Walkthrough Ashley: The Emptiness Inside

Walkthrough Ashley: The Emptiness Inside


Read full walkthrough Ashley: The Emptiness Inside

The Beginning

After an introduction, which you can skip (press ‘Space’ or ‘Enter’), you find yourself in an unfamiliar room. Walk forward through the door and down the hallway. The corridor leads to a small room in which you will see a magical seal painted on the wall. Exploring the room, you will find 2 documents, a flashlight and a camera. In camera mode, inspect the corridor you were walking along. Above one of the shelves you will find a symbol, take a picture of it at close range. It will disappear, as will the wall with the magic seal. Go to the passage.

Passing along a dark corridor, you will reach a small room with a closed door. When at a dead end, turn back. At the other end of the dark corridor, a passage opened up that had not been there before. There you will find a key to the door and another document. Passing along the corridor for the last time, unlock the locked door with the found key (the door will open automatically when you approach).

The Vestibule

Walking forward and picking up one more documents along the way, you find yourself in the vestibule. Go to the counter on the left. Click on the bell three times, getting the achievement and opening the locked box. The box is behind you on the shelves. Moving the cap to the side reveals a document.

Go behind the counter, on the bedside table you will see a stand for 4 objects, only one of which is in place. You need to find the three remaining ones. Look at the stand through the camera and you will see that the letter D appears above the set object.

Behind you, also behind the counter, you will find a key holder locked with a combination lock. The code consists of 4 digits from 1 to 6.

Examining the rest of the room, you will find a telephone and instructions for it. Once in camera mode, look at the floor and see footprints leading to the wardrobe. Head over there. On the table, where the trail is interrupted, there is an object that can only be seen with a camera. Take a picture of it so that it manifests itself in reality and take it with you.

Going further into the wardrobe, you will find an open door. In the room behind it, you will find another missing item. Taking it and trying to leave, you will find yourself in a dead end. Turn back and go to the light.

To find the last item, look for an empty box in the vestibule. It stands on the table under the pictures. Looking at the pictures above it through the camera, you will see your name – Ashley. Convert letters to numbers using the instructions provided with the phone (or using the phone
itself). Dial the resulting number and press call. If the number is dialed correctly (274539), after a couple of beeps, you will hear a signal. Go to the empty box, which now contains the last missing

After collecting all three, put them on the stand and look at it again through the camera. You will see the letters COLD. Convert them into numbers, as you did before, and enter the resulting code (2653) to open the key holder. After receiving the key, move on.

The Empty Restaurant

On your right, there will be a basement entrance. On the left is a long passage, at the end of which there is an open door leading to the main premises of the restaurant, several exhibition tables and another locked door to the basement. One of the tables is dirty, another one needs to break glass. You can take a look around here using your camera and go through the open door.

Go down the stairs. There are many exits from this room. There is a closed passage to the kitchen behind the bar. On the left in the far corner is the passage to the pantry and to the freezers.

The closest passage on the right leads to the toilet if you go straight, or to the banquet hall if you turn off. The passage in front of the bar leads to an elevator to an office and another storage room, along the way to which you can find another small room with tables. It contains a strange construction with ropes. After examining it, you can see that it is missing two parts.

Explore the available rooms and pick up all the documents and drawings you find. The elevator needs electricity and the freezers are locked by door with code. In the pantry opposite the freezers, you will find wire cutters and a battery for the mechanism that starts the elevator.

You can go to the toilet, where you will find a cleanser for the dirty show table you met earlier. The way back will be blocked by a wall with a seal and you will have to go further in search of a key symbol. Remember that it can only be seen through the camera.

The Basement

Having coped with this, go to the entrance to the basement. You can clear the table along the way. When you go down to the basement, you will be locked. In the room on the right, using your camera, you will find the symbol from the new seal. Going to the left, you will see 2 ways. Hot
steam blocks the path to the right. Next to the pipes, you will find a valve behind a closed grate. To remove steam, you need to find a screwdriver, open the grate and turn the valve.

