creature Core (orange).

As you can see, the secondary goals above can contradict each other. Therefore, you will have to fight with Mammon (if you want to fulfill them) at least twice. After the victory, the mission will be completed.


Complete any level of the Arena to score at least 500 points and buy a story item. To switch between the tasks and Arena tabs, use the key next to the right Shift.

Chapter 7

Defeat every snake in Decay (0/7)

The first two snakes are in the cavity to the right of the start of the location. You will go down there if you go to the Trickster Gates. Consider, if snakes notice you, they will begin to crawl away. If they manage to crawl away, then you will never see them (only after restarting the chapter).

Three other snakes are hidden in a secret cave behind a waterfall. Read the description of the secondary target below.

The last two snakes will be in the place where you are looking for two crystal keys to get into the dungeon. Two passages open to the left and right. On the right, one is already open. So when you move from the right passages to the left, pay attention to two snakes.

Reward: 1 Creature Core.

Find the hidden cave behind the waterfall in Decay

Go straight from the start of the location until you reach the steps. Go to the left from them. At the end of the path there will be a closed grate. You jump to the left, through the void, grab the hook. A little further to the left will be a waterfall.

Reward: 1000 Souls.

Defeat the Dread’s Lord subjects in Decay

To find the first enemy, move from the start of the location forward. When you see the steps leading to a place where War and Strife can communicate, turn past them to the left. This path will lead you to a locked grate. Jump to the left, catch on the hook. And go deep into the screen to meet the first mini-boss.

The second enemy is located in the upper left corner of the map in the dungeon. Get to it is easy, but you can only do this if you have a Tremor Gauntlet (you need to break the crystals at the beginning of the dungeon).

Reward: 5 Boatman’s Coins.

Follow the direct route until you reach the entrance to the dungeon. There is a plate In front of it on which two crystals are missing. Get away from it. There are secret passages on the left and on the right. On the right, one of the passages is open. The three others open when interacting with statues that block the path. In the right aisle, in order to get the crystal, first create two portals, then stand by the War on the button and throw the blade into the portal opposite. It will fly out of the second and hit the stone. The passage to the right will open. Kill the enemies and take the crystal key.

Get out of here and go left. The desired stone is hidden in the right of two passages. Kill all, create two portals, go to the nearest one and hit by a Ghost Hook through the portal. He will fly out in another and capture a fire bomb. Throw it into the growth and take away the crystal. Insert both crystals into the plate and enter the dungeon.

Move forward until you hit the closed door. Follow the right, go through the fog and kill a huge enemy. After that, open the weapon box to get Tremor Gauntlet for War. Now you can break the red crystals and push off from the red plates on the floor.

Go down and the first panel will be on the right. Stand on it; hit the Tremor Gauntlet to fly up. Follow the right and down the screen. Jump on the platforms. Activate the panel to remove the spikes from the protrusions, and make your way further. Activate the second panel and get to the door on the left. Kill all, charge the Tremor Gauntlet while holding E, and hit another type of panel.

Return back; break the crystals on the left. Go forward and up through the door. There is a panel on the right, activate it (with a charged blow with a Tremor Gauntlet). You will create a short way back.

If you hav Tremor Gauntlet, break the red crystals at the beginning of the dungeon and follow left and up through the two doors. There will be a small maze. Create a portal on the wall on the left. Pick up a fire bomb and throw it at the switch at the top. Run into the opened passage on the right and activate the second switch. Run back and go through the opening near the first. You will reach the second wall, where you can create a second portal. So do it. Kill all, return through the second portal to the first. Drop the fire bomb at the switch on top to open the grate on the right. Drop the second bomb into the first portal to activate the far switch.

Now run into the first passage on the right. The path will be opened even further, and you will find the desired switch on the ledge. Click on it to unfold the statue with the crystal. The first is ready! The second statue is easier. There is a platform to the right of the closed door. Push away from her to climb onto the ledge with the switch. Turn the statue. Activate the two crystals on the statues with the blade of War and defeat the Dread Lord.

