Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth

Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth


Amnesia: Rebirth is an atmospheric first-person horror game that is a direct sequel to previous games in the series.


This is the first playable location where you find yourself at the beginning of the game. The main character of the game, Anastasie Trianon, together with her husband Salim Hannaki, fly on a plane called “Kassandra”. Their team went on a mountain expedition to French Sudan, but, unfortunately, the plane crashes. This is happening somewhere in the desert. When Anastasie wakes up, she does not find anyone next to her.

After the accident, the girl will start to panic. She suffers from a mysterious illness, as a result of which her condition begins to deteriorate as stress increases. Crawl forward to the bottle of sedative and interact with it (this medicine will calm the girl).

Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth
Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth

Drink a sedative, grab a sketchbook in front of you and walk to the front of the plane to meet Dr. Metzer, who is trying to communicate with someone on the radio. Unfortunately this is useless, so you turn left and exit the plane. There is no handle on the door. You find it on the floor. Pick up the item and place it on the door, and then open it.

From here, move right to the area with a chest in the middle. Continue forward, walk between the rocks on your right hand. After that, turn left, staying in the shadows, and continue driving until you reach a cave on the left.



Before entering the cave, inspect the chest on the right side. You find a letter from one of your party members, Jonathan Webber. If you turn around, standing here, and pick up a box of chocolate, you will find expedition leader Hank’s notes about Rachel Holt.

Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth
Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth


The cave is the second location in Amnesia: Rebirth. Once inside, you will find a campsite, but there will be no one else. There is a wedding photo of Salim and Anastasie on the box to the left of the campsite, next to the first aid kit. There are three documents on the table in front of you – a crew list, a map, and a list of property. There are matches and Hank’s notes about Anastasie in the suitcase next to the table.


From this table, return to the main area and enter the room to the right. Go forward and find some more matches next to the mine engineering document lying on the table. There is a photo of two people from your group – Richard Fairchild and Alexander Sterling on the other table to the right. Then go to the next room on the right and find Yasmin Chabani’s ID card lying on the box in front.

Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth
Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth

If you approach the suitcase on the floor, next to the box, you will find an entry from the Algerian encyclopedia lying on the floor. From here, you need to turn around and find a letter written by Jonathan to his wife. It explains the events of the accident and what the expedition decided to do next.

Go left to leave the room from the place where Jonathan’s letter was found. If you lift the pillow on the bed to the left, you will find Hank’s notes on Eva Ritter. From here, go down the ramp to return to the main cave area. Move to another area. Unfortunately, Eve will be there and she is dead. Next to her is the last note she managed to write. You will find a poem in german on the rock, as well as the grave of her husband Lucas Ritter with his photograph.

Exit the room and turn right. There is Salim’s note on the green table to the right. Go forward, pick up the matches on the bad on the left and start walking deeper into the cave. Turn right, light a small fire on the left and keep moving forward until you see another fire. Go left – dead end. Turn sharply to the right and find the first note from Salim (a page torn from his diary).

Descend into the darkness to find a place to light a fire (both left and right). There is a dead end in the tunnel on the right. Go along the left tunnel, follow down and take away some matches from the basket. The middle tunnel is intertwined with the left one. From where you found the matches, turn right and find another place for fire. There is a dead end in the tunnel on the right, so head left. There is another page from Salim’s diary on the branch to your right. Continue forward, head towards the light on the left (the path to the right is again a dead end). Unfortunately, the fire will go out, but don’t panic. Continue forward to see an illuminated temple on your right. There you can calm down.

Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth
Walkthrough Amnesia: Rebirth

There are matches in the chest near the altar door. There is a white pot with other matches next to the altar. You can throw it to smash and pick them up. Also, someone left a note on the altar. When you’re ready, head back outside and head right. You will soon reach a fork in the cave. First, move left to pick up some more matches. Then return and head down the other part of the tunnel. Soon you will find a fire on the left and another page from Salim’s diary on the rock on your right.

Overcome the board in front, go along the path, turn right and find another board. Start moving towards the light, but, unfortunately, the board will break, and you will find yourself in the depths of the cave. Once down, turn around and head towards the green light. You will see the first monster. After the cut-scene, which will take you to another part of the cave, stand on your feet, walk towards the light in front. There are several stones floating in the air on the left. Believe me, it will soon make sense. Continue down, forward through the passage and bend down to get under the branch ahead.

A cut-scene will begin in which Anastasie’s amulet will light up and begin to move. Turn right and approach the floating stones. The amulet will open a rift that you can walk through. Do this, go right and go through the door ahead. From here, go forward until you find lit torches. Someone was here. There is another note from Salim’s diary on the right, on the stone.

Walk up and left. Use the amulet at the top of the hill to enter a new part of the cave. Move forward until you come across a fork. The path to the left is a dead end. Walk to the right to find a rift in the wall on the left where light is. Go inside.

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