Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin


Blacksad: Under the Skin is an adventure detective. Story set in New York in the second half of the 20th century, and instead of people, the city is inhabited by different animals. The hero investigates the murder of the owner of a boxing gym in which boxers, their agents, a corrupt bookmaker and his thugs are involved.

Blacksad Office

Go to the game settings and activate the subtitles in the lower sub-item. After watching the introductory video, Eugene Rhino will come to Blacksad. The game is an interactive movie with the adoption of various decisions. And so we will point to every choice we make, so that in the future you understand what it will lead to.

So, fight the rhinoceros Eugene, hitting him with his fist and groin. Take the revolver and listen to the poor fellow. It will be necessary to decide what to do.

We refused to bribe, but did not begin to destroy the family.

When guests arrive, do not press S so as not to wave your chair. Invite the lady to sit down. So, Bobby Yale is the boxer who is supposed to take part in a future fight. Sonya Dunn’s father, Joe, is manager Bobby, who hanged himself last Sunday. Agree to investigate, stating that talk about money later.

Boxing Club Joe Dunn

Immediately you will receive the address of Bobby Yale, as well as find out about cleaning lady Mary Pernell, who discovered the corpse. Examine the poster with Jake hanging on the wall (Jake is a gorilla, Sony Dunn’s bodyguard, and Blacksad’s friend). Look at the wall on the right to find out that Joe was a musician. Climb up to get to the roof, and go left. The part of the poster (1/100) is right around the corner. Go left and find water tanks. On the side of one of them hangs part of the poster (2/100).

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

One piece of a poster on the roof

Go down the screen and you will find the third part of the poster (3/100) on the balcony of the building on the left. Go to the right and under the billboard examine the table with two glasses. Part of the poster (4/100) is lying under the chair. Another part of the poster (5/100) can be found to the right of the exit, on the red box with tools.

Go down to the boxing gym. Read the inscription on the wall on the right, go down the screen and near the wall on the left, on wooden boards you will find part of the poster (6/100). Go along this wall and look at the spilled white paint. Enter the doorway and remove part of the poster (7/100) from the board.

Go outside; look at the sign above the entrance to find out that the club was opened in 1943, during the war. Opposite the toilet stalls there are sinks on the right, and there is part of the poster (8/100). Go right and look at the lockers in the locker room. One of them belongs to Yale. Try to hack it, but the master key will not be in your pocket.

And here we decided to return to the office for master keys.

Blacksad Office

But not everything is so simple: there are no master keys on the table, you have to look. Examine the table. Then look into the drawer. You will find out that some Wickley made explicit photos of the rhino. Use the phone, contact the commissioner, the rhino’s wife, Wickley and sister. We told the rhino’s wife that her husband was faithful to her. We told Wickley that we did not reveal the truth and did not take the money of the rhino.

Examine all the things on the table; examine another table on the left. Be sure to move the screen to the left to find the first part of the poster (9/100) and to the right for the second part of the poster (10/100). When viewing a photograph of an ex-wife, decide to forget her.

Inspect a small table with a bottle stewed by a cigarette. Take a closer look to the left to find part of the poster (11/100). You can examine the desktop on the other hand; look at the photographs and two windows. Then look under the sofa, then move it back and get the master keys. Answer the phone.

Bobby Yale House

Once inside, defeat the bull, but you will be caught by Colbert. Chat with the bull. During the question “What the hell are you doing here?” Choose the option with the cat icon. Examine the bump over the left eye of the bull and the brooch on the jacket. Ask if he is Irish. You will learn that the bull and Colbert work for O’Leary, the richest bookmaker in the city. If you helped Colbert, then he will be grateful to John and will not beat him. O’Leary’s people are guarding Yale’s apartment, so you cannot study it now.

Boxing club

Returning to the club, inspect the rope above the boxing ring. Go to the lockers and hack into Bobby Yale’s drawer. Inside you will find a box from the expander and a book with poems. Examine the sign for racism on the cabinet to get evidence. Hack Jake’s box and try to inspect the Irish brooch. However, the gorilla will notice this and become furious. This will be another piece of evidence. In Jake’s cabinet you can see a portrait of Natalia. Jake used to work for her.

On the other side there are two more lockers. Hack into Arthur Tucker’s locker and study objects. A towel is in red paint. You will learn that Tucker belongs to the racist group. Near the place where Jake is boxing (left), part of the poster (12/100) hangs on a pole.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Part of the poster is on the right.