Chapter 8

Fall through a drain into the cesspool deep underneath Belial’s dam

Read the description of the fifth valve below in another side quest. Go down the pipe (not far from the direct road to the boss), the task will be completed.

Reward: 1200 souls.

Defeat every Scarab Hulk in the Holdback (0/4)

The first enemy is not far from the first fire bomb, which you drop through the portals to destroy the growth and pass to the right. From the bomb, jump left-up to the place of conversation of Stife and War (Source). You will meet the other three enemies according to the plot of the game.

Reward: 1 Creatures core (purple).

Find out what lies at the bottom of the lake of corruption in the Holdback

When you climb the drawbridge, push off the platform with a Tremor Gauntlet and fly to the right, deep into the screen. Go forward until you find the pool. You need to empty it, and there is the first valve nearby.

The second valve is at the beginning of the dam. Before moving to the dam and jumping along it along the ledges to the left, pay attention to the springboard of purple color. Your hero will jump right away as soon as he gets up on it. Jump and fly to the ledge on the right, where the valve is located.

The third valve is hidden in the drain under Belial’s dam. To get to this secret location, before jumping onto the wall with ledges (at the end of the dam), look down. There is a channel through which acid flows. And there is a hook. Jump down, grab it and find yourself in a secret place. There is a valve here.

You can find the fourth valve parallel to the plot. When you walk down a long corridor with acid, where you need to turn it off with switches, take a fire bomb, carry it back to the first switch, climb the steps on the side and drop the bomb on the growth on the left. Light it with a nearby bowl (to light it, you need to throw the blade of War from a burning bowl into non-burning ones; the principle is familiar to you). Then go up to the ledge and turn the valve.

The fifth valve is located in a secret place, in a drain under Belial’s dam. Go through a site with three scarabs. Go right, get down past the teleport and find the blocked Trickster Gates. There is a pipe to the right. Jump into it. There will be a valve.

You just have to go back to the pool (use the portal) and jump down, where there will be a secret boss — Flea Hulk.

Reward: 1 Creatures Core (purple).

Move through the location, kill the enemies below at the puddles of acid and activate the two portals on the right. Jump to the bottom, pick up the fire bomb and go to the nearest portal. Above, drop the portal into the switch on the wall above. By doing this, you will open the bridge. There is a platform under it. Hit it by Tremor Gauntlet to jump. You will be on the bridge when it moves. Go left and jump on another platform of the same kind. Fly left. Jump down and to the right on the hook and along the beams for which the character will cling with both hands. Make your way along the dam, and you will find a growth on the stone in the next part of the location on the right. Create a portal opposite it. Create a second portal above the fire bomb. Drop this bomb into the portal to explode the growth. Jump to the right along the column where this growth was.

Go up the hill and jump on the other side of the acid. Kill Scarab Hulk, slide the switch. On the right, find the fire bomb and move left. Go up and to the right, to the growth. Drop the bomb and set it on fire. After the growth explosion, hit by Tremor Gauntlet on the platform and fly to the right, pull by a hook. Jump to another switch, kill two Scarabs Hulk at once, and slide the switch. With the same bomb, explode the growth on the right. The way forward is simple and it leads to the boss. You will need to defeat boss. Just do not stand on the acid or opposite the heads located on the gun.

Chapter 9

Defeat Belial before he can feast on 3 or more ghouls

From time to time (three times per battle) the enemy will become in the upper corner and begin to attract the dead. He is invulnerable. Shoot opponents before they are sucked by Belial. The electric ammunition of Strife is ideal for this.

Reward: 1 Creatures Core (orange).

Defeat Belial without deactivating his crystals

Just do not deactivate the crystals arranged in a circle. They will be activated alternately.

Reward: 3 Boatman’s Coins.

This mission is a battle with Belial. During the battle with the boss, dodge his trident. From time to time, Belial will become in the upper corner to attract ordinary enemies. If he manages to pull them, he will restore part of his health. Also, it will be strengthened by crystals scattered in a circle.

Chapter 10

Defeat Astarte before she’s made 20 laps around the ritual pyre

Do not let Astarte complete a total of 20 laps. And the task will be completed.

Reward: 1 Creature Core (orange).

