Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: Two Secret Locations

Secrets of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: Two Secret Locations


We tell you how to get to the two secret levels of the game and unlock the secret achievements.

The game world of Jedi: Fallen Order is much larger than it was in any previous Star Wars games. Each planet you explore has many secret places, secret routes, boxes, and collectibles. There is a lot of content, so you could simply miss the moment with two secret locations, in fact, transferring you to new places. In each of them you will find many useful items.

Both secret levels are on Zeffo. Zeffo is the largest planet in the game. You can access these levels long before the game finale, but first you need to unlock several Jedi abilities and a number of tools. Especially huge is the second location, which could be safely designed as a DLC for the Fallen Order. However, the developers still isolated it, because for a full study of the crashed “Venator” you will receive the additional achievement.

How to find a crashed star fighter X-Wing

You need to visit the crash site on Zeffo. When you reach the large debris, look to the left. There will be a monster. Kill enemy, go up and turn off the energy barrier using the ability of BD-1. So you will find yourself in the bowels of a fighter, where you will need to solve a number of puzzles. One of the main mysteries is the hall with a pool and electricity. Before turning on the power, cross to the other side and cut the thick cable to the right.

How to get into the destroyed “Venator”

Once again, you are interested in the crash site at Zeffo. To get inside the wreckage, you need the Jedi double jump, which you will receive after the second visit to Kashiyyk. Climb the debris in the center of the area and jump onto the ledge even higher, in front. The path to the left leads to the pipe and the site of the imperial excavation. But you have to slide down the slope ahead. There will be many small puzzles, various secrets and useful items, including echoes, boxes, essence and a container of steam.

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