It is time to study the traces of white paint. Go deep into the hall and through the door on the left. You will get an alley. Here is a blind goat cripple. Chat with him. Inspect his things to find part of the poster (13/100) and the expander. Isn’t the one Yale used? Go to the dark lane, look at the TV and decide whether to buy it (we abandoned this idea). Part of the poster (14/100) hangs on the left wall.

Walk along the alley. When you find a turn with a bunch of garbage on the left, stand next to it and look up to find part of the poster (15/100) on the window. Leaving the alley, move right to the diner. Where does the cleaning lady from the club work?

The Diner

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Talk to Mary at the diner on all topics

Say that it’s better for her not to return to the club so far to find out what she calls Dunn – Joey. Then order a hamburger with cheese. An episode will begin in which you can examine the waitress and her place of work. First look at the wool on the neck, then at the radio on the right. When the burger is ready, the detective will automatically deliver it to the goat from the alley. You will learn that four people attended the club. Examine the goat, and then ask a question about the expander and the can of paint.

Return to the club

Right now, you have some evidence that can be combined using the deduction method. Open it with F2 and combine the following proofs:

Someone threw an expander in the trash / There are a lot of interesting things in the Yale cabinet.

Jake got furious when he saw near his locker / Bull, who works for O’Leary, wearing a clover pin on his lapel.

There is a smeared racist inscription on the cabinet / There is a dirty towel in Arthur Tucker’s cabinet.

Return to the club and call Commissioner Smirnov to tell him about everything they learned. So far this is not enough. Another part of the poster (16/100) can be found under the ring to the left of the stairs leading up. The first time we did not notice it. Now that you have linked the evidence about Jake, talk to him. He is boxing at the club. Say that you are friends, and he will tell about everything. You will learn about the dispute between Dunn and Yale.

Go upstairs and chat with Sonya. Examine her with feline eyesight. Ask all the questions, reactivate your vision and examine the poster on the right side. Keep in mind that you need to zoom by holding the E key. Interrogate Wickley, then carefully hint to him that he should collect information on Cassidy. After that, say that you will talk with Sonya. Continue the conversation with Sonya, and then examine her desk and safe. Try entering Sonya’s birthday, but nothing will work. There is a part of the poster (17/100) on the table to the left, under the window. Talk to Jake about everything again.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Wickley, Blacksad’s reporter and friend

Go outside and read the announcement on the club door that it is closed. When the subtitles disappear, you can pick up part of the poster (18/100). Go to Mary’s diner and ask all available questions. To the left of the diner, on the side wall of the building hangs part of the poster (19/100).

Another part of the poster (20/100) lies to the left of the entrance to Sonya’s office. You will find the other part of the poster (21/100) in the ring itself, in the far left corner, next to the red telephone. Nearby there is a bench with a flask, and part of the poster (22/100) is hidden behind it. To take it, you need to stand to the left of the flask.

To continue the investigation, go down to the entrance doors of the club and pick up the envelope lying to them.

In the envelope will be the mother’s engagement ring. Go out and return to the room. Ask if it’s easier for Sonya.

IMPORTANT! In the diner, study the note that the Mary will attach to the wall when you activate the cat’s eye. Only in this way will you learn about Mary’s handwriting. If this is not done, an error will occur in the game.

Сross-reference the evidence:

  • “Dunn’s wife’s wedding ring was in an envelope with the name Sonya written on it”
  • “Mary has a beautiful, clear handwriting”
  • “Mary calls Dunn – Joey”
  • “Mary put the ring in the envelope.”
  • “The safe code is not Dunn’s wife’s birthday”
  • “Mary and Dunn met”
  • “Perhaps the combination to the safe is Mary’s date of birth”
  • “On the Dunn’s desk are cards with information about employees”
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Examine the cards and you will find out Mary’s date of birth, now open the safe. View the contents. Talk to Sonya until the available questions run out. You can also ask for an interview with Wickley and turn in Mary.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Conversation with Mary

Go to the diner again. Options in the dialog do not affect the plot. Choose what is more to your liking. You can be cynical or support Mary. At the end, you get the evidence “Mary has a cold.”

Meeting with Smirnov

Do you remember that red pay phone? It’s time to call the police commissioner Smirnov. Talk about everything, the key phrase is ” Dunn is engaged to a cleaning lady.” After that, the screen saver will begin.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Regardless of the answers, John will eventually have the opportunity to study Dunn’s case and discover the necessary evidence. In the end, Smirnov will ask the detective not to do justice with his own hands. At the next meeting, the commissioner will remember this moment.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

After the completion of the insertion, when control returns to you, go to the diner. Sam again runs up, and the remarks will depend on whether you were rude to him when meeting on the road. In the latter case, it will be much more aggressive.

