Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories

Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories


After the introductory video, move forward. You can select various objects of LMB, and then throw them RMB.

The TAB key opens and closes inventory. When you interact with the object to which you want to apply something, the inventory automatically opens. Move forward until you see the stairs down. There is a closed door to the left. Go down the stairs and go through the door.

Go to the right in the new corridor. There will be a turn on the right hand. There is a door there. If you go through it, you will find yourself in a room with a door on which there is no door handle. Come back and go further along the corridor. There is a ventilation grate on the right, behind the barrel. There is something inside, but you need some kind of tool to get this item. A path to the left leads to a passage blocked by pipes. But then you can go through the door in the middle. Go forward, find the table behind the next door and pick up a piece of wire. Go back and apply this piece to the ventilation to find the metal pipe.

Follow back to the beginning of the game, climb the stairs and use the pipe to open the door on the side of the descent down. Hold LMB, open the door and go forward. You will find yourself in a dead end room. Look through the vent pipe so that the screen darkens. Turn around and go to the light, to the pipe. After this vision, you will return back, and there will be a doorknob to the left on the table.

Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories
Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories

Run to the stairs, go down and follow to the right. Turn right and go through the door. To begin, go forward and left to the light. When it goes out, go back and go left to the door that you saw earlier. Use a pen on it, bend down and crawl forward. There is a table in the back of the room. Take away the box of nails and the small button.

Run through the door at the end of the corridor, where a pipe was found to the right in the ventilation. Get to the table on which the piece of wire was, and jump over the railing. You will find yourself behind the pipes that you saw earlier. Interact with the panel on the right, labeled OPEN. Find the panel below to the left of the door. Insert a small button into it and press, and then go through the door.

The door on the right is closed, not enough energy. The story is similar with the door in front, so move through the door on the left. Go between the shelves, bend down and crawl to the left. Follow forward. There will be several boxes on the left hand. If you jump over them, you will find a locked hatch. Look for a scalpel and lower jaw on the boxes to the right. Climb across the boxes opposite and jump over the rack to the right. Go through the door at the end.

Follow down to turn on the lights with the buttons on the side. Walk along the corridor to the room, walk along it, so that another door opens on the side. Get to the cage with the boy and wait. Go through the door and find yourself in a room with a generator. Try to run it, but nothing will work. You need to restore the pipes on the right. The first piece of pipe is lying right under your feet. Pick it up and bring it to the area where the pipe is missing. Another part of the pipe is in the corner to the right of the door through which you came here. Another piece is on the shelves on the other side – behind a cardboard box. Install all three parts and start the generator.

Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories
Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories

Go through the door, crawl through the ventilation and jump down. Ahead, there is a table with a red box. Take the wrench of it. Go left and find a rack with a bolt cutter. Go back and go to another wing. Find the door leading to a morgue-like room (at least there are many doors in it). There is a valve on the table to the right. You may not see it because of the open door. Close the door to remove the shadow. Then look for a nearby passage room with pipes. Apply a valve to them, and then secure it with an adjustable wrench. You turn off the hot steam. Find the grate and open it by applying a bolt cutter. Move along the pipe and enter the elevator. After the elevator ride, go through the door.

Go through the room with racks (you will move above them). Behind the next door, there is a panel on the left. There is no switch on it. So go ahead and take a screwdriver from the bed. Follow further through the door on the left, along the way, examine the terminal. At the end there will be a descent down. Jump in there. There is a platform and a panel that allows you to launch it and return to the top. Remember this moment and go through the door.

Go to the end of the corridor and find a massive door. Apparently, it leads to the main room where you have already been. But again, not enough energy. So go through the door in the middle of the corridor. Go ahead and take the switch off the chair. Go back to the panel where there is not enough switch (back past the bed) and activate the switch to turn on the power. Follow again to the massive door in the far corridor, and now you can open it. And then go through another door in the main hall.

You will find yourself in a long corridor with several doors. All of them are closed now. Go to the very end and open the door to the left. There is a hatch in the back room, but now it cannot be opened. There is also a terminal that allows you to open one of the three doors. Select B8 and go through the door opposite. You will be among the pipes. Look on the left for a small hole where a strange smell comes from. Throw a box of nails there.

Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories
Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories

Go back, with the terminal open door 53 and go through it (in the middle of the corridor). Follow under a broken screw that was stopped by dropping nails into the hole earlier. So you get to the room with the generator. It has a tray with a brush for coloring. Take it and go into the room on the right. Here you will find a mount and a green toy.

Return to the terminal. When you try to open door 64, you will be asked to enter a code. Now we do not know it. Therefore, go to the hatch nearby and open it with a mount. Go down, go through the bridge on the left and open the door. Follow through the pipe on the left (bending down) and find yourself in a new part of the sewer. First, go through the knocked door on the right to find a syringe in the back room on the table. Go back and go through the door opposite.

Bend down and crawl through a hole in the wall to the right. You will be in the pump control room. Try to lower the toggle switch on the right, but it will return to its original position. Take the camera the table. Go back through the hole. The path to the corridor on the right is flooded, so go back. Come back, and when you move through the pipe, you will see the door ahead (it was previously hidden under a shadow). Go through it and move to where you see the monster. In the end, you go down and see the terminal. There is a dark corridor to his right. Follow through it, hold RMB and press LMB to illuminate the path with a flash from the camera. In the end, you get to the end and can go through the door in the lighted corridor.

There is a white board on the left. Take away the yellow toy and use a brush to remove the dirt. Examine the corpse on the right. Use a scalpel on it to make a hole. You can do nothing more with the body. A little further there is an open freezer for the corpse. Remove the couch from it and take the memory card. Click on it in the inventory to automatically insert it into the camera. Examine the camera in your inventory, look through the frames and see the picture with the code – 3551. Use the nearest elevator.

Go back through the hatch and use the terminal. Open door 64 by entering code 3551. Go through this door in the hallway and find the terminal in the room. There is also a spray can of paint and a key. Return to the corridor, go right to door E and open it with the key. Go forward along the corridor and pick up the red toy and tweezer from the chair.

Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories
Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories

Return to the room with the door control terminal and go down through the open hatch. Get to the elevator and return on it to the room with the corpse. Use the tweezers on the corpse to get a purple toy. Now go up the elevator, go down the corridor and turn left, into a dead end passage with red walls and a pedestal. You need to install colored toys on this pedestal according to the following scheme:

Red             Yellow

Green           Violet

Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories
Walkthrough Adam Lost Memories

Open the drawer of the cabinet and take the key. Return to the main corridor with many doors and go through the round door at the very end (next to the room where the terminal stands, which allowed you to open other doors). Find door 78 and open the key. In the corner, open the mount hatch and jump down, and then go through the door.

To be continued…

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