Valheim Guide - How To Get The Best Fire Sword And Sword Of Light

Valheim Guide – How To Get The Best Fire Sword And Sword Of Light


At the current time of the Valheim assembly, the game does not allow unlocking the sword of Fire or Light. But there is a trick, which we’ll cover below!

  1. The only way to get hold of these unique swords is to use cheats. Use the simple commands below to activate the in-game console:
  2. First, activate the console by pressing the F5 key.
  3. Next, enter the imacheater command to activate the Valheim cheat mode itself.
  4. After that, you will be able to request swords through a special code. Press F5 to open the same console, and then enter the codes below.

Codes for getting Fire Sword And Sword Of Light:

  • spawn SwordCheat – creates a sword of light in your inventory
  • spawn SwordIronFire1 – adds a fiery sword to inventory

Apparently, the Sword of Light, which is obtained by the SwordCheat code containing the word “cheat”, will not legally appear in the game. But the fiery sword can become part of the Ashlands storyline expansion, dedicated to a new biome – the Ashlands.

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