Use an Exectuion every Nephilim resurrected by Astarte (0/6)

Describe below.

Reward: 5 Boatman’s Coins.

During the battle, Astarte will run in a circle. You must chase her on a horse and shoot or beat with a sword. Three times in a fight, the boss will fall to the ground. For the first time, one Nephilim will appear, in the second – two, in the third – three. Astarte will continue to run in a circle only after you kill the appeared Nephilim.

Chapter 11

Save the uncorrupted angels in Bastion’s Fall

Talk with Abaddon, go right and defeat the fallen angels before both uncorrupted angels (who will help in the battle) die. It’s best to stay close to them.

Reward: 5 Boatman’s coins.

Defeat 50 grubs in Bastion’s Fall

Destroy small and larger bug-like creatures of blue and light brown colors. They are almost everywhere.

Reward: 5 Boatman’s coins.

Reach the source of the stream in Bastion’s Fall

At the beginning of the location, go to the nearest river and turn under the waterfall on the left.

Reward: 1,400 Souls.

Follow on, meet with Abaddon, defeat the enemies and activate the lever at the top right. Behind the bridge, open the weapon chest to get the latest Gadget for the Riders — Aether Spark. After doing this, kill the enemy and use the spark, stand on the platform on the left. It must be delivered to the hole. Repeat the same actions where you fought with the angels, then climb up the stream of air. Follow on until you find a location map. Below are two platforms for the Spark. The first will open a niche with a fragment of health, the second – to create a stream of air and climb to the ground on the right.

Kill the bugs, including the Scarab hulk, and then go higher. Use the lever to activate the airflow to create a short way back. Go higher and kill the Nephilim . He is calling other enemies. When Nephilim dies, the remaining opponents will die. Follow the left and soon you will reach the final boss of the location. Like Nephilim , if you kill the leader, then everyone will die.

Chapter 12

Defeat the grub queen in The Maelstorm

From the gate with three seals, go straight without turning anywhere (after descending from the waterfall). So you get to the nearest nest. Any nest has several holes in the ground and many bugs. Defeat them all to clean the nest.

The second and third nests are not far from each other. Go down to the bottom right of the map. One nest is freely accessible, and to get to the second, jump over the stones onto the ledge with the platform, hit it with a glove and fly up to the right. When you destroy all three nests, the Grub Queen will appear immediately. Defeat her, you will receive a reward (and kill the rest of the mobs).

Reward: 1 Creature Core (orange).

Defeat the Corrupted Shaman in The Maelstorm with a lightning-element attack

When you fight with the boss of the location, and then use the electric ammunition of Strife. Ideally, you need to shoot ordinary cartridges at simple enemies in order to accumulate energy, and when the fury of Strife is activated, then attack with electric weapons (ammunition is not consumed, and damage is higher). Repeat the steps.

Reward: 1 Creature Core (purple).

Get struck by lightning 25 times in Maelstorm

It is simple here. There is lightning. Just get under them.

Reward: 1,500 Souls.

To go through the Gates, you need to search a huge location and kill three shamans. However, there is nothing complicated about this. There is a huge seal near each shaman. It is prohibited to use a horse. Once you kill the shamans, you can go to the boss. There is a location map near one of the three shamans.

Chapter 13

Defeat 20 Dagon’s Tidehunter minions before defeating him

Reward: 2200 Souls.

Defeat Dagon before he can hit War or Strife with lightning

Fortunately, despite the huge number of lightning attacks all, you need to kill Dagon before one of the heroes dies. You can skip lightning strikes; this will not affect the task. The main thing is not to die!

Reward: 1 Creatures Core.

In this chapter, you fight the big boss. The first additional goal is much easier to fulfill than the second. The variety of attacks is amplified: the first one he uses at the beginning of the game (just run away), then the appearing spheres shoot at you, and then separate lightning strikes appear, accompanied by rays of light (as was the case with the shamans). The task will also be complicated by the fact that there will be more spheres and hunters, and whirlpools will begin to appear under your feet. Use the jerk to break out of them. Jump on the air flow on the left to dodge the flow of water.

To be continiued…

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