Walkthrough and Guide As Far As The Eye
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Walkthrough and Guide As Far As The Eye


Read a detailed Guide of the storyline campaign of an exciting game with elements of strategy, gathering and survival

Chapter 1. Oku the Vigilant

The first mission is teaching. Learn the movement elements and the main objective. You need to get to the Eye, and for this you need to fix the bridge. The repair of the bridge will take 40 units of ore and 80 units of wood. Oku already has the ore, so you just have to get to the caravan. Follow where the markers point. Oku has 3 action points, but it takes more to overcome the big hills.

After 30 turns, the area will be flooded, so you need to have time to complete the quest before this time ends. However, this is not difficult, since the game tells you what to do. Search the plains above the tribe until you find a forest with resources. Most likely, you need to find two cells with trees. A prompt will then appear. Click on Oku, then on the tree cage. Now skip turns while Oku is gathering resources. After the first batch of 40 units of wood, you will find out that lightning is about to strike the forest. You order Oku to collect wood from another forest. Skip moves.

When you do this, go to the world map and order the tribe to move to the Eye. The resources required for the bridge (and later for other tasks) will be automatically deducted from the general stock. You will need to place the rest of the resources on Lulu’s back. Click on them with LMB and drag them to any slots on the right. Then click on the “Leave” button.

Chapter 2. Linked by Destiny

Now you have two students – Hanki and Shuut. Click on the map and check both stops on the way to Oku. You will find out how many resources are required for each. And they will have to be collected. The choice of the route directly depends on the resources on the map. Return to the parking lot and explore it by sending two students in different directions. You will find two locations with a pumpkin (food) – upper right and lower right, as well as a location with a stone – lower left. Choose the lower route, through the trees and the glacier, on the global map, return to the parking lot and order two students to collect pumpkins from different locations. Skip turns until you have accumulated the required amount. Also along the way, the game will explain to you that one of the students should be sent to the extraction of stone. Select a student, build icon and build a quarry next to the cage with stones. Start mining by right-clicking on it.

When you get all the resources, move to the lower parking lot. Having done this, go a little forward with the caravan and break it. Send students to explore the location. When you examine all the cells, you will realize that there is no ore here. And ore is needed for the transition. You need to build a market, and it requires wood. To begin with, send one student to get the pack animals, and the other – the wood next to the caravan. When there is enough wood, build a quarry at the top of the map, near the stones. And when there is a beast of burden, then create a market.

Now you need to collect 50 wood and 120 stones. When you exceed this figure, head to the market to exchange wood or stones for ore. Each resource has its own value, so for 1 ore you will have to pay either 40 units of wood or 10 units of stone. As soon as you collect the required amount of ore and other resources (requirements are shown in the left corner of the screen), you can go to the Eye. But you can stay a little longer to collect additional resources. Your rating depends on their number.

Chapter 3. The Shapeshifters

Chapter 4. The Greatest Pie in the World

To be continued…

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