Go left. There you will find a new white seal and a note. You have already activated one of the three symbols, another one can be found by examining the room opposite the seal. Also, passing further, turning right on the way to the seal, you will find an obstacle blocking the way. Move it from the way. Above the moved obstacle, you will find the last symbol, and in the room next to it lies a screwdriver. Return to the seal if you have activated all three symbols. There you will receive a triangular box of ashes.

With a screwdriver, you can open the way blocked by hot steam. After going there, you will find an electrical panel, behind which there will be a lever. Activate it and get out of the basement.

You should not follow the path that you took down to the basement. Climb the stairs next to the seal, open the latch door and exit.

The Cabinet

Go to the bar, behind which you will find a screwed-up box. Using a screwdriver, remove another battery from the inside. Now you can go to the elevator and activate it. You will find an electrical panel next to the elevator. Open it, insert 2 batteries and activate the lever. Take the
elevator to the office.

There will be a new seal on right. Explore this place for documents and symbol keys from seal. You will also find a clock, the hands of which can be moved, and a stand with 3 of 6 circular parts that can be rotated. The clue to the clock is on the wall, opposite the seal, if you look at it through the camera. Set the clock to 06:10 and go through the door that opens on the right. There you will find the key. Return to the elevator and get down.

After exiting the elevator, go straight and left to the door. You will find a hammer there. With it you can get to previously inaccessible things. One glass box is in a small room in the restaurant where you saw the rope mechanism. The second is located in the main room of the restaurant on one of the two tables to the left of the stairs (when viewed from the side of the stairs). After breaking the boxes and taking objects from them, climb the stairs to the corridor.

Break the glass on the display table. Under it are 3 circles that can be rotated and each of which has 6 different symbols, as well as 2 closed doors. Inspect the other two tables with your camera. Each of them is marked with the symbols required to open the corresponding door.

Remember them and rotating the circles put the selected symbols in a row so that they are from the part of the circle closest to you, i.e. from below. Take what is behind the doors.

Now you have three round pieces. Go back to the cabinet and insert it. Place all 6 circles in the desired position. In the right position, each of them will begin to glow. When you put all 6, a secret passage will open on left. Go there and you will find a code for freezers and another symbolkey from the seal. Do not forget to pick up the box from the seal after its activation.

The Kitchen

Go to the freezers. The door code is written on a sticker in the cabinet: 1242. Entering, you will see a broken door on the left. Take the knife to the right from the table. Next, clear your way by moving the heavy box to the side. Use a knife to cut the tape, open the electric panel and turn off the electricity. The broken door should be open now. Go there, open the box with a knife and take out the contents.

You could meet the same box earlier at the counter, where the passage to the banquet hall is located (turn right on the way to the toilet). Taking its contents, go to the room with the rope mechanism. Insert the found items.

Each of the five symbols can be moved up and down. The found pictures serve as a clue to the desired position of each of them. Make the sun at the very top, the ship at the very bottom, and the rest in the middle at about the same level. If done correctly, you can open the door behind the ropes and get the key to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, more documents await us and a new seal in the back room. Use the wire cutters to open the way to seal. Explore the kitchen area and find three seal symbols. By activating the last seal, you can get the last box of ashes.

The Banquet Hall

Insert all three boxes of ashes into the altar by the door to the banquet hall. Go inside and go forward. After passing through the next door you will find yourself in the corridor. On the left you will see a table with a seal and a place for three items that must be found in order to get out of this place. Go ahead and sooner or later you will see this table again, but along the way you will see the door opened. There is a radio and a closed chest inside. The clue on the wall is visible with a camera. Set the volume to maximum and the frequency to about 96.6. Get the item out of the chest and go to the table with seal.

Go forward again, the corridor will change. On the way, another door will open, next to the lattice. Use the camera and find the desired item inside. Return to the table. The third time go further along the corridor.

You will find the telephone behind the newly opened door. Clues will also be on the walls. Determine the correct order of letters, having received the phrase BURN IT, which corresponds to the numbers 287648. Dial this number on the phone and the last item you need will be in the box on the table. Go to the table with the seal and put the found items on it. A lattice will open, behind which there is a staircase. Get down on it and go forward.

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