John now has enough evidence to refute Dunn’s version of suicide. Match the evidence.

  • “Someone threw an expander in the trash.”
  • “Yale’s cabinet is full of interesting things.”
  • I have doubts about Dunn’s suicide.
  • Dunn’s weight is 74 kg, height is 169 cm.
  • Dunn was not tall enough to hang himself on this rope.
  • The discarded expander belongs to Yale.
  • Dunn has four rope marks on his neck.
  • Dunn wanted to cancel the fight.
  • Dunn was strangled by Yale’s expander.

After that, the cutscene will begin. Even if you are not sure that Bobby is a killer, you won’t be able to convince Sonya. Next, a new insert will begin. In a conversation with a bookmaker, you can choose any options.

Yale Apartment

Now, you can safely inspect the apartment. First, inspect the scarf at the entrance. This is one of two key clues needed for progress. The second is nearby – a photograph on the dresser.

Among other things, you can find several stickers. One of them is on the bookshelf, another is behind the pizza box (stick to the right when inspecting the box), the third can be found on the sink with dirty dishes, the fourth under the portrait of Bobby, and the fifth to his right.

In addition, there is a book in the bookcase (all of a sudden). Books are not collectibles, but are needed to achievement. Another book is in the bedroom on the armchair.

The remaining items do not carry value. You can inspect them for interest. Now go into deduction mode and match the evidence.

  • Yale has a scarf at home.
  • Mary has a cold.
  • Mary was in an amusement park with Yale.

Get out of the house. Unfortunately, the game will not give the opportunity to talk with O Leary.

Mary’s apartment

You have the evidence of Yale’s relationship with Mary; Blacksad will show up at her home. When the detective mode appears, then inspect the basket on the couch, the TV, the cloud of smoke that comes from the cake, and Mary herself. The smell of the cake prevents John from smelling in the apartment. Hint that you want the cake and Mary will leave for the knife.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

View photos; do not miss the sticker on the table in the distance. Next, go to the door. Mary will catch you, but you won’t lie. No option will convince her.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Talk with Mary and enter the detective mode. Now that the aromas of baking do not interfere, Blacksad will be able to smell. After a short QTE episode, the cutscene will start.


After a conversation with Smirnov, Blacksad will face a doctor-raptor. In detective mode, there will be two points of interest: a nose and a badge.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

In Bobby’s room, you’ll have to examine him several times during a conversation. By the way he reacts (glance, heartbeat, etc.), one can understand whether he is lying or not. This is not reflected in the gameplay, but it will be interesting to understand the plot. Talk to him until he falls asleep.

After that, examine him again in detective mode to check Bobby’s condition and activate the ability to call a nurse. However, before moving on to the plot, collect all the stickers that are in the cardiology department. Look at the windowsill to find the first sticker. Get out of the room.

A payphone at the end of the corridor is useless at this stage. You can call the club or Wickley, but the conversation will not take place. There, on the table you will find a sticker. Another lies in a flower pot. And finally, the last sticker in this location is on the coffee table opposite the reception.

You can talk to the policeman who is assigned to guard Bobby. This is an optional dialogue. Also, find Yale boots. They stand under the bed where he sleeps. Now you can compare the evidence “Who owns the footprints in the club?” And “Yale’s shoes stink badly.”

It’s time to complete the main task – to obtain a medical card Yale. Go to go to the registry and look at the folder with documents. Talk to the doe behind the window. Enter detective mode. View shift schedules to get new evidence. Also, buy cigarettes if you want to get the Morley achievement.

Now call the nurse. She will tell about her partner, and you will get evidence. Compare “The nurse-doe will leave later for surgery in traumatology and “Dr. Talbot’s surgery today at 17:30.” Next, go to the phone and fool employees twice. Now the second employee will gladly give you the card. She will ask you to guess the reason why she gives it to you. However, any answer will suit her, they are both true.

After that, the cutscene will begin. Help Sonya go to the ward by choosing any answer. Next, you have to think quickly, as the timer starts. It is useless to talk with Sonya, immediately switch to detective mode and examine the gun that she takes out of her purse. Try to reassure her, choose the options “Your father would not want this,” then “You will ruin your career” and “You can’t take such things upon yourself.” The option “The gun is not loaded” will lead to the death of Bobby.

