The Unfinished Swan Walkthrough

The Unfinished Swan Walkthrough


We tell you about how to go through an exciting drawn quest, collect all the balloons and find every secret

Chapter 1: Garden

Part 1. Garden of statues

A very unusual game. You find yourself in a completely empty world, but you can scatter black paint to define your surroundings. To do this, click LMB. One corridor will lead from the starting point, consisting of several turns. When you get to the lake, go to the right side of the shore to find stones in the water there. Jump along them. Continue to follow the golden crow’s feet.

Climb up the stairs until you find yourself in a courtyard with a large statue and a golden crown. Look on the left for the wooden ramps leading up. Climb up and go left along the perimeter of the courtyard. Jump down to the adjacent courtyard, go forward and go up the right stairs. There will be a red ball on the left. Be sure to throw paint at it to collect. Balloons are the currency that you can spend in the main menu to purchase various interesting items.

Throw paint at the Letter for a piece of the story. Listen and throw the paint to the left to scatter the boxes and find a way further. Walk forward through the tunnel until you fall down. Go a little further to start the second chapter.

Part 2. Watchtower

Go down, jump over the railing, walk a little forward and look left and down. Jump there, to the passage with the crown on top. Having done this, go to the corridor under the crown. Continue walking, throw paint at the letter and then walk through the area that consists of shadows. Now it will be easier to navigate!

Part 3. The first castle

Climb up, go to the other side and climb the wall you just passed through. Enter the room with various items, including a ship on balloons. There is a golden staircase on the left. Climb up it and throw paint at a small balloon on the castle model.

Go down into the maze, go in the direction of the crown and turn right to the letter. Throw paint at it to learn about the maze. Walk a little further along the steps and see a large hand with a wand. Look for a balloon behind her.

Continue moving, you do not need to search the labyrinth, but immediately go through the slightly opened door, over which the crown is depicted. Climb up and go to the balloon. But first, look to the left to find a red balloon.

Chapter 2. Unfinished Empire

Empty city

You can find four balloons.

The woods

You can find five balloons.


Eight balloons can be found.


You can find five balloons.


You can find five balloons.

Bell tower

One balloon can be found.

Chapter 3. Night


Six balloons can be found.


You can find two balloons.


Three balloons can be found.


Six balloons can be found.

Monument to the king

You can find five balloons.

Chapter 4. The King’s Son


Three balloons can be found.


There are no balloons here.

The end

You can find two balloons.

To be continued…

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