Walkthrough Basement

Walkthrough Basement


A detailed walkthrough of all levels of 2D strategy Basement.

Level 1. Old uncle’s garage

After the introductory video, Gunter and Kenny move to the old uncle’s garage to get down to business. First you need to equip a place to grow greens. To do this, install a generator in the basement, then a Grow box.

Just click on a free room in the basement and click Build

Now build a room for the sale of goods. First you need to disassemble an existing room with a lift.

Disassemble another room with trash, which is located next to the stairs and put a warehouse here. In this room you can store finished goods that you have not yet managed to sell. It is quite convenient. Put a sofa in the remaining free room. You can send heroes there to rest.

If you do nothing, then the characters will rest automatically when they run out of stamina.

When the first five batches are made, the task opens: earn 1000 bucks. Just keep an eye on Gunther and Kenny until the dialogue starts. Kenny will propose digging up some rooms in the basement and make a warehouse for money there. Click on a free cell in the lower level (shovel icon) and click “Dig.” Follow these steps three times, and then place the warehouse in any of the rooms.

After some time, you will need to hire a dealer and build another room for selling green. Remove the rest room and move it to the basement. In its place, put a new room for sale. To hire a dealer, place the dressing room in the remaining room in the basement. Click on it once and select “Hire.” When choosing a dealer should take into account its characteristics:

  • Endurance – means that the dealer can work a lot without rest.
  • Damage – the maximum damage the dealer can inflict.
  • Health – a weak dealer will die quickly even in hand-to-hand fighting.

Rob a pharmacy

For this, you will need to deal with two guards. Gunther and Kenny are bad fighters. You will need the help of a bouncer. To hire him – dismiss the dealer (left-click on him and select “Dismiss” in the upper right corner), then click on the locker room and select “Hire”.

You can move the screen in an accessible area. You do not need to use a mouse for this – press the A / D keys to move slowly, or Q / E to quickly move to the desired object. For example, if you have a garage in front of you, press the E key once to move the screen to the pharmacy. When you hire a bouncer, move the screen to the pharmacy and click on the red marker that appears at the entrance. When the pharmacy falls, dismiss the bouncer and hire a dealer again.

Now you need to transport all the goods from the pharmacy to the garage. This is done very simply: hire a motorcycle in your garage, which will do the job for a fee. Goods is transported, you do the main work. In the end, the mafia leader will go at the pharmacy and the level will be completed.

Level 2. Brewing Shit it’s easy

Send Gunther to produce green, and Kenny and the dealer to sell the goods. At some point, man will enter the garage, which will require you to pay for work on its territory. You have no choice. Just keep trading green and collect money. The next time he appears, Kenny will offer to move to the territory of the Greens, to the old computer club.

To do this, dismiss the dealer and hire a bouncer. Most likely, a bouncer alone will not be enough, but there are several nuances. There are four people in the old computer club who need to be defeated. It is very difficult to do this if they are all in the same room. Choose the right moment when they scatter into different rooms and send the bouncer there.

Do not send a person there if all the system administrators are in the same room!

If it remains to kill one enemy, send him to the building of the old computer club of Gunter and Kenny, then begin to equip it under the working area. Do not forget to disassemble all the elements in the uncle’s garage, because after you refuse to pay, this building will be captured!

What you need to build primarily in the new room:

  • Generator;
  • Two Grow boxes;
  • Warehouse for green;
  • Warehouse for money
  • Rest room;
  • Locker room;

Dismiss dealers and bouncers who are now worthless. There is no need to build trading rooms, as in the future you will send goods to Miguel! After some time, Kenny will talk about improving the boxing and other rooms. If you have money left, first improve the grow boxes, then the remaining rooms (generator, rest room, etc.). In order to catch the right amount of goods for Miguel on time, you need to make two grow boxes and place the heroes in them.

After a while, the old computer club will go a man. Watch a long cut scene.

Level 3. Hui Xiao Restaurants

Press the Q key three times to go to the old laundry. Do not waste time and attack her, previously using one unit of green per Gunther, Kenny and dealer. Thus, you save at least part of the goods. If you won’t succeed, don’t be upset. Restart the game until you grab the laundry. In any case, you will have to do this later, and so you will save time and earn some money, which is very necessary at first. We recommend that you do not let the heroes go away.

When the laundry is captured, return to the computer club and start working on production. You can sell all the things from the first floor of the laundry, but do not touch the locker rooms and the generator! Sell ​​a lounge on the ground floor of the club and place a room for sale there. Apply the upgrade to the generator, then upgrade two of the three grow boxes. You can skip the first batch for Hui Xiao, because you still do not have time to produce the right amount of green.

When you have about 10 packs of green, the mafia will attack one of several Hui Xiao restaurants. Do not rush to immediately send people there! Three days are given for this: usually, most bandits stay in the restaurant for two days, then leave it. In this case, you just have to deal with three or four enemies. That’s not a lot. Proceed as follows: when the bulk of the gang leaves, hire a bouncer. Send the bouncer and Kenny to the restaurant, after applying a pack of green to them. If everything goes well, then you will complete a mini-quest (there will be many more) and you can even find some weapons: bats, jump ropes and more.

However, if you manage to collect the right amount of goods for the first batch of Hui Xiao, then it makes no sense to miss the opportunity to earn money, since at this level it is the most difficult task. But, after the first shipment, put the dealer on the market, and the rest of the team on production. Keep playing at this pace until the second batch of green is sold.

Now you have about a little more than $ 2000. Hire a laboratory assistant and send him to the main base, so that he was engaged in production. Hire another dealer and place him in the second sales room in the computer club. Don’t make any extra purchases and you will complete the level.

You can arrange another captured building for the underground workshop, but only at the beginning of the game. To do this, you will have to hire a dealer and a laboratory assistant. If at the beginning of the game each of them will require a fee of 50-60 bucks a day, then by the middle of the level the price will rise to 80-90 bucks. Do not forget that extra spending is also not what!

Once the party is sold, hire two bouncers and head to the old motel. Do not forget to bring Kenny with a club (most likely, you already have one). Kill all the guests and deal with one more invaders of the restaurant chain. Do not forget to cure the group after the first massacre!

At the very end, when there are about five days left until the completion of the money-mining mission, the bandits will attack two Hui Xiao restaurants at once, but with a one-day difference. To deal with them, you need to hire three bouncers at once (hiring at this point will be around $ 230 per person),.

Remember, even if 10 bucks is not enough, the task will fail! If you see that you are missing about a thousand dollars, and then start selling everything a few hours before the end of time.

We are writing a continuation right now…

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