Mafia 2 Remastered Walkthrough and Guide

Walkthrough and Guide Mafia 2 Remastered


A detailed walkthrough of the updated version of the legendary game about mafia warriors in post-war America.

Chapter 1. The Old Country

The game begins with a military conflict in central Europe. After the video, hide behind cover and fire at Mussolini’s people. After some time, you will need to penetrate the estate. Once inside, throw a grenade at the marked area, then collect all supplies and kill the remaining enemies. You need to climb to the second floor and go along the corridor, simultaneously killing opponents. Run out to the balcony and continue to attack enemies. Do this until the cutscene begins. The end of the chapter.

Chapter 2. Home Sweet Home

After lengthy videos, Vito will go to his mother. When you leave the house, on the street you will see a sister with some man. You will have to fight with him. This is a training mission in which you need to learn how to control Vito and strike. Follow to Joe, and then with him to Giuseppe. Find the entrance to the apartment, pick up the papers and take the master key from him.

Go outside and go to the car that the protagonist previously mentioned. Use the master key to crack it and start the pursuit with the police. From this moment, a car workshop will be available to you, in which you can repaint your transport, change rooms or just tune it. If your car has already lit up with the cops, then you have to use the workshop. When you are finished with the car, follow the marker on the map. You will find yourself in a landfill. Watch a short cutscene in which Mike Brusky offers you a job.

Get in the car and head to the first mission from Mike. Once at the bar, get over the fence, eliminate all members of the gang. Kill the enemies, use the master key and steal the necessary transport. Leaving the alley, the gang car will start to chase after you. Try to press it against oncoming or parked vehicles, move at high speed. Having done this, go to Mike’s landfill. To complete the chapter, return to Joe’s apartment and go to bed.

Chapter 3. Enemy of the State

The next day, go to the ringing phone and talk with your mother. She will ask you to get a job. Go to the port, find an open hangar and climb the stairs to the chef. Chat with Mr. Papalardo, who will give you the job of loading boxes into the car. Go down and drag one box. After doing this, leave the hangar. Right before the exit, a cut-scene will begin in which you once again communicate with the chef.

Return to the hangar, go through all the workers and collect their money for a haircut. One of the workers will not want to voluntarily take off for a haircut and you will have to deal with it. After that, the remaining workers themselves will give you all the money. Return to the boss, give him the collected funds and get a reward.

When the work in the port is completed, the marker Joe will appear on the map. Follow the marker, enter the bar and watch the cutscene with Henry. He offers one more task – to steal fuel coupons. Before that, you should visit the sister of one of the workers in the building, where you have to climb. Wait until he gets in your car and take her to the indicated place. From the hospital, follow the marker on the map. So, you will be at the desired building for the quest. Enter the lane, then get into the price control department.


The second floor also has security. Deal with it, then find the desired office and open the safe with the key. When you do this, Vito will receive the necessary coupons, but at the same time the alarm will be activated. Police will burst into control. Kill them or not – you decide. In any case, you need to leave the building, get into the police car and go to the bar. Here, the last task awaits you – to breed as many coupons as possible at gas stations. You can make a minimum, but if you carry more, you will get more cash. As usual, to complete the chapter, return to Joe’s apartment and go to bed.

Chapter 4. Murphy’s Law

Leave the apartment and go to the bar. Your new acquaintance named Henry will give the following assignment. You will have a short trip to the jewelry store, which also wants to rob another gang. Alas, you will know this only after you arrive at the indicated place. When trapped, run after Joe. Once out of the building, change clothes at the nearest store and return to the apartment. The end of the chapter.

Chapter 5. The Buzzsaw

Leave the apartment. On the street you will meet the girl Joe, who was attacked by a man. Teach him and go to the already familiar bar. Watch the video, after which you need to drive one of the participants in the conversation to his apartment. At the end of the cut-scene, deal with all enemies, one of which will be hidden in the building. Slowly follow him. Keep your team, otherwise you risk dying. Move deep into the building, eliminating the enemies one by one. On the top floor, the chase will end, but one of your comrades will be injured. Follow the marker on the map to take it to the doctor. At the end of the mission, you will collect the necessary amount, which you will give to your sister. Complete the chapter in the apartment.

Chapter 6. Time Well Spent

After some time, policemen will come for Vito, who will bring him many charges. The protagonist will be convicted and imprisoned. Watch numerous videos on the engine, and when control passes to you, go to bed in your cell. From one cut-scene, you will find out that there is a man in the camp who can help you get out of prison ahead of time. Ask the prisoners about him. At one point, you will meet an already familiar mafioso who tried to rob a jewelry store in one of the previous chapters. Teach him and follow Leo’s directions. After many other events, you just need to follow the plot, from which you get acquainted with new characters and learn about the death of Vito’s mother.

Chapter 7. In Loving Memory, F. Potenza

The next chapter begins already at large. Vito was released a few years earlier, as Leo had promised. You are dating Joe, who has kindly rented a place for you. We learn about what happened over the years, then we put on a suit and go to a party. At the end of the party, follow the city and dig in the body, which was always in the trunk of the car. Return home, see the cut scene.

