Walkthrough Black Legend - Game Guide

Walkthrough Black Legend – Game Guide


Watch the introductory video, from which you will learn that you will have to manage a group of mercenaries who must free the city of Grant from a thick fog that destroys all living things.

Cast off the shackles

Gilded claw

You will find yourself in the area of ​​commoners. Use WASD to get around. The E key allows you to interact with objects when the corresponding hint appears (the hero is standing next to an interactive object). Interact with the grate in front to enter the city. Chat with a man. You can walk around the perimeter and open all the chests to get equipment and money.

Go to the red door. You will be given a hint – if a lantern is burning above any door in the city, it means that the person hiding inside has something to tell you. After receiving the key, open the gate on the left, and then enter the first battle. Also, be sure to take a close look at all the class and skill system tips.

Have your first fight. By the way, right now you can choose a character class in the inventory menu. Press I and look for the corresponding icon at the bottom. To walk, press Q and choose a destination. To attack, use the other commands located on the panel at the bottom of the screen. Remember that you can walk even after an enemy attack.

In the second battle, you will learn about the color combination. Some attacks apply a specific color. For example, a stone throw available to all casts black. Add red to it, and then attack with a standard blow-catalyst to inflict additional damage on the enemy. And you can also go down from the site of the second battle, collect all the chests along the street and open the gate, which was locked on the other side. You can go to the right along the location, but to continue the quest, follow the left to the Merchants Guild. Here you can talk to Johan, who will give you the key to the port area. Also from one of the characters you can take the side quest “Pulling the strings”.

To be continued…

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