In the end, Sonya will calm down. It ends with the fact that Sonya’s Uncle Tim rushes into the room. QTE, in which John is trying to throw the gun away, can fail – there will be no consequences.

You can also match evidence.

  • Dr. Palmer recommends Yale rest after a heart attack.
  • The medical report was signed by Dr. Ferguson.
  • Yale had extrasystoles and dehydration caused by a panic attack.

Bookmaker’s office

Once again in the boxing club, go to the ring and try to talk with Jake. You can also examine him and the boxing bear to find out optional additional details.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

After that, hit the gong, which stands right at the ring. This is the only way to get Jake’s attention. Persuade him or threaten him to find out the location of O’Leary’s office.

Once in the alley, search the area to find a few stickers. One is in the alley on the trash can, another is in the ventilation grill on the wall near the hatch, the third is under the visor of one of the doors, and the last will be on the pipe near the place where Jake guards.

You can look through the window on the door; there will be only optional information. To get inside, inspect the hatch, and then the control panel behind the iron container. Try to move it, but Blacksad can not do it. Go to Jake and ask for help.

Inside the basement it will be dark; in addition, a timer will start. You need to have time to find the source of light. It will be a lantern that lies on the top shelf of the rack. Do not rush to leave the room until you find a sticker. It is right at the top of the stairs. There is a switch nearby that you don’t need to touch, otherwise Blacksad will be shot.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Exit through the only door available. Take the sticker on the top shelf immediately. Then try to move the rack, then inspect the lower left edge of the room – there will be a lever. John will pull for it and move into the next room.

Now it will be an illegal bookmaker. It is difficult to move around in a cramped space, but try to examine all points of interest: objects on tables, watches, inscriptions on blackboards, and more. Lift the sticker on one of the chairs. The desired location is directly opposite the exit from O’Leary’s office. Another, you find on a shelf at the very end of the room.

Now go to the office. Inspect all the paintings, behind which there will be hiding places with dossiers, and drawers on both sides of the table. Collect all the information, the cutscene starts. The right direction during QTE is to the left.

Look at the small insert and do not interfere, otherwise Blacksad will be shot on the spot. When you leave the building, the only true answer is to ring the bell. Other options lead to death.

Talk with O’Leary, do not interrupt him, and let him finish talking. In detective mode, examine the gangster’s face, his legs on the table, a gun and a photo of his family. After that, compare the evidence “O’Leary claims to love his family” and “Wickley took fairly explicit photos of the Rhino with his Mistress.”

Now there will be two options: rat Colbert or make him help. Choose the second option. Otherwise, the boss will kill him, and you will not receive the achievement “Niagara Falls”.

When asked why Blacksad came so late, you can answer anything except “Ask your wife” (appears if you turned in Colbert), otherwise O’Leary will kill the detective.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

In the alley, when the bandits attack, it will be necessary in the detective mode to highlight the jacket of the thug coming in front. It will have a catchy drawing.

Meeting with Helen Moore

Here you can get the achievement America’s Pussycat if you choose the right phrases. In our case, this sequence worked.

  • Perform your civic duty.
  • O’Leary.
  • False relationship with Stone.
  • Contractual games.
  • From pure patriotism.

After that, it will be possible to consider her cigarette case, namely: the inscription inside and the clover icon on the outside.

A meeting with Wickley and a Call to Miss Colbert

The entire episode consists of a screen saver where you don’t even have to choose anything. During this conversation, Colbert’s wife will call. If you followed our guide, then she will be finally happy, and you will receive an achievement.

Poker Game with Cassidy

At the first meeting with Farnham, you can introduce yourself as the hotel director or the person Cassidy. Then you can choose any option. There may be various phrases, depending on your actions earlier. For example, you can talk about Colbert’s bribe or fraud, about Natalia’s longing (if you decided not to forget it in the office) and so on.

In the hairdresser, all questions should be answered “Try to remember.” Other options lead to death. At this point, you will return to your hotel room and look for clues for a limited time. In addition, in the short time that is given to study the room, you can also find two stickers. There are in Farnham’s suitcase and in the bathroom on the sink.

The first answer is in Farnham’s jacket.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

The second is on the table. This is a check. Also pay attention to the logo, which lies nearby. Remember the name of the city.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

The third is in the closet (left wing).

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

There is no answer to the last question. Use the additional opportunity to return to your room and collect collectibles, if you have not had time to take everything. When time runs out, Cassidy comes in and there will be no need to answer.

