Walkthrough Bright Memory Infinite - Game Guide

Walkthrough Bright Memory Infinite – Game Guide



SRO: Mansion

Just watch the introductory video.

Life and Death

SRO: Experimental base

When prompted, click on LMB. Press on RMB later, left Shift to dodge and “Space” to eject.


Kill the first enemies and climb the ledge. Continue forward, take a running jump over the ravine (double clicking on the “Space”) and kill the enemies on the wooden bridge. Use the C key to duck. At the end of the battle, you will need to press TAB to reflect the flying bullets, and then – on E to cut the wooden planks in the passage to the left. Go down and fight many opponents. Do not forget that you can use a lightsaber near (key E). Take your time and use cover. When you kill the last enemy, the target will refresh. Press F to go through the hole in the fence.

Fight powerful opponents. Kill the first one using the prompts on the screen. To defeat two more, press Tab to deflect incoming projectiles. As soon as there is no white scale above the enemy’s head, you can finish it off with any weapon. Continue and climb onto the house on the right. Pick up the ammo. The B key allows you to switch between different firing modes. Break the boards and clear the street with water by jumping down through the hole in the floor. Having done this, go up the steps on the right. Jump over to the other side and break the wooden crates. Relics are stored in these boxes. After collecting 10 relics, you can improve your character. Run along the walls while holding Shift. Get to the indicated tower, jump down and kill the enemies. Be sure to break any wooden boxes you see. Get out through the window.

Then there will be a section with flooded houses and electric cables lying in the water. Use the grappling hook to grab onto the hook points. Move across the roofs of houses, killing enemies. Two motor boats will appear in the back. Until you destroy them (not enemies, but also the boats themselves), a hook point for the hook will not appear. After that, move to the building, kill the last enemies and climb inside.

Collect resources and a shotgun. It also has an alternate firing mode! Then fight ancient enemies. Use reflection with a light blade, attack with the F key and weapons. After the victory, go forward and pick up the reliquary. Spend it on upgrades (I). Keep driving. Run along the walls and jump to other platforms. At the end of the path, use the grappling hook to get to the other side and defeat the new enemy with the Electric Staff.

When you make your way inside the room, be sure to pick up the reliquary located on the left. There is another reliquary on the far table along the right wall. Defeat all enemies, kill ancient soldiers and enter the temple to find the reliquary. Then a boss fight awaits you. When fighting the Emperor, use as many dodges and reflective strikes as possible with your lightsaber. You can also use the special ammunition of the shotgun and assault rifle. Especially if you pump them to the maximum. After the victory, climb up using the grappling hook, get out and run forward, killing enemies. Use the grappling hook, and where necessary, run along the wall. The task will be completed soon.


After getting out on the shore, go up to the left of the house the knife. Only then will the game allow you to sneak under the log. Do so and secretly eliminate the first enemy. Deal with two more enemies and hide around the corner of the house from the enemy helicopter. Keep driving. It is not necessary to kill all enemies. You can just hide from them. When in the field, keep the grass high. All enemies will sooner or later turn their backs on you. Hide from the helicopter behind the stones marked with a marker, then kill the lone enemy and climb inside the house. There is a reliquary in the left room.

Go to the courtyard and go up to the ledge on the right. Stand at the far flower bed and wait for the enemy to come here. As soon as he turns away, finish him off. keep walking along the house. You will see a ledge to climb. There is also an arrow on the boards. Take your time and instead walk left to pick up the reliquary. Go up to the second floor. There are many enemies here, so proceed with caution. Eventually, you will leave the enemy patrol zone.

Here you are attacked by ancient warriors. Defeat all opponents. To continue the path, you need to run up the wall to the left, where the arrow is depicted. But there is no need to rush. Everything is on the same left side, on a small ledge under the house, a reliquary is hidden. Climb up the wall and find another reliquary. Soon you will discover a new weapon – a pistol. Go downstairs and fight the ancient warriors.

Then there will be a long street with soldiers. There are side streets with boxes on the right and left. At the beginning of the street, on the railing to the right, there is a reliquary. You will receive another reliquary when you run into the alley on the right, which needs to be done according to the plot. Hide behind the left wall from the helicopter, then climb the wall and pick up the sniper rifle. Use it to kill several snipers. There is also a reliquary nearby. Sooner or later you will have to go downstairs. Having done this, turn around and go under the roof. There is another reliquary at the very end. Before entering the building at the end of the street, find the reliquary on the table on the left. Jump down the hole and kill all the enemies outside until an armored vehicle appears. Run into the building on the right and pick up the reliquary.

Break the boards and get out. Kill a few boars and then climb over the fence. Pick up the Reliquary. In the end, you will be fighting the Huge Emperor. During the fight, stay away from him and use all available special ammunition. The explosive shells of the sniper rifle are especially effective. Please note that after the first victory over the Emperor, he will revive and act much more aggressively. Ordinary ancient warriors will also start spawning.

Shadow Ghost

Watch the video.

Close call

At the very beginning of the quest, kill the enemies opposite, then turn around and pick up ammunition and a reliquary. Follow the rooftops, and when you need to jump down, aim at the wooden platform to the right to find another reliquary. Sweep the street. Please note that at the turn to the left, in the right corner there is a wagon with a reliquary. Then get into the car and drive from marker to marker, destroying enemies.

The Primordial Flood

Defeat two mountain monsters. There is a reliquary in a niche under the rock. Climb up the ledges on the rock, use the grappling hook and defeat the ancient warriors. Use the grappling hook again, and then a third time. A reliquary is hidden in a small sanctuary on the left. Then, when you climb over the wall and fight with ordinary soldiers, in the very first building, inspect each regiment. There will be a reliquary. Defeat Emperor Tian Yu a second time. Proceed as in the first fight: parry the blows, and then use the lightsaber. Then the battle against the Six-Armed Emperor will begin. He will have many useful skills. You don’t need to parry anything. Ideally, try to dodge and stay as far away from the enemy as possible. When a large bell appears, allow it to move closer to you and then abruptly dodge to the side. then watch the final video.

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