Walkthrough Syberia: The World Before

Syberia: The World Before Walkthrough


“Siberia: The World Earlier” is a new part of the famous series from Benoit Sokal. This time, two main characters are waiting for us. Let’s figure out how to go through Syberia: The World Before, solve all the puzzles and riddles!


Vaghen, Osterthal’s capital

Spring, 1937

The Prologue is a free part of the game, available to anyone registered on Steam. Go right and turn back into the street. Walk across the street between the buildings to reach the square. Talk to the woman in front, and then give her an invitation by selecting it using the arrows. Then examine the musical instrument. Hold RMB and look left. Examine the lever and lower it. Now click on the center of the piano to set the notes there. Watch the long video.

Iron Taiga Area, Salt Mine

Winter, 2004, Walkthrough Siberia 4

You are now in control of Kate. Examine the entries in the diary, and then talk to Katyusha. Examine the shelf in the corner, to the right of the sink, and take the Katyusha plectrum from the bottom shelf. You can also read a poem by Pushkin. Go to the washbasin and wash yourself. You will see Oscar’s heart. You can sit on your bed, and then take the bag hanging to the right of Katyusha’s bed. A guard will come. Take the musical medallion, and then examine the ticket by clicking on its left edge. Click on the print in the upper right corner of the letter, there will be an interactive dot.

Vaghen, Roze’s House

Spring 1937 Syberia 4 Walkthrough

Listen to Mom, and then you will need to write a letter to Herr Gustav. Check the side of the table. Read the note on the left, study the Academy of Music Diploma on the right. Pull the blank page out from under the center stack of books. You can examine the small table on the left. Open the small box and read the letter from Herr Zimmer. Also take the notes of Vaen’s anthem located to the right of the box. Open the drawer on the right and take the pencil. But don’t even try to write a letter with a pencil. Nobody does that!

Go to Father’s table. Interact with a piece of furniture. Above, there is an automaton factory ad brochure. Examine the drawers and, on average, find a fountain pen. Be sure to close all drawers. Then return to the table with a clean sheet and apply the pen. Choose how you will write the letter. It doesn’t really affect anything!

Pick up the stone that broke the glass of your house. While father calms mom down, read the note on the table to the left.

Iron Taiga Area, Salt Mine

Winter, 2004, Walkthrough Siberia 4

Listen to Katyusha, go forward along the tunnel and try to move the cart. Nothing will come of it. Examine the bottom. The trolley is on the brake. Pull the lever at the back. Push the cart towards Katyusha. You will discover a secret mine. Go to Katyusha, examining the motorcycle along the way. Follow the girl who is now examining the motorcycle again. Go to the locked carriage and examine the padlock. You need a key.

Go to the far car (green) and go inside. This is a standard passenger carriage. Walk between the chairs and find a dead man. Find a point of interaction to inspect the table where he sits. Examine the pistol in your right hand, check the head and see that he shot himself. As a result, the head will fall off and fall down. Check your left hand. Move it and click on the button that is in the table (where the left hand of the dead man was). Take out the sign from the bottom drawer on the left. You can read the papers on the table. When you take these papers, you see a hole in the center. Insert the sign into it. Rotate it by holding down the RMB so that the white line points down. Take two keys from the cache (in one bundle).

Give the motorcycle key to Katyusha. While she is trying to start it, go to the locked carriage and open it with another key. Examine different precious items until you see the tube fall. Look into it to find a drawing. Examine the mountains, signed in the lower right corner of the painting. Katyusha will say that the girl in the photo looks like her. Apparently this is her mom! Leave the carriage and watch the video.

To be continued…

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