When Cassidy asks for a gun, return to the room and search the right wing of the cabinet. First look down and take the sticker, and only then open the box on the top shelf.

It’s about Kenny’s wife, then don’t interrupt Farnham.

The number of children can be found by looking at a photograph from Farnham’s wallet. To do this, turn it on its side. You will need to perform a QTE, and you will have to react quite quickly.

Club Killer

In the crushed office, examine two objects: a piece of paper with a boot print (near the stove) and a rag with the smell of sardines (near the table). These are two important clues. You can still look into the safe, and then Blacksad will notice the missing gun, which he will ask Sonya. She’s probably lying, but you can just agree with her.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

In the hallway, inspect the handbag on the floor and a piece of cloth on the stairs. If you advised Mary to stay away from the club, then the handbag of the new cleaning lady will be lying on the floor, if not, then Mary’s handbag. Climb to the roof, where you will find the body of a cleaning lady.

Joe Dunn’s apartment

This is another small location for research, which is full of stickers and other interesting items.

Look for a book on the coffee table – this is evidence. Also look at the boxes by the fireplace, there you will find a photo of Dunn with colleagues.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

If you want to get the achievement, then take a look at the poster and select the answer “Dunn’s nickname …”.

Take the sticker on the window at the end of the room, it is behind the curtain. In addition, if you previously found the password in the bookmaker, you can call the phone number right there and place a bet.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Another sticker is in a box on a table in the hallway in front of the kitchen entrance. In the kitchen itself there are three stickers: in the cabinet on the right side, on the very top shelf on the left (you need to raise the camera up) and in the box on the refrigerator. See also the can of sardines and the contract for the sale of the apartment.

There are two stickers in Sonya’s room: in a nightstand and a suitcase. Look at the rest of the things: a glove, a poster, abacus and a music box.

Now you can inspect Dunn’s room. Stickers are on the battery and chest of drawers. Look at the picture that is standing on the floor at the entrance to the bathroom to complete the quest. Watch a new cutscene.

Club Roof

During this episode, they will practically not be allowed to play. When the detective mode appears, compare the evidence “There is a picture with a tree painted by Dunn’s wife in Dunn’s apartment” and “Dunn hid a music box under the tree with a swing from the tire.” After, you will have to correctly execute several QTE.


Immediately pick up the sticker under the pillow, and then inspect the cabinet and mouth of the anteater to collect evidence. Now it’s time to match what was found.

  • A piece of denim on the stairs that leads to the club roof.
  • The anteater’s pants are torn.
  • From the anteater smells like sardines.
  • Who entered the club could not find the right thing in Dunn’s house.
  • Who owns the footprints in the club?
  • The anteater wears relatively small footwear.
  • The cracker “stamped” the document.
  • Two thugs tried to intimidate me.
  • Anteater penetrated the club and home to Dunn

When the anteater wakes up, you need to choose the role of a policeman you will play. For this you can get the achievements of “Good cop” and “Bad cop”. The episode can be replayed through the menu, so you won’t have to go through the game again.

When you have decided on a role, then choose only suitable answer options so that the role is convincing. After the conversation, you will have to perform QTE again. The sniper sat on the right side of the billboard.


Match the evidence at the beginning of the episode.

  • Craig Spannow was an orphan.
  • Spannow lived with his father until Dunn found him.
  • A biography of Harry Bradwin, the father of baseball, in Dunn’s apartment.

At the cemetery you need to examine several graves. You will find four stickers. Also pick up a baseball and look at a box of Chinese noodles that is lying close to the tree.

In addition, inspect the statue of the angel and answer “Before you demon” to get the achievement.

Photoshoot for Stone and Moore

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

This episode is nothing complicated. As Wickley, ask any questions and take pictures more often, following the prompts of the game. Do not miss the sticker while viewing your developed photos.

Mitchell’s Lair

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

When control returns to you, inspect the visor to the right of the entrance guarded by Mitchell’s henchman. Blacksad will automatically transfer to the other side. Go back past the truck, inspect the corner of the box. There will be a sticker. Now go deep into the storage area. Find a forklift, but do not use it yet. Go the only possible way to the place you left at the beginning of the episode. Pick up the sticker on the garbage heap near the pillar and go through the fence to the entrance. Blacksad will again watch the horse from around the corner. Step back and the game will change the camera. Now you can find the sticker on the pier, next to the mooring cables.

