Serious Sam 4 - Boss Guide

Serious Sam 4 – Boss Guide


We tell you how to kill all the bosses in the new part of the cult first-person shooter Serious Sam

You will encounter various enemies. In each chapter, you will get acquainted with several types of both common and strong monsters. Some of the final bosses of the chapters in the future will meet you as ordinary opponents, in large numbers. In this guide, we will discuss the weak points of all such opponents, the so-called “bosses”. We have divided these enemies into chapters.

Death from Below

Serious Sam 4 - Boss Guide
Serious Sam 4 – Boss Guide

At the end of this chapter, you will encounter a flying iron serpent. This boss will appear in the game only once, after this battle you will not face such an enemy. It has a single attack – when the snake gets close to Sam, it shoot many small glowing balls that take away some of its health when it hits.

To destroy it, you do not need to know special tactics: just shoot from the minigun at the visible parts of the enemy and pick up cartridges in time.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Serious Sam 4 - Boss Guide
Serious Sam 4 – Boss Guide

The final boss in this chapter will later become a common enemy that you will often encounter at the end of the game. He uses two attacks: first, the monster throws a fireball at Sam, then runs up and hits the hero. Dodging these attacks is pretty easy. Use a side jump while attacking an enemy, and then keep shooting at him.

From the weapon it is best to use a rocket launcher, but a double-barreled gun will do.

Gates of Hell

Serious Sam 4 - Boss Guide
Serious Sam 4 – Boss Guide

Before leaving the volcanic eruption zone, you will have to face a new enemy. This flying enemy can move quickly through the air. Just wait for it to materialize in the sky and attack it.

It is best to use a sniper or automatic rifle.

Morituri te salutant

Serious Sam 4 - Boss Guide
Serious Sam 4 – Boss Guide

After dialogue with Ahriman, the hero will summon a giant crustacean. The enemy itself is harmless. He only knows how to use small monsters, but in large numbers. The fastest way to deal with his army of crabs is to release several grenades, or detonate them with explosives.

Use a sniper rifle or rocket launcher to attack the boss

Machina ex deus

Serious Sam 4 - Boss Guide
Serious Sam 4 – Boss Guide

When Sam first gains access to the controls of a giant robot, right in the Vatican you have to fight a creature that looks more like a squid. In addition to this creature, ordinary monsters from the ground will attack you in every possible way. The boss doesn’t have direct attacks other than hitting your car with tentacles.

Shoot all guns at his head until he hides. At this point, there is no point in attacking him directly, since the damage will simply not be counted. Instead, look around and find its tentacles. Fire a few shots at the tentacles to get the boss out of the cocoon again, and then keep attacking him. Don’t forget to use grenades to destroy common enemies from time to time. Press the appropriate key (PC version – SPACE key) to use grenades

Anathema Unto God

Serious Sam 4 - Boss Guide
Serious Sam 4 – Boss Guide

In this chapter you will fight with Ahriman himself. From an arthropod, he will turn into a butterfly, but his cocoon will also need to be destroyed. Proceed as follows:

  • Shoot the flying Ahriman until he splits into two.
  • The Ahriman clone is always on the left side, so keep firing at the right butterfly.
  • Collect explosives C4, boxes with which you can find in the location.
  • When Ahriman disappears from the sky, he will start feeding on the forces from the cocoon. Throw explosives at boss.
  • Repeat the above steps several times to kill the boss.

From Earth With Love

Serious Sam 4 - Boss Guide
Serious Sam 4 – Boss Guide

The difficulty of the battle with the final boss is in the endless flying drones that inflict great damage on the main character. By and large, it makes no sense to destroy them, because they will arrive with the same force. Pick up climbing equipment, then climb onto the enemy and detonate 9 purple rods.

The boss has makeshift platforms on each part of the body, on which you will in turn find blue devices for high jumps. Use them, examine the body of the monster and catch the cat on the desired rod. Repeat with all the rods except the last one. The ninth rod is on the boss’s head.

Go downstairs, climb into the robot and attack the monster. It is very important here at what level of difficulty you go through the game. If the difficulty is above average, the boss will destroy your robot with a single hit. In this case, you need to wait until the enemy begins to raise his head, directing the laser at you, and at this moment perform a dash to the side. Finish off the monster and watch the final video.

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