Selene Apoptosis Walkthrough - Game Guide
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Selene Apoptosis Walkthrough – Game Guide


Fast passage of Selena and getting all the achievements.

Selene Apoptosis Walkthrough

  • Begin

Writer’s Block. Starting off ain’t easy

  • Let her in

Raining Cats and Dogs

  • Bathe the cat

Cat person. You love cats. Cats love you back.

Pat the Cat. So you’re a cat patter huh

  • Bitterness / Doesn’t matter

Just a Scratch

Sonnet 31

The Death of the Author

Dear Diary. That really updated my journal

Ghostwriter. Finish the gig

  • Back to previous selection
  • Think about it

The Matter of Perspective. Discover an alternative POV

  • Say it straight

What is a Man Without his Zuccini?

Enjoying It Sofa

  • Save 1
  • Try to explain [Truth]
  • Who are you?
  • Pull her away from the window

Selenophobia. Well, that escalated quickly

  • Keep out

Immortal Through His Work

Hope and Nightmare

  • Back to previous selection
  • Ride to the rescue

What Was the Question Again?

  • Go to main menu
  • Begin
  • Keep out

Enter the Labyrinth. First ending

  1. Let in (Right)
  2. Let in (Left)
  3. Doesn’t matter
  4. Joy
  5. Think about it
  6. Answer evasively
  7. Save 2
  8. Come up with an explanation [False]
  9. How did you get here?
  10. Stay away
  11. Don’t interfere

Camera Obscura

  • Back to previous selection
  • Ride to the rescue

No hope

  • Load save 2
  • Try to explain [Truth]
  • Move to the next choice
  • Load save 1
  • Come up with an explanation [False]
  • Move to the next choice
  • Restart the game
  • Begin
  • Any option
  • Bitterness
  • Doesn’t matter
  • Click TV Program at the top right. DO NOT CLICK ON THE ICON TWICE or you may break everything.

Do You Want to Go Back?

S0U P?

Movie night. Happy binge-watching!

  • Click on the laptop in the top right corner and read all the texts.

As It is Written. File recovery complete

γνώσις. Now you know. Do you understand?

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