Return to the forklift and drive it directly to the roof you need to climb onto. Thus, the detective will be on the roof. This episode can be problematic. Important! You cannot attack a horse, because in any case he will shoot John. Instead, go back and climb even higher in the iron staircase.

Lift the sticker on the pipe and go to the right corner of the roof. There you will find a police shield. How he ended up there is a mystery, but nevertheless this is a key subject. Blacksad will not be shot with him.

Once inside the warehouse, look around. It is useless to ask questions to the horse. In the far corner will be a sofa and a telephone. You can call Smirnov and Wickley. Take a sticker on a shelf by the wall. Next, go up the stairs (see the screenshot) and examine the Indian relics. There is also a sticker on the mat. Go back to the horse.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin

Inspect his neck, and the amulet with the arrowhead. Cross-reference the evidence “The horse that works for Mitchell wears an arrowhead around his neck” and “There is an attic full of Native American items in the port warehouse.” After that, start the conversation with the phrase “Mothers always believe in their sons.” Further phrases do not matter.

Go to the third tank and open the control panel. Insert the key and press the button. A secret passage will open, get down. Take the sticker immediately on the box. Go to the lab and examine the folder with the names of the athletes and the bubbles with the pills. There is a sticker in the aquarium, and another one next to the projector. Listen to the recordings of experiments: there are two films in the laboratory. Cross-reference the evidence.

Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
Walkthrough Blacksad: Under the Skin
  • In the lab everywhere are bottles of tablets with the names of the athletes.
  • Spannow improved his athletic performance through doping.
  • A list of names that are somehow related to rare chemical components.
  • Mitchell sells dope to athletes.
  • After the drugs, Spannow’s health became much worse.

Now go to another room. To get the achievement “The sweetest story in the whole wide world”, select the following answer options.

  • Take toys.
  • Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.
  • Magic cat.
  • Inflate colored balls.
  • Pink.

Other options will work, for example, with a pie. The cutscene begins. When control returns, you need to go into the room for a gas mask, and then get out the stairs after Sparrow.

Further, in a conversation with Smirnov, cross-reference the following evidence.

  • The cops found Gill next to the cellar door.
  • Mitchell was locked in the basement.
  • Gill works for Mitchell, although he hates it.
  • Gill was forced to kill a friend.
  • The warehouse guard will shoot without hesitation.
  • Gill works for Mitchell, although he hates it.
  • Randal Leigh was killed by a sniper.
  • Randal Leigh was killed by a sniper.
  • Mitchell missed twice, shooting at point blank range.
  • Spannow stopped the fan with his bad hand.
  • Mitchell’s medications help overcome physical limitations.
  • There was a bottle in the ventilation shaft named Spannow.
  • Spannow died shortly after recuperation.

Thorpe’s Office

At the reception, inspect the portraits of athletes to reveal evidence. Next, compare the facts “List of names that are somehow related to rare chemical components” and “Thorpe hires athletes for advertising campaigns”.

Next, examine notebook using detective mode on the table with the secretary. Compare the facts “All meetings of Thorpe are listed in the diary” and “What if Tim Thorpe is involved in Mitchell’s affairs”. After that, you will need to inspect the pages of the diary, every time the secretary turns them over.

When control returns and you can freely explore the office, go into the room with the camera. Look around the table to find the sticker and photos of Bobby with the expander (which means he still lied about him). Next, select through the window into the next room. Hack the lock and you will find yourself in Thorpe’s office. All the necessary evidence is near the table. Inspect everything one by one: the place where the chair and pills should stand in the drawer. Match the evidence.

  • There is a pill bottle on Thorpe’s desk.”
  • Thorpe can’t walk.”
  • Mitchell’s medications help overcome physical limitations.

Next, examine the gun and newspaper clipping, which is hanging in a frame on the wall. Cross-reference the evidence.

  • A sniper killed Randal Leigh.
  • They called Thorpe  The Surgeon for his excellent aim as a sniper.
  • “What if the pills help Thorpe walk?”
  • “Spannow blames the Surgeon for everything.”
  • “What if Thorpe is involved in Mitchell’s Operation?”
  • “Thorpe was a sniper, and he was nicknamed the Surgeon.”
  • “You need to trap Thorpe.”
  • “What if the pills help Thorpe walk?”
  • “Thorpe holds a gun in the drawer.”

Now comes the decisive moment. You need to expose Thorpe to complete the game Therefore, the only way to really get through the game is to blame Thorpe for everything.

Watch the end.

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