Chapter 8. The Wild Ones

The next morning, watch the cutscene, after which you abandon the street. Get behind the wheel of a truck and head to Riverside. Arriving at your destination, grab the box and hand it to Joe. A few hours later, a patrol car will drive up to the truck, take a block of white cigarettes and hand it over to the sergeant.

Drive the truck again and sell cigarettes in another area. Continue trading until several gang cars drive up to you. Follow the enemy car whose owner you want to teach a lesson. The car will break away from the pursuit, after which you need to find the nearest telephone box. Go back to Steve.

After the cut-scene, you get a machine gun, with which you need to smash the nearest building. Do it. After that, take Molotov cocktails from the trunk and burn the house. Get in the car, follow the foundry. At the main foundry gate, watch the video. Eliminate the enemies who hide behind shelters, then slowly move around the territory. When all the enemies are killed, return to Joe and Steve. Get in the car in front of you and go to the port to sell this transport. Leave the port and watch the cut scene.

Chapter 9. Balls and Beans

Watch the cutscene in which you meet Mr. Falcone. Eddie will get you up to speed. After leaving the bar, follow Luke and try not to fall into his field of vision. Having reached the entrance to the plant, find a hole in the fence, and the entrance to the sewer to the right of it. Scroll through the tunnel until you find the stairs up. Hide behind cover, and when the guard leaves, you can see the captive members of the gang. Climb through the pipes to the boiler room building. So, you will find yourself inside the building.

Follow the corridor forward, focusing on men’s screams. Try not to catch the eye of enemies. When you get to the right door, the video will begin. A thug will attack you. Use a counterattack, then finishing to fold it. When the bruiser is killed, free the people of Falcone and fight off the bandits. Go to the exit, several cars will drop into the territory – get rid of them. When you clean the area, go to the locked door, behind which Luke hid. Watch several long cut scenes, after which the chapter ends.

Chapter 10. Room Service

Go to the phone in the morning and listen to Eddie. He will ask to come to Joe. Watch the cutscene after which you will find yourself in the hotel building. Go to the mafia, who asks to remove the mess at the elevator. Take the elevator. After going upstairs, follow to the conference room. Go to the window to start the video.

Go to the stairwell and climb to the roof. You can eliminate several bandits in stealth, or immediately start shooting. In any case, you have to clean the roof of the gangsters. Find the cradle, tie the worker and go down. Watch the cut scene.

You will again be in the conference room, but after the explosion. The main mafioso managed to survive, run after him and take the elevator. On the lower floor, get to the exit, simultaneously destroying the enemies. In the parking lot, you will see Joe’s dead friend. Follow the car mafia. Try to be as close to his car as possible. Having caught him, watch a few more cut scenes. The next morning, pick up the phone and listen to the bartender who asks to pick up Joe from the bar. Get to the bar, and when you go inside, Joe will shoot the bartender. You need to get to the landfill and get rid of the car with the corpse. The end of the chapter.

Chapter 11. A Friend of Ours

The protagonist wakes up at the doorbell. Go to the door, get in the car and listen to Henry. Follow the marker on the map. Enter the building and watch the video. Eddie will instruct Henry to deal with Leo, and you will go to the old man to save his skin. Take the old man to the station.

When you return, you will meet a sister who will complain about her husband. Go to the indicated place on the map and teach the lesson Francesca a lesson. Follow to your apartment again. Talk to Francesca on the phone and watch the cutscene.

Vito’s house is on fire. Get out of the window in the restroom and run along the road. Find any car and go to Joe. After changing clothes, follow in the shelter of the Irish. We kill all the bandits in the bar, then we exit through the back door. We shoot the wheels of the car on which the Irishman is trying to hide, and kill him. Get in the car to Joe, take the keys to the apartment and go for the marker on the map. The end of the chapter.

Chapter 12. Sea Gift

Pick up the phone and listen to Henry. Follow the marker on the map, watch a few videos. After talking with Henry and Joe, get in the car and follow the goal. After receiving money from Bruno, go to the Chinese. An ambush awaits you as you exit the building. The cops are actually fake. Run forward all the time until you find yourself in the hangar. Eliminate enemies and move forward. On the street at the entrance to the hangar, help from several mafia cars will arrive. When you deal with all the opponents, get into any car and follow the marker on the map.

Chapter 13. Exit the Dragon

After talking with Henry, get in the car and go to him. Arriving at the place, you will see how the Chinese kill Henry. Follow the car of the Chinese. Go to a restaurant and start a shootout. Kill enemies and just follow along. Take the elevator, and on the lower floor, deal with another dozen opponents. Find the next elevator and watch the cutscene in which Joe kills the leader of the Chinese. Leave the block and take Joe home. The end of the chapter.

Chapter 14. Stairway to Heaven

Chapter 15. Per Aspera Ad Astra

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