Walkthrough Choices: Stories You Play – Open Heart, Book 1

Chapter Sixteen: The Curious Case of Dr. Banerji Choices

Read Guide Choices: Stories You Play. Open Heart, Book 1. Chapter Sixteen: The Curious Case of Dr. Banerji Choices.

Chapter Sixteen: The Curious Case of Dr. Banerji Choices

Choice 1

  • Landry’s helping me. It is our choice
  • I still hate his guts.

Choice 2

We should look…

  • Beside the river! It is our choice
  • In the woods!

Choice 3

This is Dr. Olsen. He is

  • An excellent doctor. It is our choice
  • My assistant.

Choice 4

How do I wake him up?

  • Sit on him. It is our choice
  • Throw water on him.

Choice 5

What do I do?

  • Help Ethan recover. (? 18) It is our choice
  • Hurry him out the door.

Choice 6 appears depending on your relationship with Dr. Ramsey.

Choice 6


  • We came as fast as we could…
  • Is Dr. Banerji okay?  It is our choice

Choice 7

  • Thanks, Dr. Ramsey.
  • I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Olsen. It is our choice

Choice 8

What do I do…

  • Tell him I have faith in him.
  • Hug him. It is our choice

Choice 9

Actually. I’m streaming it. Is that tragic?

  • Yes. It is our choice
  • Not at all. 

Choice 10

What do You do?

  • Sneak in the hot tub with Jackie. (? 20) It is our choice
  • Visit Rafael at the hospital. (? 20)
  • Go to bed. (No effect)

Choice 11

  • Moment of Truth (? 25) It is our choice
  • No thanks 

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